100 thoughts on “THE GIANT ROBOT DUEL

  1. Nice how the commentators don't fear about safety AT ALL
    like, guys
    ya think the "mega bots" can see you from down there?
    also one of them RIPPED out electrical equipment!
    that can cause FIRE!
    lets hope they do a better job next time…

  2. Fuckin cringey as shit! I’m sorry but they put in way too much hype for this, and it just started sounding stupid.

  3. Giant robot duel. More like giant disappointment. Next time take the human drivers away and give them real guns.

  4. 😐 my face throughout the so called battle. He got tipped over and everyone was overhyping the situation like if it was a massive battle.

  5. bias fight. USA be like , you knock me out , let me upgrade. Japan, you knock me and i can't upgrade.

  6. This show lacks DIVERSITY! It needs more POC and AFRICAN representation, also it reinforced heteronormativity!

  7. Hopefully mecha battles will be better in the years to come. This wasn’t pathetic but hoping it is the beginning of advanced giant mecha battle. What do you guys think?

  8. The last battle was absolutely horrible. It was pretty laughable. This has to be the worst "mecha fight" I've ever seen.

  9. This is not 2 robots, this is 2 JCB'S hitting each other, what a waste of time and poor representation of what a robot actually represents!

  10. They need to design better safety escape hatches! I can see people getting stuck in one of these things while the it's on fire….

  11. Did the Americans even test their paint ball guns??! And when the announcer said Kurotis took down eagle prime " "almost immediately" in the first round I LOLed.! It WAS immediately! ….not almost….

  12. send 10 of the kuratas out into the field and they would win, just add some all terrain wheels and maybe a couple gatling guns instead of the mega fist and then they could literally win all the wars.

  13. Don't waste your time watching this video. The first battle is over in 2 minutes and the second one is so lopsided in favor of the Red White and Blue it really makes America look bad that they had to have such an unfair advantage to win.

  14. the stupidity in this one is hard to bear lol, the pathetic comentator saying stupid shit like history has been made, the two unskilled, creepy americans and their unfair, overpowered robots, the overly enthusiastic japanese interviewer, the staged, fake fights and really just the whole format…what a complete fkn disaster!
    i hope the producers get diarrhea that's the least they deserve after putting me through this bitch 😉

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