The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 – Ep 110 – Full Episode – 25th January, 2020

Thank you..
– Kapil.. Kapil..
– Thank you. Kapil..
– Ms. Archana. Thank you..
Please be seated. Ms. Archana, in the year 2003 a movie called Hungama
was released which did very well
at the box office. – Yes. Am I right?
– Yes! So, to create the same magic
once again its makers have come up
with a sequel. And today, the entire cast
of the movie will be here to announce
the same. Amid applause I would
first like to call upon the very beautiful,
very charming and very talented actor,
Shilpa Shetty Kundra. Whoa..
– And along with her,
the very versatile actor Mr. Paresh Rawal! Huge applause! Welcome.. Welcome.. Thank you very much. Anyone else,
who’d like to whistle? There’s more? It’s winters after all. It happens. Please welcome Mr. Paresh
and Ms. Shilpa with a huge round of applause. Mr. Paresh,
welcome to our show. Ms. Shilpa, a warm welcome
to you too. Thank you. Congratulations to you both. Hungama 2 is about to go
on the floors. – Yes! And we’re.. The movie has
just been announced. and people are already
looking forward to it. Then we’ll see the teaser,
and then the movie. I’m sure it’s going to be
a laugh riot. You’ve anyway created
quite a stir. Every time you come here
you’re slimmer than the previous time.
– No! You put on weight. That’s why, I look slimmer
to you. Why don’t you give Ms. Archana
some tips? We had to stitch two saris
together. We’ve been thinking.. So mean! Ms. Archana. you look lovely. Too.. – Love you! You’re looking hot, actually. I can’t even say cute. Look who’s talking! Before she started shooting
for the movie Shilpa posted a story
on Instagram where she was dancing away
merrily. What were you more happy about? About working with
Priyadarshan for the first time or did he pay you very well. What kind of happiness was that?
– I don’t work for money. Actually..
– I come here for free too. We’ve just started shooting and we’re having a riot
of a time. He is my beloved husband. Radhe. Wow! Radhe Shyam Tiwari. It’s almost as if someone paid me my provident fund
with the salary. Yes, on a serious note this is my third or fourth movie with Mr. Ratan,
whom I can’t refuse. He launched me in the industry
with ‘Baazigar’. We did ‘Dhadkan’,
‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari’.. Wow!
– All my hit movies.. He also launched me.
– He’s the reason.. He’s sitting right there..
– Mr. Ratan.. Focus on him.
– Let’s give him a big hand. So, the producer Ratan Jain
is also present here. A warm welcome to you, sir. My debut movie which opened at
10.5 crore was also produced by Mr. Ratan. Mr. Ratan is a wealthy producer but the way he’s sitting quietly
in his checked shirt he looks like a bank manager. He’s a producer
though he doesn’t look like it. He’s wearing a ‘cheque’d shirt. ‘Cheque’d shirt That’s where the cheques
come from. A very warm welcome to
all of you. – Thank you. Please have a seat, Mr. Paresh
and Ms. Shilpa. Please come. You must have seen Mr. Paresh
in many movies especially if we talk about
Priyadarshan movies ‘Hera Pheri’, ‘Hungama’,
‘Hulchul’ ‘Malamaal Weekly’. You’ve finally been given
a female lead and that too, Shilpa Shetty. So, do you now believe that the fruits of patience
are sweet and tall? The fruits are sweet. Absolutely. Ms. Archana wants to ask
a question. Ms. Shilpa, you have a green
belt in Karate. – Yes. When they were giving you
the green belt did you ask them if
they had anything in baby pink? I had told you
it’s a childish question and you shouldn’t ask. Yes, that’s right. I asked. She had two questions, in fact.
– Okay. One was for you, Mr. Paresh.
– Okay. She wanted to know
that your wife. Ms. Swaroop has been Miss India.
– Yes. She’s very pretty
and also a great actor. So, it was obvious
that she liked you. Yes. – But in the initial years
of your career you always played a villain. How did she come to like you? That was her question. Women are very innocent. Her husband disagrees.. Experience says it all. How do you handle him? I am now used to handle
my husband at home. Practice indeed. But to deal with
this man here.. I must be paid very well. And we wait for our payment
for days but she catches higher ups
by their neck. This man is from the channel.
The one in black shirt. He wore a collar
for a month. And the next time she arrived
for her payment he showed her his collar and yet she dragged him
by his beard. Oh God! Let me tell you a secret. Something about Raj Kundra. He calls his wife BBC. He calls me
Born Before Computers as I am bad at handling
digital technology. You are flying on social media. That’s not technology. Well, she has another account
on another media. Is that right? Yes, it is not something
major. – Not challenging. I cannot handle those files and they send the homework
for kids on emails. Then you must go
to some other site. – Is it? Then downloading
another thing. And then another one.
It’s hectic. I heard it for the first time
that kids get homework by email. Yes. What if the father
does not have an email account? People like me? Wow! Mr. Paresh, do you too
have a nickname? It depends
on situation. If she needs anything
she would be gentle and if she commands me
to do something, she is rough. Shilpa, we heard about you that you know many languages
apart from English. Is it true? We wanted to know.
We never asked. No, I do not know
all that. I can understand well. Being in Mumbai, my staff
is Marathi speaking. Yes. I speak Tulu, English
is taught in school. I am trying to learn Hindi. I am trying to learn Hindi
from Ashutosh on our set. So we have this competition. The discussions we have
is so funny. Do you know Ms. Archana
is great with French? Beard, not the language. Oh.. I did not make that up. Her husband told me of it. Let us end this. And now it is time to invite
the other actors who are playing a part
in this movie. Please welcome,
Mr. Mizan Jaffery. Ms. Pranita Subhash. Mr. Ashutosh Rana. Mr. Rajpal Yadav. Mr. Manoj Joshi
and Mr. Raman Trikha. A big hand. Wow.. Hello, welcome!
