THE ENDING.. (Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek)

Hey nerds, how’s it going? Dan here! Welcome back to HELLO Neighbour We’re playing this again second time in a row because I want to know what happens now in the previous video We found a lot of secrets a lot of stuff If you haven’t seen it, please check it out in description below because it’s crazy now I’ve got some information to throw your faces first before we jump that straight into the game, basically I asked you guys in the comments section of the previous video to let me know of any Strategies any secrets anything else that I should know before playing the game. And this was one of the comments it says ”Where is turkey boy 55 when you need him?” and just below is turkey boy 55 welcome back, sir. Thank you for your assistance yet again. Problem is you’re saying there are actually 17 toys You haven’t searched the different parts of the map very well to give you clues Please search the massive box area for three more monkeys. Edit: Shotgun is in the cupboard. Hold on seventeen toys?? That’s crazy. That means we still have eight left to find and there’s a shotgun? Okay, we need to go back into the game But first yesterday, we were debating whether this is a mods because it came out in a very very strange way Or it’s an official leak now turns out tiny build the guys who make hello neighbor Announced this game coming out on August 30th. That’s awkward. It’s July 29th today. It’s already out So at least we know it’s real but without further ado Let’s head back into the creepy world of the neighbor’s son… IT better have saved , It better have saved Please save please save please. I Can’t be dealing with this again. I Think it saved. I’m gonna I’m gonna say it saved with big hope in my um in my guts I hope it saved the only way to find out is see how far this FIRES US I Don’t think it saved No, I don’t do this to me animals. Oh, no, wait, wait the rocks not there Animals, please be in the cage. Ah!!!! NO, I don’t you I don’t want you I don’t want you. Guys im going to go check my animals, Get away from me.. GET AWAY FROM ME. You’re so weird! I didn’t realize you brown on all fours. That’s so weird. I’m STUCK!!! He’s gonna capture me. He’s going to capture me I’m getting in the bush…… Go away No,not no. Not many people like you. Oh,oh look at his face!. Oh, that’s so weird And now he’s on top. He’s literally on top of the bush… Go away child! I think he is gone… Yep, he’s gone over there. Okay, let’s head this way. NO! You can’t spot me again. Okay, the toys are in here. The toys are definitely in here. Let’s jump in Hopefully you can’t get in here You can’t get any an out buster don’t laugh like that it’s creepy so another roll called 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 I’m being told there 17 I’m still being told there is a shotgun in one of these wardrobes. It’s not this one I also need to gather the rocks again to be fired up to there… Cause I think that’s the wardrobe that everyone is talking about. So let me grab these. Oh, no, I need that one to be there There we go. I need the other rocks. Thank you. Okay, here’s the last one I just need to pop this on the thing over here and see we get the shotgun something I also noticed while I was editing. Is that bird? I don’t know if I am left there in the Edit There’s a bird flying around I think we need to do something. now that we know that there’s a shotgun the other bird that’s flying around right there I think we need to do something with him and by something,I mean shooting him out of the sky. There we go. Is it in there? Oh, I can see it. I can see it. It’s definitely in there Be careful. Be careful. Be careful. Jeez Stop laughing. It’s creepy. How do I get in there though? I think I need to fire myself differently… Okay, let me try this again. Oh, no, he’s gone in the lake. Oh my goodness, right this jump over him and leave ’em behind. HEHEHE He seems to be bothering us a lot more now, which is not good. Where is he ?I think it’s this way. Yes, this is it is it don’t go over the top! Go straight in n- no. No. NO!!!! Aaanndd GO! Yes, this is the one get inside not beside not on actually on top is fine We made it. Give me this. Can I shoot the- Can I shoot the kid? Is that bad? Is that bad to say? I’m not quite sure. Let’s let’s go and try it. Anyway, there he is Not gonna get him from here. Am I? Oh, hello. You come to see me, huh? You come to see me up eat bullets He put yeah, he doesn’t like it. You don’t like that hot stay away for it. But we gonna see you climbing Why can you climb stay away stay away? I don’t like you. Oh, geez. Oh no. Oh no. Oh, no, I’m scared. I’m scared I’m