The Dodgers Train Kourtney Kardashian and Kevin Hart

Welcome to an all new episode
of “What the Fit.” Of course, I am your host,
the Kevin Hart. This is a show
where I incorporate
physical fitness and fun. Hence the title,
“What the Fit.” Today’s show is gonna be
special, because I got my girl
with me. I don’t know if can say
“the” with her name,
it doesn’t sound right. Ladies and gentlemen, I got
Kourtney Kardashian on the show. – Whoo-whoo!
– Yeah, look at that whip. – I like “the.”
– Did you like it? – The Kourtney Kardashian.
– The Kourtney Kardashian. – How are you? First of all.
– I am good. I am excited that you decided to
come and play with me today. Here’s what I love
about Kourtney. No matter what we do, Kourtney is going to come
fashionably prepared. – Kourtney is already in…
– With my name. – …Dodger apparel
with her name on it.
– And my favorite number. – Look, look, number two.
– Number two. Okay, now here’s
what we’re gonna do. Let me break it down
to you. The reason why she’s wearing
Dodger apparel, is because today,
the Dodgers allowed us
to come to their stadium to get ran through
what happens in baseball. I don’t know
if you play baseball, I don’t know if you ever
have played baseball. – I played softball,
does that count?
– You played softball? – So you have experience?
– Of course. – You played a lot of softball?
– No. – How many softball games
you played?
– I played one softball game. – One, one.
– A charity softball game. – Oh, of course, there you go.
– With my family. – How did you do in the game?
– I was the– definitely the
best player on the team. – Definitely the best player
on the team.
– Yeah. Come on,
let’s go meet the, uh,
I think he’s like the manager and he’s gonna walk us through
what we’re doing today. – Okay.
– Let’s go. ( music playing ) Right now we got the privilege
of being with coach.
How are you sir? I’m doing well. Dave Roberts,
manager of the Dodgers. Dave Roberts,
manager of the Dodgers. – This is Kourtney Kardashian.
– Kourtney, how are you doing? – Hi. I’m good.
– This is my fit friend
for the day. So I didn’t get that invite. Well, not to be
the fit friend. What you have to do
is help us – on this fit journey.
– Okay. So, we’re here to embrace
the world of baseball, okay? So we’ve got our all-star
closer in Kenley Jansen. – Okay.
– Who’s gonna teach you guys
how to pitch today. Announcer: Here’s the 0-2,
and he got him swinging,
strike three. And then we’ve got
Yasmani Grandal, our catcher, who hit
a game-winning homer last night who’s gonna teach you
how to catch. Announcer:
High drive right field. That ball is gone! And this game is over! Matt Kemp,
multi-year all-star – is gonna show you
around the clubhouse.
– Okay. Announcer:
Kemp sprints on, lays down,
and makes the catch. Dodgers for a day!
We are on our way! Come on Kourtney.
Follow you, sir. – Let’s do this!
– Okay, let’s do it. ( music playing ) – Oh!
– Oh, ( bleep )! Hold on, before we go
in here. Yo! Everybody dressed, right? Kourtney: We’re comin’ in. I just don’t–
I’m being honest, guys, I’m not trying
to see no ( bleep ). – ( laughter )
– All right? – So if you’re not dressed,
say it now.
– Get your ass in there. Ready or not,
here we come. Wait, is this
the actual– – You know how you have
a dressing room…
– Yeah. – …to get ready for your show?
This is where it goes down.
– This is it. Our superstar closer right here,
Kenley Jansen. Man!
Kenley, give me some! – ( laughs )
– Hey, man! ( bleep, bleep ) Baseball fight! Fight!
Baseball fight! Goddamn it, Kourtney!
Kourtney! – I’m getting out of the way!
– All right, brother!
All right, brother! – What now? Huh?
– Brother, Jesus Christ! – What now, huh?
– Get your hand out my ass! – Get your hand out–
You got it brother.
– See what you just– I didn’t know y’all got
physical like that. – He picked you up like a–
– That’s because I let him. I didn’t wanna let these
hands go. – I know y’all got a game.
– Yeah. You know I could’ve
knocked his ass out. Kourtney: All right,
let’s see what Matt has. – Who are these guys?
What’s this here?
– That’s my teammates man, I like to support, man.
I’m a team player. – How many people on your team?
– 25. That’s weird,
this is only seven players. Yeah, it came in, uh–
we get packs of cards. Got it. Real quick, guys.
I’m not trying to start nothing. – ( giggles )
– Matt: You are. – I’m not trying
to divide anybody…
– You are. …but if you’re not up here
on Matt’s Locker, does that make you feel
like less of a teammate? Is that an issue
to anybody else? – ( one person clapping )
– Kevin: Yeah. – One guy, huh?
– One. You know, you guys need to have
truth circles around here and I’m telling you it’ll take
you guys a long way, man. Okay, this is coming with us. I’ve been knowing Kevin
since Kevin wasn’t Kevin. – All right.