Welcome! How are you?
– Welcome! Welcome! Welcome, sir!
Welcome! Welcome, sir! Sir!
Welcome! A big hand for this team
of ‘Hungama II’. I welcome you all. Pranita.
Welcome. I met you for the first time. Same here. Thank you. Thanks. You are starting
from the movie ‘Hungama II’. I am pleased to debut here
from your show. Wow! I am really excited today. So where are you from?
– Bangalore. Karnataka. So Bangalore. Bangalore. I do love Bangalore a lot. Deepika is from Bangalore. Beautiful women
come from Bangalore. Rajpal and I come
from Kanpur and Amritsar. You all have met
Mizan in our show earlier. And he is playing a lead
in the movie. Congratulations. Thank you, sir. Mizan’s father Javed
is a great comedian. A great artist. His grandfather Jagdeep
is a legend. A big hand for them. So comedy is
in your blood. So do you go for auditions
in comedy films or is it something
of an in-house arrangement? No. This is the first comedy film
that I have been offered. I think Mr. Priyam
and Mr. Ratan saw my work in the movie ‘Malaal’
and they chose me. I think they liked
my act in the movie so it is a great thing
for me. And it is
a Priyadarshan film. It is ‘Hungama II’. It is Ratan Jain. We have Mr. Paresh.
Mr. Rajpal. Along with Ms. Shilpa
and these people.. And you are
in the Kapil Sharma show. I am in
the Kapil Sharma Show! Let me tell you. Shilpa had a song,
“Maiden took my heart”. It must be 25 years ago. Yes, 25 years.
– It’s been 25 years. The same.
– Right? That song is recreated And Mizan is dancing
with Shilpa Shetty. Wow!
– There you. I should be congratulated. It is all because of you. Kids have grown up
to be adults but you are as young
as ever. Mizan.. Mizan did not want
this to be out but let me tell you. When that song
was released back then Mizan was not even born. He was being planned. And Mr. Paresh is in
this song. Is that so?
– Yes.. You have to see him. Paresh are you dancing? If one has a wife like that
anyone will dance. True. Mizan, this dance of yours
with Ms. Shilpa. It has upset many artists. Why?
– Why? Mr. Ashutosh
and Mr. Manoj here. Mr. Ashutosh pulled
Mr. Manoj’s hair. Mr. Ashutosh,
what do you think? With whom would you like
to act? As your co-star? I would go to the past..
– Past.. and pick Ms. Rekha.
– Wow.. Mr. Ratan is wondering that
he wanted to be with Ms. Rekha. Let me tell you all. I have worked
with Mr. Manoj. A film produced
by Mr. Ratan. ‘Whom should I love?’ And he played the father
of my girlfriend. Is that so? – And he is playing
the father here as well. Sir, did you ever score
a woman or have you been
always playing such roles? I have been a man
of character. I really wanted to but
never got an opportunity. Which actress did you want
to work with? All of them. Mr. Manoj, you seem
very emotional. Okay, have you noticed
something? Mr. Rajpal is a part of every
movie made by Mr. Priyadarshan. Yes.
– Do you have a video of him? No, he is a wonderful actor. Very dangerous. I don’t know what I have. But when Mr. Priyadarshan
called me for the first time Mr. Manoj is a witness
to that. Since it was my first film,
so I scared. Okay.
– He called me and tore all my clothes.
– Okay. And then he asked me to run like how Shoaib runs.. Yes.
– After taking a wicket. So, I was running around
like this and I was thinking to myself
whether he is making me act or checking if I can run. But since then we got
so attached to each other that we could never be apart.
– That’s great. Raman Trikka started his acting
career at a very young age. He acted in TV series, movies
and got a lot of fame in south. Won a lot of awards as well. When you were signing
the movie ‘Hangama 2’ did you ever think that
you’ll get a chance to meet me? Sir, this is a right question. Until yesterday I didn’t know
that I was going.. Okay..
– To be here. Really?
– It is a big surprise and.. So, how did you come here today? Did you just join
everybody else? I thought since the whole cast
is going so I should go as well. But anyway congratulations
to you all. Thank you..
– Because it’s a great team. And Mr. Priyadarshan
is great too. Mr. Ratan is the producer. So this will be
a wonderful movie. Congratulations to you
in advance. Mr. Kapil? Yes.
– You didn’t ask us that why did we come here today? Yes, actually. So, Mr. Ashutosh
will brief you out on this.
– This is a great coincident. Okay.
– On the eve of Republic day we are starting the movie
‘Hangama’ for the first time. Wow!
– And on the eve of Independence day
we will present the movie. Wow!
– That’s great. Hello, Kapil! Hey, son! You’re here again? Come on, hug your aunt. Come on, my son. Hello, Ms. Archana,
how are you? The winter is here. Wow, the cast of ‘Hangama’
is here. Oh, Kundru’s wife is here. Shilpa is here. ‘Kundru’s wife?’ Oh, my God! She has come here for the
first time after her wedding. Later you’ll complain
that I don’t give presents. Hold on. She is going to say
no to this. She is going to ask me
not to give so much money. Take it, child.
21 rupees. Give me your blessings. Hey..
– Touch my feet properly. That’s what you’ll get
for this much money. Aunt, she is a famous actress
and you gave her only 21 rupees? What else do you expect? I can’t
give her Mukesh Ambani’s money. Be thankful. I usually steal
the wallets of the guest and this time I am rather
giving money to someone. How is Kundru? I am so sure that he can’t
concentrate on work. Why? A person who has such a hot wife
how can he focus on work? According to me, I hope everybody gets a husband
like Kundru. Why are you calling him Kundru? His name is Raj Kundra.
