The Gretzky Hockey School // A Total Hockey Exclusive

Basically our main goal is to share our love
of the game of hockey with everyone and it’s a cool experience because the whole Gretzky
family is here and I have about eight of my cousins that work all of the camps with us
and travel with us so basically you get the whole Gretzky family experience and us sharing
our passion and love for the game of hockey with all these kids and families and to see
the faces on these people from the week and after the week and throughout the week it’s
incredible to see and that’s why we do the camps. We have a couple hours of on-ice a day along
with floor ball which is a huge part of our program. We also have off-ice development
with shooting targets and stick handling with specialists that will be able to teach that
throughout the week. To this day we have seven schools now in five
different cities and we’re going to continue to grow and hopefully expand to more cities
and hopefully more countries as well.

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