actually scared right I’m dipping. I’m out. I need to go to the top try to shoot this bird out the sky Leave me alone!!!!! YOU creep me out I’ve made it have I made it to the right place. I think so, so that bird right there I think I need to try and shooting him out the sky not 100% sure, but we’re gonna give it a go. Anyway, we’ve got lots more things to try now and apparently according to turkey boy I have not searched hard enough. Okay, there it is Let’s see if we can shoot out this guy. I don’t know where I’m gonna be able to shoot this. Oh we got him! There he goes luckily we don’t die from fall damage there’s a big like radio here hello, sir. Oh Wait, is this one of them? This is one of the this is one of the plushies, right? Let me see what happens if I throw it inside and also there’s three monkeys So this would be our tents if there’s three monkeys near the boxes that makes 13, so we’re still missing four How is that possible? GET in there. Yeah, it worked! Okay. Well, there is a bird up there do duplicates not count Wait a second. What don’t we have? We have it gopher. I’m so confused. Right that’s going see we find monkeys I’m pretty sure we haven’t got monkeys There it is It slips me something on there Do I need to do this questionable parkour again? how on earth do I get up there? It might be this if I do this And fire myself this way Yeah, I just need to make it more powerful. Okay, right cool, right. Thank you for your services You are now closed up and I’ve got my weapon back. I like this thing I’m glad they put the gun back in almost 360 noscope him. No Really? Let me alone either any choice. I’m just gonna fire myself. Here we go In a walk, I mean second time lucky. Let’s go. Whoa. Oh, he goes. They jump to the same time. It lauched me so high Okay, oh this is the goats This isn’t a monkey you call this a monkey, huh? We think this is a monkey. It’s a goat with wheels Can the neighbor not afford like actual toys does this one’s looking a little bit rough. I actually like it You know what? I’m being ungrateful, I would like this as a bit as a Christmas present it would be fantastic Apparently there’s monkeys around here as well though Let’s try and jump over here. I Don’t know Oh What’s this? What is in there? Someone’s saying monkeys. I think it’s Turkey boy trolling me. Is that glue? I think that’s glue under there a Box full of glue interesting. I’m still not seeing any monkeys though even underneath Let me go and put this toy vac in and then we’ll go and check how many we’ve got Let’s launch ourselves in because why not? Oh my goodness. Whoa! Oh, wait, wait wait, we got there Wait a second we can land on this I need to do that definitely. Can I score? Well as bad I’m coming for you. Mr. Go don’t go without me, please. Hey, come here. Come here. Stop it You’re not going for a bath you going inside the prison jail Zoo? Oh Okay, we got another one sweet we’re we missing oh wait just go away go away leave me you’re so annoying How can there be three? Monkeys near I don’t know. I’m gonna run straight and see If I can get to the top of this clock, oh, oh Can I do it am I supposed to I don’t think I’m supposed to be a bit Jonas Is there anything up here? I’m guessing no you can launch so And we go over there is this a geezer I Think it’s the keys. I think these are the secrets. I need to go up there. I wasn’t looking up. That’s the problem I was looking so linear’ know what the turkey boy was accusing. You’re not looking properly I wasn’t right. Here we go Let’s do this. Let’s go all the way up to this. Oh We’ve made it all we’ve made it we’ve made it – We made it – here and there’s nothing up here fantastic what a waste of time don’t shoot the birds from here no There’s also some where all the way up there I Think this is as far as we can get for this though. Oh wait, there’s something up there There’s definitely something up there. Um Let’s go. This is the questionable parkour we did before They set up this way, we’re glad I didn’t try and complete this yesterday because I would have been here for years It’s on the chair There’s something on the chair looks like a monkey I’m not too sure. I think we’re on 11/11 animals right now. So you just need to get the next six. Why is there so many okay. Come on the chairs I’m on the chairs and we’re up. Hello. It’s another lemur Okay, I’ve got you know Let’s see what happens if we put this guy in we’re kind of going one at a time And I also want to try and get up there as well because it looks like there might be something there Try and get to every high point there’s also a hat Yeah, there’s some people way up there is okay we need to use these way better I didn’t realize