He is a huge businessman. Stop calling him Kundru.
– He didn’t become a businessman now.
Even when he was little he was a businessman.
– How? Ms. Archana, he used to wear
one diaper and he wouldn’t remove it until
the has peed on it four times. The diaper used to become
so heavy. He used to walk like this. Oh, God! Aunt, why have you come here? Nothing. I was taking
the dried clothes on the terrace and I saw them. So I thought
of saying hi to them. One person will take
one cloth and fold them. Take this. Come on, child. You’re like
a daughter-in-law she is new here.
I can’t ask her to work. Fold the clothes.
– Aunt she is a famous actress
and you’re asking her to work? I can’t get a director now. One should know how to do
household work. Child, fold it like the way
you fold yourself while doing Yoga. You have to fold
it the same way. Who is this? He resembles with
Javed Jaffrey. Isn’t it obvious?
He is his son. Oh, God! He is Jaffru’s son? Where is he? Come on, take my blessings. My dear child. Come on, hug me. My dear child. Come on, son.
Sit here. Body. He is Jaffru’s son. Child, tell your dad but only when your mom
is not around, tell him secretly that you met me. And I said ‘Boogie Woogie’,
he’ll understand what I meant. Aunt, he is new in the industry.
Stop troubling him. Okay, when I was new,
his dad troubled me too. Say something sensible. I have done that with his dad.
Tell me something else. I am telling you the truth,
Ms. Archana when he was born
his dad secretly sent me a picture of him
hiding from his mother He said, ‘Look, Kammo,
our son has grown up.’ ‘Can be become an actor?’ I sent a message to him. I told him that our son will
make chaos when he grows up. And he is rightfully
doing so now. Look at him. Come on, son.
Sit down. His wife is going to upset.
– Aunt. My Rajpalu is here.
Come on. Come to me. Oh, my child. He is so cute. When he was
little.. He is still little. He used to be so cute. He used to address me
as aunt and pull my gown. But shall I tell you something? You’re still very cute. Even now
if hang a school bag on his shoulder it seems like an eighth grader
is going to school. You’re great, child. I have
seen all your movies I am huge fan of him. He is the master
of all the actors. Clap for him. You can sit now. Hey, Manu, you’re clapping. Mannu! Just because you
have shaved your head you think I won’t recognise you? How’s the Joshi?
Fine? Archana, I had so
many boyfriends but he was the one who
used to do a lot of drama. Why?
– Because he was into theatre. He used to act in many plays. Ashu, how are you my child?
Let me come to you. You’ve become a big man now. How are you Ashu? Do this. Wonderful!
Glad to meet him. He is a very good actor.
I’m his fan. I’ve seen your movie, Ashu. Doing this,
I had vomiting for two days. I wonder how he had
managed to do that. I mean, your acting was so nice. You played
that character so well. Even now, Archana can’t
disguise as a woman like you. You were amazing. I really enjoyed it. But, is there anyone else?
Hi, hello. – See there. Mr. Paresh is
sitting next to you. I had seen him sitting there
the moment I had come here. I don’t want to speak to him.
I am upset with him. Why? He has become such
a big minister and travels in car
with red beacon. But he didn’t marry me. Aunt, what nonsense
are you talking? It is not nonsense.
I am not telling lies. He hasn’t taken out as
many rallies of his party as many times as he had taken me
for a walk holding my hands. Our love story
was really great, Ms. Archana. He used to treat me
to so many poppadums that I have puffed up like
‘Dhokla’ now. Aunt, are you done? No, I have one last remaining. I am being honest. He keeps saying right..
In that advertisement Mr. Bachchan says ‘spend
a few days in Gujarat’, right? He is the one who directed
that advertisement. – Is it? Because when we
both had a break up he had started
feeling lonely. Everyone in Gujarat
had started feeling. He used to hold people’s
hand and tell them ‘spend a few days in Gujarat’. Mr. Paresh’s bodyguards, all
five or six of them, come in. He is like an elder
brother to me. Can’t I even joke? Big brother! – Can’t I play
a prank on my big brother? He has come after a long time. Couldn’t you tell me earlier that his body guards are here?
– Please come. I’ll make a move.
I have a lot of work. Did you fold the clothes, dear?
– Yes. Be healthy, be happy.
This is called as.. See, her dress doesn’t
have one shoulder. But see, she has
folded the clothes. See here. What about the other girl? Dear, I have some work with you. My birthday is on 3rd Feb. I will make a simple cake. You just will have to
stand on it like a candle. Will you come? How sweet! Best of luck for your movie. You have become famous. Okay then, see you. Okay, kids, bye. Give me my clothes.
– Over there. Okay, bye. Sir, the audience
have of few questions. They are for all of you,
Shilpa. So, you will have to
answer in yes or no. – Okay. You should tell whether you
have done that or not. – Yes. So, keep passing these
to the person next to you. On one side of it is ‘no’
and ‘yes’ on the other. Did everybody get one? Okay, this question
is for all of you. Have you ever gate-crashed
into a wedding? It could be even before you
became a celebrity. Mr. Paresh! Yes!
– Mr. Paresh. Mr. Paresh, when was this? Long back when I was
into theatre. I do theatre even now. But then, the rehearsal
hall Birla Kreeda Kendra.. Okay.
– on Mafatlal Charni Road. Weddings used to take
place in the neighbourhood. We were into theatre,
we used to be broke. So, we used to
gate-crash to have food. If the bride’s party asked,
we used to say we belong to groom’s party. And if the
groom’s party asked we used to say we’re
from the bride’s party. If both of them asked us, we
used to say we are caterers. Mr. Rajpal, you tell us. I used to do all this when I was
studying in Lucknow and Delhi. Okay. – We had a batch mate
by the name Manohar. We had assigned
him the task to inform us about the
weddings that take place in the area from
Mandi House to Connaught Place. And sir after the rehearsals,
we used to be exhausted. We used to wear the
best clothes we could. We used to go the groom..