– That is very true. That is 100% correct,
Matt. We was at a club one time and Kevin sent me a bunch
of bottles of water. – You remember that, Kevin?
– I do remember that. And I was trying to tell you
that you looked thirsty. – ( laughter )
– Okay, so, that’s what it was. Kourtney:
Should we just check out
the showers? – No, no, Kourtney.
– We can go this way. – I think we should
– Let’s go. Let go this way. ( music playing ) Yeah! Yeah! I’m here now! – Hey, you got a cup on?
– No. – Kourtney: Do I need a cup?
– No. What size are you, though? A double X. Ask me what size cup I wear.
That’s– So, you’re gonna have to put
both of ’em together, huh? Yeah, can we combine these? – Huh?
– Good for you, man. That’s what I’m out here with. This whole thing would get dark
if I drop out here. – ( laughter )
– Shade. Shade all over
this place right now. Okay. – My bad.
– ( laughs ) Kevin: Took a minute.
That was a lot of ( bleep ). That’s the situation
for me. Handling that monster
by myself. You know what
I’m talking about. – He just touched you too, bro.
– Where we at? – Where we at?
– I know, he did. Oh, you got a stripe–
Oh, all right, I got it. – What?
– I was just making sure
I had a stripe, too. – These are the kids’.
– Your pants fit a lot better
than mine. – Yeah, mine are–
– Y’all got the same size on. Mine are only one size smaller
than yours. What you’re saying is not true. Mine are a medium,
yours are a large. – What you’re saying–
– And yours are baggy. What you’re saying is false and
not for people watching to know. We should throw some
baseballs to you. Why– Who throwing the balls
at me? – I will.
– Probably him. Y’all don’t want Kourtney
to throw ’em at me? ( men laugh ) – This is hilarious.
– How fast you gonna throw– Not that I’m–
Not that I’m scared. – I’m not scared.
– Hey– Where the balls at? Brother, I feel like– Why y’all making me feel
like RoboCop? You actually look like
a baseball player, bro. Come on, brother. Blue don’t look good on you,
though, bro. So when you got a ball
at 97 miles an hour… – Goddamn,
this game is dangerous!
– …see, it doesn’t hurt. – ( bleep )! Goddamn it.
– If you go… it doesn’t hurt, right?
No. All right.
Okay. Yes, let’s warm up real quick. Okay, all right.
Hey, Kourtney, – you might wanna move
your goddamn head.
– I’m moving out of the way. Oh! Oh! Hey, bro. – Oh!
– Hey, bro, wait a minute. You can catch that,
right? – Yeah.
– It’s easy. – Just see it, catch it.
– Man, just catch it, man. Come on, your turn now, Kev.
Let’s go. Give me one of these. – Why can’t y’all do one of
– He’s so scared. All right. Ready? ( music playing ) ( Kevin screams ) ( scream continues ) Did we get that? He wants one take. Did we get that? All right,
we can move on. ( music playing ) – Hey, pretend like you’re
really mad at somebody…
– Okay. …and throw it
as hard as you can. Got a lot of people I’m mad at. Basically, you’re gonna put your
thumb right here, two fingers. And then you gonna step up
and just let it go, yeah. Okay, watch this. – Ooh!
– Come on, man, catch it. 20 miles an hour. – There you go.
– Hey! It’s a true– true–
four seed Pavlick right there. – Hey.
– He closed his eyes. It’s not bad. See that?
She’s much better than you. Well, you got them–
You got them little arms. Right? You almost
didn’t catch that. All right, Kev,
take those things off. Now we’re gonna teach you
how to pitch. Come on. – Kevin: Okay.
– Whoo! It’s a workout, huh? Hey, you got the radar gun? I got it on you. You might wanna brace it. Can you do me a favor
and back up? Back up! – Hey, I’m just trying
to teach you.
– Goddamn! Heat. Clock it. – Heat.
– Damn he caught that
with his bare hand. – 15.
– What? – 15.
– 15 what? – Miles per hour.
– Huh? ( all laugh ) – You want to throw speed,
– Yeah. Get your legs into it. – Get my legs into it?
– Yeah. You gotta push
in the rubber. – Push, see?
– Oh, okay. That’s why–
I wasn’t pushing the rubber. You gotta give it
a nice head thrust. ( exhales ) It’s the ninth inning. This all we need
to win the game. ( music playing ) ( grunts ) Came in at 115. It didn’t even show up. That’s how slow it was. You couldn’t even clock it.
Ha! I broke the machine! ( Kevin laughs ) It wasn’t that bad,
though, was it? – Hey, you looked good.
– I looked all right. – As good as my kid does.
– Yeah. – You done?
– Good job. – Don’t touch me, bro.
– Brother. – Don’t–
– Brother, you’re doing
a good job. – Thanks, man.
– I appreciate it, man. – It’s like I’m here.
– I appreciate it. – Let me be here.
