The Man Who Broke The Bat | Batman Missions: Stop-Motion Adventures | DC Kids

– [Computer] Mission, alert. (upbeat rock music) – [Batgirl as Joker] Ha, ha, ha, you
won’t stop me Batgirl. – I’ve got a punch
line for you Joker. Ah! – [Robin] Look out! – Whoa, can I keep these? – Sorry Batgirl the
battle gauntlets are mine. (alarms ringing) – [Computer] Mission alert. Crime in progress at
Black Gate Penitentiary. – Breakout? – [Computer] Negative, break in. (alarms ringing) – [Guard] All units
to the transformer. – Why would Bane break in? – Batgirl, find the
venom antidote tank, and bring it to Black Gate. It’s the only thing
that can stop Bane. Robin, you’re coming with me. Mission go. (tires screech)
(dramatic music) (sirens ringing) (loud explosion) – Bane. (Robin grunts) Pick on someone
your own size Bane. (fighting sounds) You okay Robin? – Not really. – Shouldn’t you be
at Arkham Asylum? – Why? – Because I just
blew up the gates. Joker, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, and The
Riddler are free. – Computer is this true? – [Computer] Affirmative. Massive breakout
at Arkham Asylum. – See. Farewell fools. – Nice Robin. – Batman. I have the antidote to
deactivate Bane’s venom. – At least he’ll be
behind bars tonight. (crazed laugher) – [Batman] The Joker. (dramatic music) (bell ringing)
(Batman grunts) (crazed laughter) – Gotcha’ (dramatic music) – [Computer] Mission. Recover escaped inmates. Bane, The Joker, Mr.
Freeze, The Riddler, Two-Face, and Harley Quinn. – Mission accepted. (dramatic music) – [Batman] Now it’s time
to make your own missions. (jazz music)

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