The JK Drill – Baseball Rebellion Hitting Drill

Hey everyone JK Whitted here in the Baseball Rebellion here to give you the JK drill now I designed this drill for hitters who have an early push with their backhand towards the ball bringing the nob mostly to the ball first and hitters who might have an early pull down. Now most of the time this drill is going to be used for backhand back sorter which is generally the connection we want to feel the most in our swing as we turn our body through the ball. Now this is for a hitter who might be a little bit more advanced in the sense that they have a good control over their footwork Already and their patterns already pretty solid as far as that goes but again When we do this through we want to use something light, okay? And the Rebels Rack at the same time, so a light bat that is able to go in one hand only where you don’t want To hurt your wrists here, and the turns here are gonna be pretty average not going to be super fast. Some of our more advanced hitters have been able to do this actually in batting practice, but again Those are older guys with bigger more developed muscles who have a really good handle of Their body and what they’re doing. Now I suggest doing this in front of the mirror first just to get the field down Because this is more of a field drill and it’s not for everybody but if you do have a hitter who has a very hard Push to that backhand towards the ball which a lot do then this is gonna be perfect for them. So with the rebels rack on The same way you put it on for your turns alright and choking down the bat or choking up Whatever makes the bat lighter at that at that point whatever you got really alright If you’re right-handed obviously you’re gonna be focused on your right hand right shoulder if you’re left-handed Obviously you’re gonna be taking care of your left hand left shoulder. That’s all in the back. So with my footwork already down Okay, I’m gonna think about turning my body, so I’m gonna go from a still position to hesitate a position and I just want to turn my body towards the ball now if I Disengage what I want to do if I have a hard right hand push to the ball here or backhand push I’m gonna disengage my hand away from the Rebels Rack causing the rack to fall out okay? And that’s what we don’t want we want to make connection with the ball or get to where the ball would be without losing the rack so if I keep the connection I keep my elbow pull back in my scap loaded behind me and as I rotate to the ball you’re gonna See how everything lines up my shoulder path my bat path And I still have controlled the rack on my chest. Now we do know that throughout the swing we will disengage our right hand right in our hands at some point to release through the ball but for a player who has an early, early push back meaning back here in our swing someone who has an early release of that right hand or left hand This is a great drill to help them stay connected Longer through the turn of their body and get past the ball a couple of times just to feel how the hips and the shoulders and the back kind of work together As opposed to thinking about their hands and arms. So if you have a young player or an old player who has a very aggressive right hand in front hand early push or pull in their swing the JK drill is gonna be perfect for those types of guys.

4 thoughts on “The JK Drill – Baseball Rebellion Hitting Drill

  1. Hell no. Bad technique on your swing itself. But your device with a good fluid swing will block your front wing from shortening n closing to get around the front side quicker n more efficiently.

  2. For players like me who have a tendency to push their hands towards the ball too early in their swing, this seems like a very good drill.

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