The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Seconds- Best Motivational Video for Entrepreneurs

Most people only pay attention to the final product of a successful entrepreneur. They say things like, “I can never be like them.” or “They got lucky”. What most don’t see, is what they’ve overcome. All the struggles, the daily rejections, the
heartaches, the betrayals, the rumors, the criticism,
the empty bank account and all those lonely nights while trying to make their vision a
reality. You see, the only difference between the one who quits
and the one who doesn’t, is that they showed up every day,
they worked hard every day, they hustled every day, they learned from a proven mentor every day, they improved every day. They did all this even though they felt like quitting every day. and eventually they became who they are

100 thoughts on “The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Seconds- Best Motivational Video for Entrepreneurs

  1. lol the majority of people works hard every day for the entire life this video is bullshit, most of the people do what you said and gets nothing

  2. The best motivational 90 seconds I heard in my life.

    Now I will attemp to launch my technology startup for 3rd time!


  3. I would go to college, but i dont have hat it takes to make it through. I've adjusted myself to living not all that expensive. Im fine with an S2000 and somewhere to live.

  4. Very crazy, I saw this video three yeas ago just before I started my company from scratch in Japan. I didnt subscribe now three years later I just subscribed after seeing some of your interviews. Great stuff man. I am a 110% self motivated person however your message gave me 25 more % to attack and place myself as one of the top shops in Japan in under three years!

  5. The is the simplest most honest video on the internet, PURE GOLD in just 90 SECONDS! Thanks, Pat. Still here in 2019!!

  6. i am 16 year old scored very poor in my academics but I believe in building aa 6 figure of income by watching youtube videos and some courses MY PARENTS THINK I AM WASTE, LOSER, CANT DO ANYTHING/FIND A JOB IN FUTURE 🙁 LIFE IS HARD

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  8. I remember seeing this video 3 years ago on Facebook. I just subbed to your channel a couple weeks age… I didn't know this was your video until just now. Great content!

  9. Literally

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  11. I was lucky. Became a top salesman for 2 fortune 500 companies. I was recently given a successful business. I consider myself lucky.

  12. there are millions of people in the world who "hustle" every day to feed their families, take shit, never give up – but they're car and house will never look anything like that. there's no profit without deficit and no lala land where everyone can get rich. try happiness for a goal instead.

  13. Great Content, you're a freakin legend! You really inspired for me to start my own Amazon business and Youtube Channel – Thank You

  14. Mark my words I'll get it there one day, and I will say and be proud of myself that just not giving up on me, believe me I'll get it there and show that fucking guy who said I can't even buy a tyre of ferrari, my father who Always killed me with his words… I'll prove everyone wrong one day, I'll become the best version that they couldn't even imagine…and scream in the mountains "I made it"

  15. He said he’s got over 20 mil views on here but I only see 3.5 mil views . Patric -Bet – David what happened?

  16. I love the homeowner at the door as he bows his head!
    He is saying:"Motherfucker! You are not going to stop coming back until I listen to what you have to say are you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OK..You win..come in!
    Fucking love it!

  17. It doesn't matter how smart or talented u are. The key is consistency and persistence. The stubbornness of not giving up when everything is falling apart and hope is nowhere near. It can drive people to madness or suicide. I recommend having God by your side highly. Faith in Jesus was the only thing that saved me again and again. I built my business 20 years ago. 2 years ago I nearly went bankkrupt. I maxed out all my credit cards just to be able to pay salary. At one point I had $3 dollars left in my bank account. For more than 20 months I struggled just to keep my business alive. Now my business has turned around and stronger than ever. Thank you Jesus. All the glory and praise to You!

  18. My problem is that i wanna find that thing where i can get money online, I wanna learn that! I believe in this EARN, SAVE, INVEST

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  20. I've always believed that financial stability requires hard work, intellect and capital; if not, you have no benchmark! I'm working with a financial analyst, Mr Lucas Anders from Limburg and his superior expertise in the stock market keeps me earning by the week.

  21. I’m a beginner entrepreneur. But I wish the people who are telling me that the millionaires just got lucky or that they inherited money would see that the same struggles I’m having were also theirs at one point in time.