Shake hands with everyone. Greet everyone in the wedding. Before anyone could
find out who we were we would finish having food. We used to tell them.. Though.. We used to though
tell you hadn’t invited us but we enjoyed the food.
– Enjoyed the food. And we used to
leave from there. I love this talent of yours.
Very nice Have you ever thought
that you could have got more money than
you had asked for after knowing what the other
actor got for the role? Has it ever happened? You have touched the raw
nerve of every artist. I won’t ask for
the details now. But it is good to know. Wow!
– Superb! Have you ever filled fennel
seeds in your pockets after having food
in the restaurants? Disgusting! No!
No from everyone. Actually, in a hotel. Picked up the tip
left by someone. Mr. Paresh. This is something
of the next level. Did you take it? I collect the chocolates
which are kept in the hotel. How sweet!
– From the reception. Keep it up. Keep it up! Our questions end here.
Thank you. Hello. Hi, how are you? I’ll make a complain. Hello, Mr. Sony. You can kiss me later. Your judge, Ms. Shilpa Shetty,
has come with some people and is a creating drama here. Sapna, they have come
to promote their movie. Yes, I..
Hello, Mr. Paresh. I watched the trailer
of your movie. I liked it a lot. The trailer has not been
released yet. How did you watch it? Hasn’t it released?
– No. Sorry.
– Only we have come. This is my first line
as soon as I come so that the guests
get impressed. I.. Hasn’t the promo
released yet? The shooting has just begun. Oh, my God! Nine people have come
when the shooting is going on. They will bring
the entire village once the shooting
is completed. The producer is also here. Hey, Ratan Tata! What?
– Ratan Jain. I know that he is Jain. I meant to say hi to him. Sit here, Sapna. Ms. Shilpa, you are
from Mumbai, right? – Yes. You are also from Mumbai. Mr. Paresh Rawal and Mr. Manoj
are from Gujarat. Mr. Ashutosh Rana,
you are from U.P. No, you are from M.P.
– Yes. Mr. Rana, forgive me.
I made a mistake. But let me say something
wholeheartedly. Mr. Paresh Rawal
is here today. – Yes. Mr. Ashutosh Rana is here.
Mr. Manoj is also here. Ms. Archana is very happy. Why?
– Why? She was saying that actors
of her times have come. She has come
well dressed today. Do you know that? She cleaned herself
using a brick. No, I’m telling the truth. She has kept your photos
in her purse. Really? – Gents keep
photos in the purse. Yes, she uses
a gents’ purse. If you open her purse,
you will find a paper soap truck’s license
and stickers. Truck’s license. Truck’s license.
– Yes. Really?
– Yes. She works as a driver
for Dhillon Transport. Ms. Shilpa, your Sunday Binge
or something.. – Binge.. Binge. – Binge..
– What’s Binge, Kapil? Binge means when a person
is on diet and sometimes cheats. For instance, they eat something
heavy on Sundays. That’s called Binge..
– With food.. But you worked for many years
and earned so much of money. Even Mr. Raj
has a huge business. – Yes. Obviously.
– Then why do you guys cheat while eating? You’re so rich? You’re talking too much.
Did you ever visit their house? I went to Ms. Shilpa’s house
once. – Really? I directly went to the kitchen.
– Oh. Her servant was cooking food
and there was a staircase. Why? – I asked him why he
got this staircase built. He told that when he cooks
delicious food then she climbs there and says
that it’s superb. She says that. Hi.
How are you? I am good.
– You’re from NSD, right? – Yes. Even I go to NSD every day.
– Oh. – Really? From Nala Sopara to Dadar. NSD! He’s our friend. A huge round
of applause of Mr. Rajpal first. Very nice. People come from NSD and all but he’s the first artist
who has come from the jungle. Jungle. What do you mean? Didn’t you watch his movie,
‘Jungle’? I am talking about that. He’s our guest. Offer him
something to eat. Poor guy came from the jungle. Sir, what do you want? Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla
or Gorilla? No.. No.
Mangal. Oh, do you know Mangal?
– Yes, Mangal resides in jungle. Oh, sweetheart. How are you, sweetheart?
– His name is Meezaan. It’s okay.
The girls call him sweetheart. He’s so handsome and nice.
You’re awesome. Thank you. Don’t worry about anything.
If you have grudge inside then call me up.
I’ll give you such a massage that all the grudge
will come out. Don’t worry. Oh, wow!
Hi. Raman Trikka. Please tell me the ways
to impress you. What can I say about him?
Be it stage or a movie.. A huge round of applause
of Mr. Paresh Rawal. Awesome. Sir. You worked in a movie,
‘Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge’. Sir, there’s someone here. We’ve been trying from so long
to oust her and bring Mr. Sidhu back. But she’s not going. Anyway, let’s talk
about the business. Sir.. Mr. Paresh, Ms. Shilpa..
I have a beauty parlour here. I know. We give different types
of massage. So, there’s a special massage
for you called Baazigar Massage. What’s there in it?
– In this, we apply oil and take the customer
to the roof. And ask them to stand there. Then I ask them
to give me Rs. 1 crore. What if they do not give?
– Then.. “Oh, illusionist..”
That’s it. That’s what we do. Then we have.. You worked
in a movie, ‘Do Not Disturb’. Yes. – So, we have
‘Do Not Disturb Massage’. What’s there in it?
– In this, we apply oil first. Then? Go ahead. – I told you that
it’s ‘Do Not Disturb Massage’. Why are you disturbing? Look at him.
