The Life of a Kenyan hockey player #HockeyIsForEveryone

Hockey is just my life. I think that’s the best
definition I can give. Hi, I am Jeffie Magina. I am an artist
and I’m also a hockey player. My parents died when I was like 10. So, I got moved to places. This is where I picked up art, because my dad used to bring me
Tin Tin comics when I was small. So, I used to sketch a lot. This is how I picked up
that interest of art. Then, at some point when my dad passed on, I had to forget it for a while because he was like my mentor. He was the person I looked up to. When he died my art got dark. So, I just decided to leave
it all together. Then, a year later my mum passed on. So, it got even more crazy
because I had to move around a lot. Before I became an artist,
I was an accountant for five years. It wasn’t a very good feeling. So, I had to pick up something
that I really loved doing and would give me a chance also
to find time to play my hockey. So, I had to do art. I just started playing and it’s been a thing
in me like every day. It’s a continuous process for me because
as much as I want to be an accountant, hockey, to me,
meant freedom. My accounting was making
me miss my practice. To me, I don’t know,
I felt like; I am better placed being
a hockey player than an accountant. So, I just said,
“Oh, let me just be a hockey player.” I started playing hockey at Panari. Then, I got into inline hockey
at the Aga Khan Walk. So, I played ice hockey on Saturday
and inline hockey on Sundays. I wanted to feel the hit. The hockey hit felt really good, I guess. I don’t know.
Maybe it’s because I’m a boxer, I like being hit. So, to me,
that thrill of falling in the ice, waking up and still playing. Like, that was it to me. I was like,
“I don’t want to be stuck at this desk. I want to be playing. I want to be playing any time
that I wanted to be play.” So, I needed to find
something that I do so well, that would still give me some time
for me to practice my hockey and just be me because hockey makes me
feel like this is who I am. Hockey defines me. I don’t know how well to say it, but hockey makes me alive, you know? The thrill. It’s all about thrill. I don’t know if there’s
any better sport because I don’t think
of hockey as a sport. Hockey is like an aquatic. You have to…
Every single day. To me, that’s it.
That’s my drug. To me, hockey builds me as a person. I believe hockey just makes me
become the best person. The best of who I am, you know? I don’t try to be somebody
else when I’m skating, when I’m on the ice or when
I’m in the inline hockey because I have to be who I am. Authenticity is what
I look for when I play. So, hockey makes me
just be free, you know? Sometimes I feel like
the skates are like wings, you know? Skates are like wings. You don’t feel the ground
when you’re skating. When you start skating, you know this
is a do or die thing for you. You don’t feel the ground.
You feel like you’re floating. The movement even on the ground
becomes so effortless. Hockey is like a family. It’s a universal family because I don’t have to meet Subban. I don’t have to meet Gretzky
to know that we are a family because hockey is a family, you know? It’s just the geographical locations
that’s different. But we are playing the same sport,
we’re doing the same thing. Even my guys when we play,
we’re like a family. When one guy’s in trouble,
we’re all in trouble. So, it’s a support system that
goes around when you’re playing hockey. It’s a family thing. So, for me hockey is also family because
I don’t know if I would be where I am without my guys because they are
the ones who are making me become better. As a hockey player,
all I need is two things; A stick and that passion. Because a stick is an extension of my arm. When I hold that stick,
I don’t feel like I’ve held a stick. It’s my arm and it’s part of me. So, to me,
it makes me feel like; this is what I need
to be doing with my life. Find that one thing, you know? Just find that one thing that
you have to do and give it your all. I’m a hockey player, you know? That’s me,
that’s who I am. Hockey defines me.

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