The End Of The Season. Championship Volleyball! |

– Good morning. – [Clintus] Where we at? – We are in Tempe for a
day filled with volleyball. – [Clintus] What
is this, Sierra? – This is the 14s championships.
– [Clintus] 14s championships. So break down our day.
– What? – [Clintus] Break down our day. – Oh, play, play, ref, play.
That’s what Coach said. – [Clintus] Okay.
So we’re playing three games. – For sure. – [Clintus] Then what happens?
– Not sure. – [Clintus] Not sure.
– [Sierra] I don’t know. – We possibly, we’ll most
likely have to move locations and then we
start the bracket play. And then I believe it’s like a
single elimination but then if you lose there’s
a consolation game. So that’ll kinda place
us for the entire season. So this is the
end of the season. – [Clintus] End of the season. – Yes, but we are extending
our season for a couple months. – [Clintus] Yep, summer season.
Summer season. What position, what rank are we? – 25th.
– [Clintus] Out of 100? – 140.
– [Clintus] 140 teams. Looking good. Bryce, how you doing? Meh. (volleyballs bouncing) Alright, here we go. Game 1. Good save. Oh. (indistinct chatter) Oh. Right back at ’em. Oh! Short ball. Yes! Yes!
(crowd cheers) (laughs) Woo! Nice! Good job. Yes. Woo! Woo! Nice! Nice. 25-16, 25-16. Ooh. 13-10. Oh! Nice, Maddie. Nice!
(crowd cheers) Nice. – [Woman] Yes! – [Clintus] Ooh,
beautiful, beautiful. Oh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh! Oh! Nice! Woo. (Clintus groans) Good save. Nice, nice! Yes! Woo.
(crowd applause) Nice, good job! 25-19. We win 26-24, 26-24. Alright guys, quick recap. Girls lost their first match,
won the second match, they reffed and now they’re
getting ready to do their third and final match
at this location. After this, we’ll figure
out where we’re going next, where we placed. Basically the difference between
basketball and volleyball, basketball Bryce does
a tournament in two days, right, they did the seeding on
Saturday and then they do the actual playoffs on Sunday. For volleyball they’re
crunching it in to today. So we’re doing
our seeding right now, then we change locations
and we actually do our single elimination playoffs. So long day of volleyball. (indistinct chatter) Ooh. Perfect, perfect. Great serve, great serve. 25-15. Game point, 14-10. (girls cheering)
There you go. Woo! Wah! Alright we made our drive
to our second destination. We’re here at Mesa High School
in Mesa, Arizona. The girls are reffing
first and then we play and like I said
it’s single elimination. If we win, we keep playing. If we lose, we go home. So this is it. It’s on the line. Any of you guys watching this
right now live in Mesa or go to Mesa High School, let me
know in the comments below. I love hearing that stuff. Like, “Oh, I’ve been there.
I go there. I live there.” I love those comments. Those are the best. (indistinct chatter) – [Woman 2] Nice. Oh, that was out? (Clintus groans) [Clintus] Nice serve,
nice serve. Great hit, great hit!
(crowd cheers) – [Woman 3] Yeah, good serve. – [Clintus] Ooh,
that was a great hit. Over! Aw. Nice! Nice! Oh, on the line. It would’ve been. Do it again, do it again. Oh! Woo! Good hit. Good hit. Good hit.
(crowd applause) Nice. (crowd cheers) Nice! Nice. Good eye, good eye.
(crowd applause) Oh! Nice, Abby. (laughs) – [Woman 2] Yeah!
Oh, darn. – [Clintus] Nice. Nice.
(crowd cheers and applause) – [Woman 2] Yes, nice hit!
(crowd cheers and applause) – [Clintus] Nice, Sierra!
(crowd applause) Nice! (crowd applause and cheers) 24-19. So the girls ended up in
16th place out of 140 teams. Alright guys, we’re back home. Done with volleyball. Bryce upstairs
playing Fortnite with Mason. Sierra just came
down from a shower. – She’s–
– She’s pooped, yeah. And we’re out here enjoying
the weather while we can. Catching up on some things. Planning out
Mother’s Day tomorrow. She’s giving me the boot. She wants to go solo, catch up
on some YouTube videos and I’m probably going to go upstairs
and play some more Destiny 2 because I just
can’t get enough of it. So, dinner in a little bit? – Frozen pizzas in the oven.
– Dinner in a little bit. – We’ve been snacking all day.
– I know. I’m not even hungry but
I will be in a little bit. It’s midnight. I just got done with a,
well, like a three hour stream. Girls are in bed. Actually Tiffany sent me a
picture while I was streaming of Sierra falling
asleep on the couch. Bryce, I can still hear him. He’s upstairs playing Fortnite
with Mason and his friends. And I’m tired. You hear my voice has gone out.
I’m going to bed. Thanks so much for watching. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Gonna be hanging out here
at the house with Tiffany. Gonna make some breakfast for
her in the morning and I think Sierra’s making dinner. So it should be
an interesting day. Stay tuned for that. Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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