– I appreciate it. – Let me embrace the program,
– I appreciate it. Come on, man, good game.
Hands. Hands. – Let’s go.
– Good game, baby. – You guys are doing great.
– This is ( bleep ). ( bleep ) ( bleep ).
Kourtney’s. – What’s up? Come on, man.
That’s how we do it, come on.
– Come on. – No, no, no, man, I’m coming.
Y’all got a pie or something.
– This way. Y’all about to put a pie
in my face. I’ve seen this. – No pie in face.
– Yeah, that’s what they do
in the majors. – I know what happens.
– Come on now. No, man.
Y’all keep ( bleep ) with me you’re gonna get this.
Yeah! This fool is fighting
mannequins. ( music playing ) This might be a little big,
but they’ll match the outfit. No, no, she got man hands. – She’s all right.
– Thank you.
Shut the ( bleep ) up. She’s got hands
like Harrison Ford. Well, compared to your hands
you wouldn’t tell? Whoa! Look at them
Tom Cruise hands. All right,
when do I get in the cage? You’re next.
Spit on the glove, though. – There you go.
– I can’t wait to see this
swing and miss. Hey, Coach. I’ll take it a little easy
on you, okay? – ( music playing )
– Okay. ( laughs ) Come on, Kevin,
hit the ball, man. – See the ball and hit it, man.
– Yeah, that was a check swing. Let’s go. Hey, why you waving
at me? Coach, keep it in the box! ( grunts ) Are these balls regulation? ( grunts ) – Okay.
– You still haven’t hit one? Shut up, Kourtney! – Hey!
– Yeah! – Whoo!
– Get your ass out of the cage. Get your ass outta there. – Run to first base.
– You gotta run to first base. Hey, you gotta run.
You gotta run to first base. I’m doing a walk to show
everybody what happened first. – I’m up.
– She’s up. All right. Yeah! – She got a way better swing
than you, dawg.
– Way better swing than you. – See that, Kevin?
– What? – That’s two.
– See that, Kevin? You want one more? – Hey!
– That’s– That’s three for you. Might as well pass
to first base, Kourtney. See that? ( music playing ) I think I’m, like, a really
good baseball player. You– That’s your assessment
so far of yourself? – Yeah. Yeah.
– That you’re really good. – Okay.
– I think you’re, you know. Well, you’ve seen me–
You’ve seen me catch, and I was amazing
at that. Uh, you saw me
throw the ball, which is very major-like. I mean, I–
I don’t know, I think they
clocked me at– I pitched better than you,
and I batted better than you. – Well, they– They gave you
a good baseball.
– Kourtney, move. – ( screams )
– ( bleep )! ( laughter ) Kourtney: Oh, my God! That was so good. Y’all got me good.
It’s cold, too. It’s cold! – ( screams )
– ( bleep )! ( laughs ) They only do that to the– to
the best players on the field. ( music playing ) Today was a little bit–
It was successful. – Yeah, I think so.
– I think you did– – I think you did
a wonderful job.
– Thank you. – You did a okay job.
– An amazing job. – Yeah, you did all right.
– Somebody got a spot, huh? – Yeah. Where? No.
– Huh? Huh? – Somebody’s got a spot
on the team.
– Thank you. – Boom.
– Did you see that? I don’t know if you know,
but y’all are throwing out
the first pitch tonight. 50,000 people.
You perform in front
of an audience. I perform in front
of 50,000 people. – That’s not a crowd, brother.
– Miss Kardashian. That’s a comedy club. – Mr. Hart.
– Whoo! I knew I made the team! This has been a dope ass day. Major thank you
to the Dodgers Organization for allowing me and Kourtney
to come down, be a part of this day,
and see your world. Hey, Matt, man,
thank you, dude. – You’re welcome.
– Appreciate you, baby. – Awesome.
– All right, man. – All right, man, thank you.
– Okay. – Good game.
– Get outta here, man. Good game, man. Bye, guys. Announcer:
Ladies and gentlemen, throwing out
the first pitch tonight is superstar the Kevin Hart and Kourtney Kardashian. Please give them
a warm Dodgers welcome. I’m not gonna make it
that far. – Yes, you are.
– There’s not a chance. – Yes, you are. On three.
– Okay. One, two, three. – ( Kourtney screams )
– Whoo! – Kevin: Whoa!
– Kourtney: I screamed. And you dropped the ball. – You didn’t make it.
– Yeah. Hey, how about y’all
get a W tonight? – Go get a W tonight.
– Have fun. – Good to see you guys.
– How about that? – Go get a W tonight.
– All right. Hey, man, good game.
Good game, baby. ( music playing ) – Kevin: Good game, baby.
– Ooh! – God!
– ( Kevin laughs ) This is Kevin Hart
and I’m about to blow your mind with a bunch of fit and funny. To see it all you gotta do
is click on these videos and watch more of “What the Fit” and also subscribe
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