The Laws of Cricket | Running out the Non-striker | Urdu Version

Running out the Non Striker Running out the non-striker occurs when a
bowler runs out a batsman who has strayed too early out of his popping crease, by removing
the bails. It is a controversial practice — with some
arguing that the bowler should give the batsman a warning first… But many take the view that if the batsman
leaves his crease too early, then he’s trying to gain an unfair advantage… In fact the law doesn’t require the bowler
to give a warning and he is entitled to run out the non-striker until he has entered his
delivery stride which, in other words, is until his back foot lands… In which case it’s perfectly fair for the
bowler to run him out. Fair game? Or foul play? For more detail on
this perfectly legal practice see law 42.15 in the MCC’s : The Laws of Cricket.

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