The LBB Pro a Level Bunting Bat at Clarkson University

(electronic music) MAN: This a train tool for baseball called the LBB Pro. We saw players were having a hard time understanding the fundamentals of bunting. There are three main coaching techniques on how to hold a bat while bunting: level, 15 degrees and 45 degrees. There’s no training bat on the market that allows players to see what angle they hold the bat at while bunting. This is a clear polycarbonate plastic baseball bat with inside the barrel is a leveling device that’s equipped with LED lights, a sound feature and bubble level vials. So when the baseball player is holding the bat and practicing, you can see what angle he’s holding the bat at — whether it’s level, 15 degrees or 45 degrees. We’ve been working with numerous departments here at Clarkson to help make this project a success. The School of Business has been helping us make a business plan and marketing strategy. The electro-engineering department has been helping make the leveling device that we housed inside the barrel of the bat. And the machine shop in the mechanical engineering department has helped make the actual bat for us. I would say that passion has definitely been ignited here, because all my life, I’ve always wanted to be an engineer. And to be able to come as a freshman — walk onto Clarkson and partake in such a cool project — it’s been an awesome experience for me. (music ends)

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