The Fall and Rise of ‘Sir’ Steve Smith || Ashes 2019 || England vs Australia||With English Subtitles

it’s a very sad day Australian cricket
we can’t really trust the Australian team as much as we did before it’s wrong
the integrity of the sport it’s blatant cheating it’s disgraceful this is a
dropping disappoints Trey Leah’s third Test match against South Africa Cameron
Bancroft was caught tampering with the ball he got yellow sandpaper and used it
to scuff one side he was doing it for a very deliberate reason to create swing
I’m sorry that is captain of the Australian cricket team I take full
responsibility I made a serious error of judgment and I now understand the
consequences it was a failure of leadership of my leadership I’ll do everything I can to make up for
my mistake and the damage it’s caused I hope in time I can earn back respect and
forgiveness I’ve been so privileged and honored to represent my country and
captain the Australian cricket team cricket is the greatest game in the
world it’s been my life and I hope it can be again I’m sorry and
I’m absolutely devastated yes make some coffee he’s on his way every time we box just I don’t know what
it is they literally cannot get old judge the length absolutely beautifully
Footwear is immaculate hands are always good with Steven Smith he Smith once
again on Paulie six not our Stuart Broad take his 450th Wiggins went so much it goes in between the two Builders
Englander searching for excellent Starbucks days in the same taxman the statements man redemption is weddings
something’s Donnie’s air is a big player cover this
acidic soil in India two things on Stace miss Charlotte what’s the story likes as police carries mana for soul to go in the air
boundaries of Miss me spikey drums thieves to stay nice man she’s that’s it and to put Steve Smith’s
numbers in perspective that number four was constantly coming in to face the new
ball and that is what makes Steve Smith’s achievements even more gigantic
lowest of 82 it’s just incredible all those booths have turned into Wow’s
honor they’re calling him Sir Don Smith I don’t think I’d call him Steve
Bradburn that number that name is 2xt – he’s made
6250 runs to almost 7,000 runs for brand-new an average of 73 in the last
six years it doesn’t mean that he’s had one streak it means his entire the
entire six years of in one streak broken by one brick where he wasn’t playing and
everyone was concerned about how he would come back

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