The Launch Angle Ladder Drill – Baseball Rebellion

Hey guys, Eric Tyler with Baseball Rebellion.
Today I’m gonna be doing straight to launching the ladder drill. This is a
drill we used with some of our older guys to help improve swing accuracy and
allow them to feel the shoulder plane needed to hit the ball at different
heights. So with this drill what you’ll do is give your hitter that’s a series
of ranges of launching angles they hit the ball in, whether it’s 10 to 20
degrees 20 to 30 degrees or 30 to 40 degrees their goal is to hit the ball in
that angle. Now we’re lucky enough to have a pitch Trax here but there’s many
different ways you can do it and measure it. The only rule for the hitters in this
drill is they must maintain the speed of their turn throughout the entire session. Like I said earlier there’s many other
ways to execute this drill even without a Hit Trax. One of the great ways to measure out the launching goes in your own cage and hang
string across it each angle you would like, 10 degrees, 20 degrees, 30 degrees, to
40 degrees. This does a good job giving the hitter a visual representation of
the ranges they’re aiming for and their goals which they were in.

3 thoughts on “The Launch Angle Ladder Drill – Baseball Rebellion

  1. So if my coach wants me to hit a ground ball, do I hit the top of the ball and still stay on the same plane of the ball or do I swing more down or level to the ground?

  2. Hitters need to learn to throw their hands at the ball and drive and extent through. This will destroy players swings

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