The Making of Ragnarok: Ep 1 | Welcome to Ragnarok

We’re sneaking a peek. At first I was thinking: “This seems like your typical teen drama.” Then I realised: “Wow, a bit supernatural,
but also down to earth.” People in Scandinavia
will watch it, of course. But the really cool thing is that
people elsewhere can watch it. I hope it turns out well
and that people can relate to it. It’s such an important message, I just
want to get it out there, the climate… It’s super relevant. And I don’t want the show to be like… “Oh, it’s a really important topic
and that’s why you have to watch it.” There’s a lot of focus on the story, too. I really want people to get that. It depends on how it turns out,
but that was my impression. That’s why I really liked it
when I first read it. I have my take on it. You might have
a different one, and the director as well. It’s really nice to take that
Old Norse mythology and place it in Norway,
in the landscape where it belongs. And… action. ODDA, NORWAY
5 MONTHS IN PRODUCTION Come on. Where are we going? We’re paragliding.
From the top of Ginnungagap. Right, now we’ll head up there. -Are we going up there?
-Yeah, we’re paragliding. -You guys are paragliding.
-They didn’t tell you? -Herman, how much are you wearing?
-I’m wearing wool on top. -I have four layers on top.
-Are you completely insane? I reckon it’ll take 15 minutes to the top. -That’s alright.
-A 15 minute wander? I’m starting to see
the beauty of stand-ins. Look at the scenery! Here are the locals. Gathering around. -Hey.
-Give them a cuddle. I can be fairly quiet and humble
to begin with. I hate making a fuss, such a Norwegian
thing, not wanting to bother anyone. I often keep to myself,
which I think is how I’m perceived. Hey. We’re locked and loaded. -Got it.
-Stand by for take one. Action. Thank you! Oh my God, too much…
I’m wearing way too much. I can’t believe I didn’t take
anything off. Oh, wow… Now we’re just missing… There’s no one around.
I have to check up top. I just have to have a quick look to see
if there’s a view. I just pretended to have more energy.
Listen up. Oh! That’s energizing. The sheep answered. Welcome to the school in Edda. I’m the principal. Ran Jutul. I look at this as my little kingdom. Or my own company. Odda, and the mountains. Here’s the producer. Maybe I should stand here and do this?
Hello. The ruler. The real ruler. Here’s my office. PRINCIPAL
RAN JUTUL -Can we refer to that?
-OK. -From earlier.
-I’m not in this shot. Rolling. And action. And champagne, and tequila… -You look great.
-Thank you. I’m just going to… Saxa is a 17-year-old girl
and Fjor’s sister. She’s a part of the Jutul family,
who live in Jutulheim. It’s a family of high esteem,
so she’s quite privileged. Her family actually owns
a large part of Edda. That’s why it might seem that she,
and her family, come off as arrogant, because they walk around with
this attitude, like they’re all that… I could pass off as a bit younger, right? You’re supposed to look 19. So it works. Is it because you think
Gry likes younger guys? From what I read at the beginning… I understood that this character has a weirdly strong connection
to his family. And that’s something that pushes him. Personally, I’m really close to my family. So I tried to use that to understand why
he makes the choices that he does. At the end of the casting period I went in to film an audition with someone
they had in mind for the role of Magne. When I got there
David was already in the office. We left the casting room,
hugged and said: “Right, we need to nail this.” And we just… clicked. Like, the best guy ever. No one is from here, so we’re all
staying at a hotel, in a small village. -How do you think it’s going?
-It’s been really calm so far. But the atmosphere is great. -I think I got a bite.
-Really? -OK, this is just ridiculous.
-This is too awesome. He got himself a big old bastard. A big bastard. OK. Yeah. -This is too funny.
-It’s great. We’re just living together during filming. So we’re in this bubble, where you can forget normal life
and everyday stuff, and just… …work here…
It feels a bit like summer camp. It’s not like the adults have hung out
separately from the younger people. We’ve become a family. All of us. If skipping was socially acceptable,
I’d do it so much more often. What does a flamboyant shark say? -Heeey…
-What? No! No, no. -Start here.
-No, we have the same amount. I’ll start. We’re representing Odal. North-Odal. Three of spades is the highest. -We’re stacking now.
-Clubs. Theresa is sneak-peeking. -You’re holding them like this.
-No, I made such a bad choice. -Oh no.
-I mean… I’m losing. I’ve won nearly every time. You lost. No, I can’t do this anymore. I’m leaving.
I’m going to film a TV show. No. …country roads
Where I like to walk We’re going hiking. Lovely. Two hours later. That Norwegian atmosphere. I have to stop. So many things have to fall into place
when you’re filming a movie or a series. There’s a whole apparatus.
It’s kind of awesome… …having this many people
working on the same project. In the movie industry, the Danish are a bit like
the New Yorkers of the Nordics. I really enjoy these collaborations
and I think it should happen more often. So, he was directing the extras… and he did it in Danish. He said: “When that happens,
you’re supposed to “grine”. It means to laugh. But in Norwegian it means to cry. We’re all just… Everyone was like…
“Shit. Crying on cue.” Can you do it? I can’t. Want to practice? We were going to keep you in suspense
until we got to the top. This is Manfred. Hey, Manfred.
He’s the family dog. -It’s a majestic dog.
-Come on. Hey.
He’s a Scottish Deerhound. He looks a bit like a wolf. But he is a cuddle monster. Yeah… 14-69. Take one. Thank you. I don’t want to let him go. Thank you. He wanted his mother. We’re all set. It’s a wrap. For today, anyway. See you later. This is the May 17th scene. I’m so nervous now. Super nervous. Happy birthday, each and everyone. I’ve tried to tell his story. We’re sneaking a peek. Yeah!

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