The Greatest Baseball Brawl of All Time – Chicago White Sox Detroit Tigers 2000

even though this brawl between the White
Sox and the Tigers transpired a little outside of the 90s I do want to say this
2000 brawl is the greatest baseball brawl of all time due to the duration
the cheap shots the blood the fan involvement and the inability to end
attention what’s most astounding to 25 players who are penalized which is the
most ever from a brawl 16 of those players are penalized by suspension and
9 were by fines without further ado here is the rest of the greatest baseball
brawl of all the times the Nair still get enacted out there at the shortstop
position now waivers dounia’s we learned somebody else later talking with Higginson man Ausmus and Palmer charged the mound what you say you protect your players
just love percent I mean I agree with out of hammers it even though as I said
earlier I don’t think Louisville is throwing it Carlos they hit him pretty good got a little ugly up there see that’s
the problem guys just start throwing punches out there got nothing to do with
nothing so now here comes some more and this llama they heat up again
there’s a punch stoned by somebody wants them well
no business out there there are whole bunch of tigers on a
White Sox player now they’re breaking up into groups somebody obviously got Keith pull yeah
see that’s the problem you got guys out there throwing shots when guys aren’t
even looking right and I’ll tell you what somebody needs to go ahead and take
a look at this video and see who’s out there doing this is cheap shots
you go out there the job is to clear it out let the guys air out they need to
get it done picture the hitter after the fact you
don’t come running in there throwing punches now Juan Gonzalez trying to be a
peacemaker well I don’t know if I saw Wan Samwell
out there throwing punches at somebody but I know that he was in the hut the
heart of this he was he’s got no business out there throwing punches one Samwell goes up and over punch at
Bell CMAs and he’s got no business we got guys just running out there
throwing punches if one guy Madlock got into it evidently as well I’ll tell you
what payback is uh you know what it is because there gonna be a lot of players
looking at this videotape to see who was doing what and they’re going to remember
it now thick-cut a couple you know they got to stuff the fan some
throwing stuff out there and the tiger ball cow well this is by far one of the ugly as
well as even the scene there’s thick and seamless right there
like I say you see you know you see guys come around to nowhere and you got Billy
Simmons out there you got five guys six guys out there trying to get on him and
this is ridiculous next fall coming over to protect their
hagensen is he’s blind sides fault well that’s cheap you got one on Colonel
Shawn well punch this guy’s back I’ll tell you what this is a joke right about
now I have to honestly say that that’s some of the worst sportsmanship I’ve
seen in the history of this game because you don’t run around hitting guys four
and five guys at a time and the guys backs turning jobs to get out there in
the pile and break it up this is not hockey guy shot they’re just squaring it
up it’s a
that bitches Todd Jones here comes dog okay actually the third time in this ball
game was Dean Palmer doing back out there well
I don’t know I don’t know that’s Carlos Larry Levine Palmer trying to sneak back off
the field well
as I said make your plans to be Willis tomorrow afternoon in the finale of this
wee game set I’d say one Gonzales has showed me something today
he really has yes he has really shown me yes Frank as Frank’s been trying to be a
peacemaker Todd Jones still wanted to get after
somebody Todd Jones is the one that had initiated
all that he’d getting up on time staff came out yelling at somebody like he
wants to start it and left it to Doug both kale to go out there and finish it
for him I don’t think we’ve seen the last of
this I don’t think so you got to show some kind of sense like I said you still
have to pitch inside Mao Howie’s balls moving a whole bunch she throws a
fastball inside Shane hold it doesn’t do a whole lot to get out of the way just
nix him on the elbow and you got guys still over there in the dugout thinking
Sox are coming after him well thank goodness his Lance Parrish in there he’s
trying to be a peacemaker as well well it’s because you’ve got guys that know
what they’re doing out there in Lance Paris who’s played the game a long time
and now coach you got there it’s not supposed to be a
just free-for-all now here comes probably I’ll tell you here todd Jones
really want to get each other God John’s a double cowboy huh trying to
get towards go down right there couple of big strong men there’s gonna be a lot days off for some

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  2. Assault they should of called of the game, surprised the crowed didn’t start fighting, where’s security/ politics

  3. Gotta stop people from throwing things at the Detroit players. It's Chicago. They lucky they didn't get shot..

  4. Well they didn't fight like this Friday when they played at Guaranteed Rate field. They fought with their bats and it was 35 hits between em. Thank God I was in the stadium to see that one

  5. In a real brawl with dudes that size there should of been at least 2 or 3 guys left snoring on the ground.

  6. Sucks that Juan Gonzalez and Frank Thomas weren't in there fighting, they could both take on 5 guys at once. Imagine them fighting each other that would be Godzilla vs King Kong.
    Anyone else thought that Dean Palmer left the field and went into the dugout to get a gun? jk

  7. To me, it was a tie between the Yankees versus Orioles in 1998 and the Mets versus the Phillies back in the late 80s

  8. baseball players always swing at someone then skip backwards…quickly….usually the pitcher is running backwards cuz he aint got no ball in his hand to be a badass with anymore.

  9. They said fan involvement. The only thing I saw fans do was throw beverages from the stands. Padres/Braves '84 had some real fan involvement. Anyway, baseball and basketball players refuse to fight like men.

  10. I'd just like to point out that Cricket has been player for over 300 years in Britain and well over a hundred around the world. It is a game played with a hard ball moving at between 80-100mph, Until comparatively recently (the last 40 years?) neither Batsmen nor Wicket Keepers (Catcher) wore helmets, although both wore pads between foot and thigh, a box (cup) and specialised gloves. So far as I am aware, there has never been a brawl on the pitch. Ever.