Idiot. Then you all worked
in a movie ‘De Dana Dan’. Yes.. We have
‘De Dana Dan Massage’. Wow!
What’s that? In that, we ask the customer
to lie down. But we apply oil
on the hockey stick. Then? – Then we give them
a non-stop massage.. Wow.. Then Mr. Paresh Rawal worked
in a nice movie, ‘Baghban’. Yes. – We have
a ‘Baghban Massage’ too. What’s that? – It’s for all
the senior citizens. Oh. If any senior citizen comes,
we respect them a lot. We ask them to lie down
and apply oil. But we don’t give massage. Why?
– We go to their houses and tell their children how
their parents raised them and ask them to give massage
to their parents so that they don’t
have to come to us. Sir, not just massage,
but I give this message to respect the parents
and give them massage every day. Wow.. Wow.. My mood is changed, I am going.
– Ms. Sapna, just a minute. Rajpal is calling.
– Sir, I am in a hurry. I have to go to temple
with my friend, Priya. Please come here.
– Okay. Hey. Hey Rajpal! What’s going on? Hey Raman. Raman. What happened? No.. What’s happening, Kapil? Okay, today’s cardio is done.
– This.. This is Hungama shock challenge. The one who can form
the best queue with good combination can meet the Hungama 2 team. Got a shock? Thank you. As I told you before,
Mr. Paresh finds the heroine after many years
in this movie. That’s about the movie. I want to ask my audience
about their opinion. Is it good to get married early,
or it’s good to delay? You can openly give
your opinions. It’s a democratic country.
Oh, sir. Yes. Hello, everyone.
– Hello, sir. My name is Vikram1 Jain.
– Vikram1 Jain. Mr. Ratan, is he your relative? I wish he was.. – Mr. Vikram1,
where are you from? He’s wishing..
– Wish.. Everyone is after your money. Mr. Vikram1, where are you from?
– I live in Indore. I’ve come to Mumbai for job.
– Okay. Do you travel back
after the office hours or you stay at night?
– I stay here. – Okay. So, what’s your opinion,
Mr. Vikram1? I think that the life
has become so stressful. There’s a lot of hair fall
these days.. – Yes. It’s very good to have children
before losing hairs. At what age did you get married?
– I was 25. 25 years.
– That’s so early. Do you think it’s early
or you think it’s late? Educative..
– It’s fine at 25, right? – Yes. Yes. No.. – Otherwise, we have such
a stressful work in the office. We don’t have any motivation.
After going home we should have focus..
That someone is waiting for us. Wow! – What do you
mean by motivation? We should have something
that after going home somebody is waiting at home.
Otherwise.. Even the parents wait, right? What are you naming
as ‘waiting’ and ‘motivation’? Even the parents wait,
but that’s different. They don’t wait. They want us
to go late so that they can enjoy. Thank you for giving
your opinion, Mr. Vikram. Anyone else?
Yes, sir. Yes, the experience
will talk now. – Experience.. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. What’s your name, sir?
– My name is Vikram Joshi. Okay. Mr. Joshi,
even you’ve brought a relative. No, he’s not. Okay, Mr. Vikram.
I heartily welcome you. Yes.. Thank you very much..
– Yes.. Yes. – In my opinion,
it doesn’t matter whether you get married
early or late. – Why? Because there should be
more gap between engagement and marriage.
Minimum 2 years. – Why.. To get some time
to understand each other. What do you want to understand?
– Their likes and.. I know that the selection
is done after seeing the photo. That’s right, but their likes,
dislikes, nature and all.. We get to know this whether the relationship
is good for future or not. But I don’t think anyone would
show the actual nature. Conversations are formal
before the marriage. That’s why I clearly said
that it should be two years. Then we get to know. The ones who don’t want
to reveal won’t let you know
even in ten years. They have other options. They show it as soon
as the wedding is done. It happens. Okay. Where are you from? I live in Mumbai.
– Okay. My native place is Rajasthan.
– Okay. I am a Chartered Accountant.
I am doing my own practice. Okay. You must be
having clients. Or, do you keep practicing
by yourself? – Yes.. Obviously. You must be earning
a lot of money, right? When GST was newly introduced,
people couldn’t understand and the CAs had
the major benefit. – Yes! Is everything else fine,
Mr. Joshi? Yes, sir.
All good. Thank you very much
for coming to the show, sir. Thank you very much..
– Thank you. – Yes. Yes. – Anyone else who wants
to give his opinion? Yes.
– Hi. Hello, everyone. Hi.
– Hello. My name is Amrita Bharti
and I am from Bihar. I heartily welcome you.
– I think the marriage should happen late. Because after marriage,
we feel that we should have done
something so that we do not regret later. And later, if you like
someone else.. I went through this.
I.. She started liking
someone else later. My dad.. I had already told that I want
to go for love marriage. – Okay. But.. And mom told that they
had just started searching and it won’t be so quick. But it was a coincidence
that it took place. I got married soon.
My husband is very nice. But suddenly, if you start
liking someone else later.. Are you still married?
– Yes. I am and my baby..
– Your.. Your husband is going
to watch this show. – Yes. Is your husband also married?
– No, he asks me to elope with someone if I find
and he’ll give me Rs. 2 lakh. But..
– Rs. 2 lakh to elope.. Look at Mr. Paresh’s
expressions. You must be feeling strange
by listening all this. The fact is that she believes
in getting distracted. Get distracted first,
and then stick to one. Right?
– Yes. So that you don’t get distracted
later and get divorced. Yes. Because if the marriage
takes place late.. – Yes.. …then people get distracted
before that. – Yes. And if the marriage
takes place early.. Later..
– …they get distracted later. Then don’t marry.