they like so lie There go next one done. I need to check how many we’ve got now we have got one two, three, four five six seven eight No Don’t get back hater get back It says goiter you can’t even spell tiger right? Are you? Okay? Why didn’t come in? Know What? It’s da one. Are you kidding me right now? Yeah, he stole from me this Punk stole from me I’m so upset. Where would he put it? I? need to unblock this That’s very frustrating which ones you’re asking me grabs I’m just gonna see if you got any of the one up here I’m not about to find out this little pipe locking you up and I’m going this way. I Didn’t think he’d steal. Maybe it’s only if he catches us inside. I’m not too sure right. Let’s launch up there. Here we go Yes, it’s an elephant. See I definitely did not Explore enough. Okay, that’s close. I miss the elephant. I’ll save you I got you Something down there looks like this might be something down here Don’t know if there’s anything up there There’s another raccoon. Did he hire this one? I’m so confused about you I need to I need to have a roll call without interruptions this time, please and we gonna launch straight in it There we go Anything up there? It doesn’t look like it actually Something up there though. I think they might be the binoculars. So we need to be careful We can’t catch the cynics who take things absolutely punted you do know another steel you joking, right? One two three four five six seven eight nine ten watts one two three four five six Seven eight nine ten. How is that ten? How many do you steal let’s mess me right up because now I don’t know where I’ve been I have to check all the previous places To see where on earth he stole from. Let’s head up here. Oh My goodness, it’s not over there. Oh It’s there wait, then they move It wasn’t something up here before And I’m pretty sure there’s something on that so for again what is going on here What is going on here? This place is so strange. They legitimately move. It’s so in look how far you can go Like I can make it no Okay, that’s close gopher. What are you doing up here? You lost you’re alone, but you are my favorite so far, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt I don’t know where else to go there’s so many of these things and I want to see if they replace each other because I’ve Confused as to why they’re moving around very confused. Right? Let’s put you over here. I Must be you over here fantastic, one two three, four five six seven eight nine ten 11 12 Okay, look twelve now. So we definitely stole some and they also move which is just just impossible Maybe there are actually some over here now. Okay, there’s definitely nothing up here still No monkeys. I don’t think I found any monkeys to be honest Oh, you know what one thing I didn’t try was getting that one. Nice spotty Over here. I’m pretty sure I suede something up here, right? Yeah, there it is. No, how do I get up there? That’s a rhino. I need the right now in my life Wow, this is a difficult one to get the effects. I’m messing with my brain, okay? wicked But are we really I don’t actually know how I’m gonna get this come on What no I almost need it to be less powerful. Here we go And we go and we go. Yes. Hello Rhinoceros thank you, sir. I reckon I could dunk you from here. You ready? Let’s go. Okay, maybe not now. I suppose we have our next contestant. How many does that make now? I don’t even know Too many don’t you dare steal, don’t you dare, don’t you dare steal from me again? Okay, so the only other place I can think of for to go to is to try This one, so I need to block up that the monkey noise Now that I got the gun I’m thinking I might be able to try and shoot the tree Cut should at straws if I’m gonna give it a go because I have no other Options and I think if he catches you he does indeed steal the toy, so I don’t want that to happen right now I’m just gonna have to get in here your goodness sake son. Why did the neighbour have to give birth to a child? Of course that child is gonna be super annoying you kidding me. You see him. I Can’t see any monkey, but I can definitely hear one and Turkey boy said something about a monkey. So, let’s see what happens This is true as much as we can I’m gonna miss I’m gonna miss did I get him did I get anything from this tree? Anything from this tree? Absolutely, nothing from this tree, maybe he’s just in here just chilling. I’m not too sure wait. There’s something up here I’ve already been out away. It’s just my bullets. Okay, monkey monkey There anything up here Mr. Monkey Where are you gonna be hear it? He’s like making a mockery of us. I can’t even get there. How do I knock you out? He must be hiding With what the trees