  22. Does anybody know for sure if Pat David owns that whole office building shown at the end or just rents A suite?

  23. SO TRUE people just don’t understand that to be rich requires sacrifice n this is the single reason why only 1% is rich their the only ones out of 100 people that are willing to give to receive… people say the rich are greedy us rich say poor people are greedy cuz their not willing to give up something!!! Here is a list of things I had to give up when I very first started to go down the path of being an entrepreneur…

    1. Stopped eating out
    2. Stopped watching tv, Hulu, Netflix, n useless crap on YouTube, FB, IG…
    3. Stopped parting
    4. Stopped hanging out with dead beat friends
    5. Stop buying ANYTHING that’s not an asset
    6. Stopped playing videos games
    7. Stopped smoking weed
    8. Stopped listening to rap
    9. Stopped valuing money more than TIME
    10. Stopped wearing jeans n t shirts n started to wear a SUIT N TIE
    11. Turned off all utilities and senseless bills other than electric, internet, water, n gas
    12. I had to downsize from $1200 monthly rent to $450 monthly rent in a very sketchy part of town (this alone contributed to %40 of my success…
    13. I stopped paying for my new car n allowed it to get repo, bought a scooter off Aliexpress for $300 instead
    14. Had to listen to family tell me I was making a mistake
    15. Had to quit my job before I was comfortable with doing so in order to grow my business
    16. Had to go get a job again after I failed my first time n the next 4 times after that
    17. Had to deal with family saying I told you so even though I knew they were still wrong but had no proof yet
    18. I got so so SO many more but I think you get the point!!!

    Being rich is not easy to begin with… only afterwards does it get easier… now I got workers in various parts of the world running different aspects of my business n all I do is look for the next opportunity… this is what it’s like to make $50,000 per month, n that’s not even close to the 1%er level!!!

  24. 2 things a man wants in life:

    1. How to make money!
    2. How to get women!

    In that order, that's everything a man wants, and that's what life revolves about for us!

  25. The life of an entrepreneur is for unintelligent people who want to make a lot of money.

    The life of a scientist is for intelligent people who don't care to have much money.

  26. Bruh I'm starting my own business, and tbh I'm not a "Entrepreneur" level yet but more like "Self Employed", I've made lots of sacrifices that holding me back, like cut ties with friends who wastes my time, gotta be honest my circle is getting small, lots of people will bring you down, plus in the beginning you'll most likely lost most of your money (cause u r still learning to track your finances), sometimes on Monday I'm very motivated but then again on friday I feel like "Is this going to work" and on sunday it'll be like "I should've do regular office job", everyday feels like you're giving up, but What motivates me everyday is even if your business failed you are still one step forward than 99 people who just talk about their ideas, you only failed when you give up, trust me with bittersweet success will feel better.

  27. Exactly peoples just love to see the final product all the time doesn't care about the struggle and hard times what theyce spent
    Am so proud to be poor boy and having a rich mindset ,I'll be giving my best to achieve my dreams thanks

  28. I saw this video like a year ago.. now I’m watching it again and I can proudly say that I am in the exact same position in life 😂

  29. PHP agents aren't ENTREPRENEUR! They're in the business of "fake it til you make it". They're basically sketchy car salesman, who are in the business of tricking ppl into believing the same BS they were fed. This marketing company takes advantage of young easily impressionable ppl who want a better life. Fact is most PHP agents make less than a full time McDonalds employee. That's not a joke or insult, it's a fact.

  30. Cause of course, the shine always cover the scars and hardships. You don't have to explain to everyone how.
    The insomnia too, caused by problems, yet the guts to work again at the day.

  31. The amount of frustrations staring at machines when they’re not working at 3am only to keep going until they work is worth every minute.

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  34. Patrik i am a llb graduate and currently associate with an advocate. I am a little confuse to what should i do in my life. I want to do something offbeat something that is opposite to the culture and what people do, i want to start a business and help people improve their life. I never wanted to be a lawyer but the fact is i never put my time in to find out what i wanted to do with my life. What should i do to get myself out of the confusion. I am ready to do anything. What i need to find is my life's purpose and my passion in a particular thing that i will master years from now. Please help.

  35. Without the right offering, they can do all that for 100 years and still be broke and just more exhausted. Get the offering right and you get a chain reaction. You get a small profit to re-invest and that produces a bigger profit. Too many gurus focus on the person and not enough on selecting the right product or service in the very beginning.

  36. Get rich or die trying
    join the VEA virtual entrepreneurship associations for great motivation and its free

  37. Yea I am good. I will stick to middle class. No need for money. Have a house, nice car, retirement. I could give two shits about making more money than the next guy.

    How about instead of preaching materialism and career we preach gratitude and thankfulness….

  38. Turn to and follow Jesus Christ or burn in hell fire. Study the bible. You don't get to heaven by being good. You must be born again JOHN 3:3

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