– Yes. Right?
– No.. That’s important. We should do that.
– No.. Ma’am..
– Ms. Archana. – Yes. Ma’am.. – For that,
we should be careful before starting any
relationship. – Yes. And after that, stay
a bit less careful. – Yes. Very nice.. Very nice.
– Wow! – So.. That’s why just be happy
with the one whom you’ve found. No.. It was nice. I am just worried about
her husband. There’s no problem. Even he must be thinking
the same. – It’s all good. Even he.. But thank you very much
for coming.. – Thank you.. So, there are a few rumours
that are spread about the film stars
and the actors. And we confirm them
in our show. Ms. Shilpa, I will start
with you. Shilpa, there’s a rumour
about you that you height
is still increasing. It increases by an inch
every year. Is it true?
– It’s a fact. It’s true. You are jealous.
– Right. Okay.
So this is a rumour. Mr. Paresh, there’s a rumour
about you as well. That just like in ‘Hera Pheri’
you still order pizza and hide. And you come after 30 minutes
and ask for free. Our kids wanted to ask
this to you. Is it a rumour
or the truth? For the producer. Mr. Ashutosh, there’s
a rumour about you is that the doorbell
of your house rings like this. This is nice. Sir, is this a rumour
of the truth? No, it’s a rumour. This is not nice. He is reading
to himself. Mizaan, there’s a rumour
about you that when pretty girl
calls out to you then you hear your hear
name as ‘My Jaan’. Oh!
– Maybe this is a fact. Is it true?
– It’s a fact, is it? This is very common
at this age. – Right. Raman, you are also a model. There is a rumour about you
that when you do an ad for the undergarments,
then after the shoot you put on your pants
on it and leave. No, sir.
It’s a rumour. Is it a rumour?
– Yes. Rajpal sir, there’s
a rumour about you that you and Mr. Bachchan
were doing a film ‘Ek Rishta’. Then your pants were
4 inches long in a shot. Later, they found out
it was Mr. Bachchan’s boxer. It’s a rumour. I wish, it was not. Mr. Ashutosh, there’s a rumour
about you that you used to watch
English movies. That’s why, your eyes
have become big. Horror films. Remove your glasses. Take off your glasses.
Take them off. Mr. Manoj, there’s a rumour
about you that you were so fond of
reading in your childhood that it took you two years
to complete one class. I was fond of studies.
And it’s true. Oh! – Not all
the rumours are wrong. It’s a fact.
It’s true. – Really? You kept it secret
until now. I thought, he is
highly educated. Mr. Ashutosh, there’s a rumour
about you that no politician
could bring in ‘Ram Rajya’ but you are
bringing it in. It’s a fact. Wow! – My book
titled ‘Ram Rajya’ will get released
in February. Oh! – It’s the
interpretation of ‘Ramayan’. Wow! Amazing.
– From my point of view. Congratulations to you, sir. And all the best, sir.
– Thank you. On this note, we are done
with the rumours. Thank you. A huge round of applause
for the cast of ‘Hungama’. I want to say something. Mr. Paresh has
an important work. Yet you came here
on our request. Thank you so much, sir.
– Thank you. Thank you, sir.
– You are a wonder. Thank you, sir.
Love you, sir. Thank you.
– Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you, Archana. Thank you.
– This way, sir. Thank you. Sir, this way. We have great actors
with us. We have organised
a debate on this occasion. Let’s begin. ‘Bachcha Yadav presents
Baat Ki Khaal’. Hello..
Greetings. Hello, friends.
– Hello. Welcome to the talk show.
– What? I did not mean talking. I mean, the discussion. Like a debate.
– Yes, debate! A debate!
Yes. That’s right. Welcome to the show
named ‘Baat Ki Khaal’. As you all can see,
we have with us the cast of ‘Hungama2’. And on the other side,
we have Chandu,
who runs a tea stall. He is a friend but he is untidy.
– Untidy. Yes.
My name is Chandu. And I am very untidy. What bothers you,
good-for-nothing? Unfortunately, you couldn’t
make everyone laugh. Let’s begin
with the discussion. Today’s discussion,
Ms. Shilpa, everybody.. It’s about the reality shows. Basically, we want to know if we really need a judge
in a reality show? Should we have
judges in the reality show? But before we start
the discussion.. Mr. Ashutosh, you are
also here with us. You are interested
in active politics. You always talk
about deedful things. I mean, you are nice
with politics and stuffs. I just wanted to know
only one thing from you if you are aware of it.. Where is Mr. Sidhu? Where is Mr. Sidhu? “He is Sidhu!” “He is Sidhu!” “He is Sidhu!” “He is Sidhu!” Yes. Stop it. Move. Let me tell you. I have a couplet. ” like Shilpa’s beauty
and her talent. I like Shilpa’s beauty
and her talent. Send Archana back
I am here! Applaud!
Go on! Get down from there. I better move. Get back.
Let me tell you. Once upon a time. Once upon a time. Something happened. Such a small chair
and such a fat man on it! Amazing!
– Good. Your face seems old. I am so happy now. Sidhu returns.
Congratulations. You are great. I am back.
– Back he is. Mr. Rana, I was bowled out
in 1990 at a duck. Waqar Yonous
bowled me out. I was not so hurt. But this woman here
had me evicted and I was mad! Leave now.
Move. I have held
your husband captive. Now move. Calm down.
Relax now. How can I stay calm? Ms. Shilpa. If someone sits
on your husband.. What would you feel? She has sat
on something that is mine. Move.
Move. Listen to me,
fake Sidhu. Please maintain decorum. I am to maintain decorum? This woman is making villas
by taking my seat here and I am asked to maintain
some decorum? Get up!