moving the trees moving towards us. It’s helping us come to me. Oh I heard something then Is he gone The noise is gone. I Think I hit them I can hear the noise again Where is it? There must be a monkey here come down. You punk. Oh, there is there is oh my goodness. I know about the tree Okay, give me this give me this the kid’s gonna get me no You would not steal this monkey from me. I’m just putting up the tree. Yay Right, let’s not get him to steal this monkey. So one like Turkey boy said something about three monkeys though get in there Yes still Haven’t got them all though How does it let you know when you have them all I can’t believe that it trolled me, and I thought there are only nine That’s insane. I’m gonna keep checking over here because Turkey boy said something about three monkeys I’ve only found one for there’s the potential for more cuz they definitely do change location Oh 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 14 So according to Turkey boy, we need 3 more I’m legitimately ran out of places to check though. I think I have anyway Not a hundred percent. Where are all these other toys that let me up. I want to leave I want to leave please. Oh But not yours and something else maybe something to do with this We haven’t really interacted with this yet I Can’t see anything. I’ve seen some kind of bendy smudges which is interesting. It seems a bit random that it’s here You don’t use it, but I guess that’s hello neighbor all over right? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait wait, it’s that one there There’s one literally on the end. That’s what the only place that I haven’t looked Are you kidding me? I’ve been looking for ages And he’s sat on the edge of there. Okay. I need to fire myself Onto the top of that wardrobe. I didn’t look at the Wardrobe long enough. I need to take my time more but hopefully This is the last one. I can’t see through this thick grass, but I need to go this way You see if I go on this thing. Oh my goodness right there Really? There’s another one up here, too Why do these monkeys keep moving? I’m so confused. I lit I did go up here. I’m pretty sure we’re not beer Then there’s also another one. Come on get up there get up there. I know your little legs could do it okay, this is gonna be Very very risky, but we can do it. We’re good There we go, two more how many is that now that’s oh man it’s got to be close it has to be close Come on pdms be the envy the final two. These monkeys have been playing on my mind again and again, Yes, we did it So that’s the game you’ve been playing in comes the mum in a time, oh it actually is dinnertime Why have they take their table together and so weird he’s got a massive spoon as well Are they swap that’s cute they go Brent break for dinner. So excited. Is that it? No, no, that’s definitely not it oh This is creepy, there’s someone watching them. Yeah, that’s what they just did what What what just happens someone’s watching them from the outside and it’s just gonna end on that this is that for real Mum needs to work what up working skills she made toast and then we’re gonna eat it with a spoon That’s a little bit weird, but that side so just gonna quit now Yeah, I think it’s just gonna quit now Okay I don’t know what to make of that. Someone’s watching them from the outside mrs Sets either just after the original neighbor routines the original player moved in because we saw him sat outside So this before anything will happen so something from the outside Occurs so that the neighbors family Just was destroyed as was he And he’s got to involve a car crash at some point as well because we’ve seen that I can’t believe that is it quick no save New save data quick. Yes, where’s it’s there other thing there’s other plushies. So there’s a brush down there I can see it’s saying like a zombie kind of one didn’t see a zombie one There’s one on the right. We didn’t see as well. And then there’s the main miss EMU that we saw in the mail game I wanna do some research on this and see if there are any secrets around because you know Hello neighbor is full and full of secrets, but that’s I’m guessing the normal ending. I have heard rumors of there being other endings So I’ll see if I can find those but apart from that that’s gonna be it for today. That is the brand new Hello, neighbor game hide-and-seek completed a month before it comes out or no But hope you enjoy it If you didn’t will like to see some more deleted scenes if there are any secrets all that good stuff confusion even like that we greatly appreciate you’d subscribe if you are brand new and I’ll see you punks in the next one good, but

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