18 thoughts on “The Ecuadorian fruit bat

  1. Thanks, that was fascinating and let me take a good close look at that bat. 👍 I wonder how they change with age. 30 years!

  2. That was pretty cool. Bats are one of my favorite mammals. It’s always interesting to think about how their wings are also hands. (The order that they belong to, Chiroptera, literally means “hand-wing”.) White nose syndrome is really sad, but thankfully there are quite a few people researching it in the hopes of finding a cure.

  3. Awesome catch! You’re the first wildlife channel I’ve seen to feature a wild bat, nicely done! How did you manage that capture?
    – Harrison and Evan

  4. Respectfully, this does not at all look like a fruit bat. This looks like a type of insect eating bat, which uses eco-location to find its food, insects. Fruit bats have great eye sight and memories which they rely upon to navigate to find fruit, nectar, blossom and pollen to eat (depending on which species of fruit bat). Fruit bats do not echo-locate to find their food. I feel very uncomfortable with the way you are holing it although I can see you mean it no harm. It is just that their bones are so delicate and fragile, especially in the wings and they are very sensitive creatures.

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