Get up! Please be seated
for the debate. Participate
and relax. Ms. Shilpa, a couplet
for your beauty. Yes, please. I never keep my desires
hidden and I say it out. I never keep my desires
hidden and I say it out. You are the most beautiful
woman that I have ever seen! Applaud! You look so beautiful. A kiss from me. Sir, I have one couplet.
May I? Go over there. Just one. We will see spring
in this barren land. We will see spring
in this barren land. Drive carefully,
Ms Shilpa you will find us
around your way by the signal. Look at him. I have something to say. It is needed here. Every dream can be made
into a reality. Every dream can be made
into a reality. You must leave now.
Leave. The couplet
is still not complete. I will do as I please. You must leave. Listen to me. I will form the government. Hello. Hello, Ram Gopal Verma. I am about to make
a movie ‘Government’. He hung up. I need my money. You all must leave. I am here
for the debate. Get lost. Get going now.
Hit the road. A good one. You are as fat
as the road. Amazing! You both can have at it. Go on Ms. Shilpa. Go on, Mr. Joshi.
– Mr. Sidhu! You may go on. Go on. Hold on!
Hold on! Hold on. Go on. Go on. Mr. Rana. You said
you need to be forgiven. I forgive you. But I will never
forgive her. Shilpa. You see, you were
great at your show. And this woman
took my chair! Mr. Sidhu,
you are crossing a line. Kid, I cross borders. I.. I.. Nice!
Nice! Listen to me. I go abroad
and even you should too. Is it?
– Okay. Come here,
brother. – Let me tell you something.
– Yes. You must travel. Listen to
me. Let me tell you. You take some green tea. And then throw it away. Pour a lot of green tea
in the pond and drink the entire pond. Mark my words.
It will make a difference. To the pond. It won’t make
any difference to you, I guess. Look. Oh, my.. – Shall we
move on with he debate? Please? If you don’t mind? I will have the green tea.
Give me some time. So, moving ahead
with our discussion. So, why should there be a judge
in a reality show? – Why? Ms. Shilpa, this is for you.
Tell us. What’s the need for a judge?
Why? Okay. Good answer! For this topic,
I choose Mr. Ashutosh who is my ‘representastic’.
Representative! He will share his enlightening
views on this topic. Mr. Ashutosh,
please enlighten us. Look, in this era,
all the things can be measured but we don’t have
any scale for judging reality. Wow!
– Wow! I’m impressed! You are great! What a thought!
I didn’t understand a thing! But, great! Mr. Joshi,
will you charge my mobile by placing it here? My.. It’s here. But listen, I don’t lie. I will demand for Archana’s
resignation from the government. All I will say is,
please don’t knock, darling get her out of here.
– Out. I.. Wow! Listen, Ms. Archana. – Yes?
– Mr. Sidhu is requesting you. Please consider it.
You are senior to him. And older too. Look. I’ll tell you everything.
I’ll reveal all the secrets. Sure.
– You are older to me as well. You are bigger too.
– Yes. – I will.. I’m not scared of anyone,
lady. I’ll reveal all your secrets. Ms. Archana.
– Yes? – Being an elderly.. Please leave the seat.
– Yes. I’ll say a few lines for you.
– Sure. Hey, your pyjama is stuck. Look, I.. Ms. Archana.- Yes?
– I’ll say a few lines for you. I’d also like to say something. “Now, without you” “we will survive.” “We will endure” “this difficult life.”
– Wow! Awesome! You are awesome!
– “So what” “if my heart broke one day?” “So what..” Wow! Mind-blowing.. You were great! You are back again? I have never cried in my life. She sat in my chair again! I..
– Take this. What do I do with this?
– Beat it. Hi, Shilpa, my darling! Oh, my God! – You trouble
me a lot, fake Archana! I am so charming!
I can’t help it. Yes. Yay! Hold on! You were sitting over
there. How did you come here? Like I said, I’m your disciple.
I mesmerise everyone. You didn’t mesmerise anyone!
You usurped my seat! Then I suggest you to stand.
After all you stand for elections too.
Keep standing! Mind-blowing! Will only these two speak now?
Shall I leave then? Your arrival didn’t make any
difference, so your departure won’t either. Get out! I’m Chandu, not Sidhu,
who gets out easily. I’ll sit right here.
– Sidhu! It’s great! You’re a politician
as well as a cricketer. Why don’t you go out
and earn money? I’ll recite a couplet
on this note. – Yes. ‘Life is a pleasant journey.’ He is scratching..
– ‘Life is a pleasant journey.’ Look, I..
– Mr. Sidhu! How disgusting!
– Is the camera on? Okay, all right then. Look, I’d like to say something. ‘Life is a pleasant journey.’ Go out and try to earn a living.
Then you’ll realise how hard it is.
– Right. Please don’t fight.
Let’s get to the point. No worries.
– I won’t come to the point. I will come on the show first.
First invite me to the show. Only then will I
come to the point. Let him talk, it’s a debate.
Let him continue. You talk. Mind-blowing! – How can I
speak if you scare me like this? Mad.. Listen!
Archana! I respect you. Neither you nor I
am running the show. God is running the show.
Get up, Parmeet is calling you. Come on! Go! Mind-blowing! Oh, God.. Sit.. Ma’am, consider your neighbours
while laughing. She’s scaring people. Even the last time when she
was laughing, a crow escaped
out of her mouth. I put it back in using a spoon.
Do you remember that? Okay, let’s take the debate
forward. Please. Forget the debate
and shell out some cash. We’re hungry.
Serve us some food. You rat-faced monkey! Rat faced.. My back is cramped up.
Help me. Oh! Rat.. Rat-faced monkey! Oh, God! He really does look that. Okay, let’s move forward.