    There might have been some harsh words – there certainly were during the 1932 so called "Bodyline" series of 'Test Matches' and many books have been written about that series – but there has never been a brawl. I wonder why?

  11. It"s all for show! Baseball players always make. certain they never land or connect with a hard and accurate thrown punch! Never seen it happen yet! Well, maybe once.

  12. Bunch of overpaid idiots that have no control of their tempers. Hopefully the ones that were beyond out of control are dead now. Oh well. They have no value at all. This world has no reason to have these idiots in it

  13. Chicago fans are showing their true colors here. I remember disco night at old Comiskey park also against Detroit.

  14. Good video, but I disagree with the title. Look up the 1984 San Diego Padres vs. Atlanta Braves (That was a BRAWL) as with this game, the Padres & Braves had some fights in more than one inning as well as fan involvement (who jumped onto the field and joined in the fight)
    St. Louis Cardinals & Cincinnati Reds have had some very notable fights also

  15. The 1984 Padres Braves brawl was epic. I wish the fight between nettles and Donnie Moore was uploaded.

  16. This is how overgrown boys act.They should suspend everyone for 30 games.Take your thing off and play ball you….bitchs.

  17. I remember this one perfectly..Me and my buddy's dad watched this while his son was out cutting grass in the heat for hours..When he came in we we're like dude you missed the best baseball fight of all time!

  18. The announcer said its not hockey that's true hockey fights are 1 on 1 not bunch hoodlums 5 or more on 1

  19. Sox broadcasters are the worst homers in either league. Hawk Harrelson is horrible… so overrated.

  20. One of the Weaver brothers actually did something for once. Good for you, Weaver boys.

  21. Nosir. It's called "The Brawl" for a very good reason. What you have posted is a glorified shoving match.

  22. Simple solution for baseball: If you leave the dugout or bullpen, automatic 10 game suspension. Hockey fights are 1 on 1, & there are unwritten rules. No 3rd man throwing sucker punches.

  23. 5:33 "That's some of the worst sportsmanship I've ever seen." Darren Jackson has always had a firm grasp of the obvious.

  24. I have to agree. This was no doubt one of more violent and nasty of baseball fights of modern day. A few others come to mind, but this was pretty good considering most baseball fights never actually have the two combatants squaring off for any length of time before it turns into a wrestling match and pile on. And what amazes me most is the fact that it's the ball pens running in from their pens which usually adds fuel to the situation. A rule should be put into place that will punish any player leaving their pen during a fight, a fine and 2 game suspension. It's better for the fans too because we'll get to see a better fight.

  25. Chicago pitched inside the second time after the first brawl The Chicago announcer said that Detroit didn’t try to get out of the way, 😂 really!

  26. Big deal!!! This goes on at the neighbor's house every weekend after a couple of kegs have been consumed! ha ha

  27. Awesome! 😎👍🏻 unlike today's baseball fights just pushing and shoving… oh and talking 💩

  28. My two favorite single punches in baseball fights: Ray Knight's jab on Eric Davis at third base, and Rougned Odor tagging Jose Batista.

  29. LOL the pitcher was doing foot fires which is a basketball defensive position. If I got in a fight and did foot fires the other guy would laugh at me.

  30. grown men playing with a little white ball….epitomy of arrogance and self righteousness! meanwhile 70 million yanks on food stamps!

  31. AS a Cubs fan, i NEVER defend the Whitesox..But the Tigers are chicken shit here…running around like a gang of punks suckering punching 5 on 1. Those are the type of things, if you are the whitesox, you go back and look at this video and see Robert Fick, Juan Encarnacion and company…Next time you play them the Tigers….Fick and Encarnacion? Watch your asses bc i 95 mph fastball is coming right at your HEAD…Not your back, not your ribs, not your legs…Im telling my guys to take you OUT. Total chicken shit. This is one time where I would have given FREE reign to the fans….Hey at your own risk….But 15000 on 25 would have been the justice the Tigers deserved for this bullshit. But at the same time…Where are all the Whitesox players? While Foulke and Ordonez are fighting for their lives out there 5 on 1???

  32. Not bad, but the Orioles and Mariners in '93 at Camden Yards…..the Bill Haselman fight. That one was epic…..also the 76 brawl with the Yankees and Red Sox at Yankee stadium. Those 2 were infinitely better

  33. Foulke tried to fight an old overweight manager and got his shit split wide open. Never turn your back on 5 dudes idiot

  34. Not even close. The fight in July 1958 between the White Sox and Yankees went on for half an hour, with individual fights breaking out. None of the scuffling and shoving but actual fists being thrown. Enos Slaughter of the Yanks had his shirt back torn off. Finally the umpires called the cops onto the field to stop the fighting. No one arrested, but they came close. The fight was voted #53 of all-time Chicago sporting events

  35. It's hard to call which brawl was the ugliest. The brawls from the late 1970's and 1980's from various teams were by far much uglier than 1990's and 200's. Although this 2000 brawl was indeed ugly. Back in the day, it seemed like teams had a lot more loyalty towards their teammates. The loyalties are different now since players on different teams are friends. The only true friends on teams were within their ranks back in the day.

  36. Nowadays, the players don't fight. They just stand around and act tough. Back then the players didn't think twice about fighting, they just did it with no hesitation. And back then players were animalistic when they fought like it was a street fight.

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