Our next topic about which I wish to debate is that lately,
when people go on outings or when they order food
and the food is served first they click a photo and
upload it on social media. Why? It’s wrong! – Right?
– Really wrong! Oh, ho! Hi, Shilpa!
Say ‘hi’ to my fans! Hi! Kapil Sharma..
Oh, wow! Shooting!
Mind blowing! What? ‘Mothers are
love personified..’ – Yes. ‘Mothers are love personified.’ ‘They raise such kids, too.’
– Okay. ‘Mothers are love personified.
They raise such kids, too.’ ‘Before the show is aired on TV
they put it on Instagram, too.’ Get rid of her! Mr. Sidhu.. – Ever since I left
I can barely laugh. I’m really crying a river
down my pants. I’ve forgotten how to laugh.. Mr. Sidhu, she uploads it
to make you jealous. Lad, I’m so mad at her
that I might slap you. I can barely laugh.
– No! No! Don’t say that, Mr. Sidhu.
Please! Hold on. I have many jokes.
I’ll tell you one. It’ll make you laugh at once.
– Okay, go on. – Fine, listen. There’s a man who has a son..
Hey! Son.. Sit down. What a laugh!
– That’s my job My job! My job? – My job?
– I just have one pair of pants. Just one.. – What’s with
your multi-level laughter? Just laugh at the end.
So, there’s a man who has a son. Okay.
– The son’s name is Jackson. Okay.
– And the man’s name is Jack. Man’s name is Jack? So, what do people call him?
His father’s name is Jack. What do people call him?
– What? Jack’s son Jackson!
– Oh! Oh, God! Oh, my God! Hey! Hey! – Mind blowing!
You call that a joke? Yes, I do. – I just laughed
to respect the channel. Your joke was so awful
I wanted me throw up. But she was laughing, right?
– No, she was throwing up, too. We’re high-level vomit patients. Oh, my God! I’m so hungry!
It’s time for my snacks! Oh, my God! Ms. Archana, are you devouring
a snake? She can devour a man’s career.
Snakes are no big deal for her. Oh, my God!
– Look.. I’m not lying, I swear. I saw her this morning
eating snakes like noodles. Oh, stop! – When she was eating
a snake tried to crawl away. She fed it to a mongoose
and ate that mongoose, too. Oh, God!
– Never mind, Mr. Sidhu. She may eat snakes,
pythons, or even an anaconda. Since when did you start
caring for snakes? Don’t you dare say a word
about Archana. – Oh! It’s impossible
that I can forget Archana. And I will never let Archana
forget me, either. – Wow! Wow! I love you, Chandu. Come here,
my malnourished Sunil Shetty. Here.. – Thank you..
– Special tea, made by me. Oh, wow!
This tea tastes like dirt. Did you put your fingers in it?
Wow! Ah! Mind blowing! This nonsense will go on.
Let’s take the show forward? Sure, go on.
– If you don’t mind.. Sure. So, I wish to know this.
Most of you are married. So, often it’s seen that
when a couple fights the husband apologises
in the end always. Why so?
– I don’t! Never! I’m a brave man.
I never apologise. But why did you interrupt?
– Sorry! Mr. Sidhu..
– For what, sir? Mr. Sidhu, you are
contradicting yourself. I want to recite some lines.
– Sure. How dare she!
– Okay. How dare she take away my seat? How dare she take away my seat? Beat it! Beat it!
Beat it! Beat it! Did you see that? He is not the real Siddu
but a fake. I’ll beat
him black and blue. Let me
see you dance now. Do you want to
kick me out of here again? I will break with your
teeth with this hammer. You’re the
real cheater not me. I had invited
you on my birthday party but you didn’t come. I had to attend my friend’s
bachelor party that day. So I changed the party. I feel very happy
because I’m back on this show. Let’s hear it! Why are you forgetting
this is a debate? – Yes.. Why don’t you shut up! Okay, can anyone answer as to why a husband
has to always apologise? Mr. Ashutosh.
– A woman was powerful. A woman is always powerful but
a man was helpless in the past and it
hasn’t changed even now. – Yes. Very nice..
– Well.. Will she apologise today
because she has cheated me? She has cheated me, my boy..
– Yes, sir. Get out of this chair now! Get out!
– This is my chair. Is it your chair?
– Yes! No, this is mine. No, it’s mine! This is my chair.
– Okay, you both should stop. You both
can’t fight like this. You don’t have to worry
as I’ll get you an extra chair. Wow!
– Can we have the chair please? There it is..
– My chair is here and I’ll take it.
– Even this is my chair. No, this is mine.
– No, it’s mine! Listen to me, this is my chair.
– No, it’s mine! This is mine, I’ll hit you now.
– No! Put the chair down. Mr. Siddu.
– Stop it! – Put it down. This is mine. Just a minute..
Is this your chair? Yes. Now, this is my chair.
Let me see you sit on it now. We’re even now.
This is my chair. Fine, sit down. Sit there.
You can have it. Is this your chair? Here, you can have it now. Here’s your chair. Well.. – I’m so happy now.
– This is mine. I would like to apologise
for all the violence. I think we should
end the debate now. The fight has not yet started but I would inform
you if the fight starts. Thank you very
much for being here. You can relax now.
– Let’s hear it! Let’s hear it!
– Thank you very much. Please come on the stage. Thank you very much. Very nice.
– How dare you! That was mind blowing. Come here. I’m sorry, ma’am. It’s okay..
– I love you. Thank you very much
for being on our show. I would like
to thank all of you. We have enjoyed a lot. All of you keep smiling. Make sure your
surroundings are clean. And keep watching
‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Thank you!

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  15. Sony tv kapil ke old shows bhi upload karain please youtube yeh kisi web pe, s 01 ki first 20 episode bhi upload krain

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