The Moneyball of Swing Mechanics | Baseball Swing Mechanics of the Greats

this is sean plouffe from
today I present to you the Moneyball of swing mechanics whilst of that attention
to detail is key there’s an obvious difference in the swing movements of
elite hitters versus everyone else this is not new the best hitters have used
these mechanics for the last 100 years fact is traditional coaching will never
produce elite level swing mechanics swing down foot down early eliminate
movement stay inside squish the bug these are not good coaching points they
are very simple vague terms that can mean something different to everyone no
truly elite hitters actually do any of these things you eight hitters are not
freaks they come in all shapes and sizes forget everything you’ve ever been
taught about how to hit we need to focus on how bat speed is created the muscles
involved in the path of the bat some hitters even in the major leagues will
push the bat with their chest others pulled about with their shoulders these
players are using the wrong forces to create a bat speed hard work will not
save you to come grey to anything you have to study those who are the best at
what they do Alex Rodriguez does not actually swing down in fact zero elite
hitters actually swing down this bat path slices through the plane of the
pitch this anatomically limits your ability to make square contact with
baseball this is only one of many examples of traditional coaching being
dead wrong about how to actually hit a baseball to consistently make square
contact with the baseball the barrel must travel behind and then through the
plane of the pitch regardless of whether you want to hit line drives or home runs
don’t take my word for it Ted Williams stated this in his book the science of
hitting published in 1971 the back shoulder and bat should match the plane
of the pitch low pitch low back shoulder high-pitch high back shoulder baseball
bat is much heavier on one side than the other we want to use the weight of the
barrel to our advantage most hitters will try to push or pull the barrel
through the hitting zone this is very inefficient the elite hitters rotate the
bat around their hands in doing so momentum is created this creates a
mechanical advantage if you’re swinging does not have some element of this you
are at a mechanical disadvantage look for the barrel to tip forward this is a
loading action for the hands to twist the bat a Scouts thoughts on Anthony
random if you ever wanted to visual example of how to whip the barrel I give
you exhibit a Ren Doan is a great example of early bat speed it gives us
barrel an earlier start than most hitters which allows him to build up bat
speed before he launches his swing because of this ability to accelerate
the barrel so quickly Rendon is able to wait longer than most hitters before he
has to commit to the pitch well some players are unable to reach max velocity
with the head of their bat it’s how well after contact my domes early bat speed
means his barrel will be up to speed quicker and more efficiently he has more
usable bat speed than most players and here’s an example of Anthony Rendon
tipping the barrel forward pulling the elbow back and turning the barrel around
his hands this is the most powerful hitter to ever walk the planet his name
is dick Allen this is what power looks like he’s swinging a 40-ounce
bat you see exaggerated movements here a large tip forward creating a lot of
momentum and carry it into that baseball tip the bat forward or to first base
this puts the barrel in position for the hands to twist the back the initial
barrel movement should be going towards the on-deck circle behind you this is
what separates good from great this movement right here what’s happening is
you’re creating momentum with the barrel while getting on playing with the pitch Barry Bonds was a great example of early
bat speed and adjustability he was able to marry Supreme athleticism
with mechanics and mccrane the best hitter of all time from the tip position
twist the barrel around the hands here’s another example of dick Allen Manny
Ramirez pull the elbow back leave it back as your leg pushes forward the back
leg and hands power the swing by pulling the elbow back towards the dugout behind
you as you stride this will act as a counterbalance keeping the weight from
falling to the front foot too soon this allows you to adjust to off-speed
pitches how to use the kinetic chain elbow jaws back then the back leg pulls
the bat through this is the opposite of throwing the hands the triangle this is
how you attack the baseball bat tipped forward back elbow pulled back and
noticed the wrists are flexed to keep an axe grip turn the triangle keep the
triangle pulled up and back as long as possible the back leg pushes forward
while the triangle stays back this creates torque and potential energy
similar to an elastic band the triangle shape of the arms should be maintained
as long as possible use the triangle to twist the barrel to contact notice how
long the hand stay back contact is made with the hands above the barrel the best
hitters of all time had the exact same swing pattern twisting the barrel around
the hands is the most efficient way to swing a baseball bat hitters who use
this technique just to name a few remember to watch the bat in the bat
path Ted Williams elbow back turns the barrel around his hands Barry Bonds pulls back turns the barrel
around the hands creating momentum Hank Aaron in this tile clip you can see him
take the first pitch this take shows halfway through the swing the action of
his hands and where to take the barrel Babe Ruth tip forward pull the elbow
back twist the barrel around the hands our pools Miguel Cabrera David Ortiz Carl Yastrzemski Gary
Sheffield Roberto Clemente Rogers Hornsby Lou Gehrig Sammy Sosa Prince
Fielder Albert Bell Frank Robinson Evan Longoria Ernie Banks kirby puckett Jim
Thome again you can see the take on the top Mike Piazza Vladimir Guerrero Miguel Tejada Chipper Jones David Wright Jimmie Foxx Mike Schmidt players who
have turned their career round after learning how to twist the bat first up
Jose Bautista you can see in the top clip the first swing he starts his
barrel at 0 the second swing he has tipped the barrel forward and
learned how to create momentum and bring it into the baseball Josh Donaldson you
see the clip on the left again the barrel starting in zero and he’s trying
to push the bat forward on the right he’s tipped about forward pulled the
elbow back and turned the barrel around his hands Chris colabello went from a 27
year old independent ball player to changing his swing and making it all the
way to the major leagues to view this complete presentation go-to / the – swing or click the link in the
description really Swan is reppin oh my god oh my god if I die I’m a legend when
they lay me down to rest I know I was always rapping oh my god
all right my words being my greatest weapon I know I I know I been a ghost
greatest blessing

28 thoughts on “The Moneyball of Swing Mechanics | Baseball Swing Mechanics of the Greats

  1. ichiro and your Bottom Babe clip at 7:23 are oddly similar even though the Babe hit for tremendous power. Similar in the sense that he was basically already headed towards first

  2. When you talk about the motion of the bat after tipping the barrel and pulling back the hands, the part at 4:16 when you talk about the movement of the bat going towards the on deck circle. I understand that just how far level do u bring the bat back down before you twist your hands around the bat which I now understand, 45 degrees, flat what angle should the bat be at when brought down and pointing towards the on deck circle?

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  4. Wow! This is a eye opener! I have a natural bat tip before my swing that happens no matter if I try to stop it. Until now, I thought this move was bad and have even had people tell me I should not do it. You are the first person I have seen highlight this move. 
    All hitting instructors only talk about taking the hands back, create separation, being quick with the hands, creating bat lag and having a wrist snap as the prime components of good swing mechanics, while leaving out tipping the barrel.

    It appears I was right all along. I was natually doing a very important move key to creating bat speed. Thanks 🙏 
    Now if I could master hitting the ball more squarely I would be a pretty good hitter. I seem to be getting slightly under every hit in the air which is not good for power and driving the ball with significant distance.
    When you get under the ball, most of the energy created at contact is wasted as the ball climbs upward. Very little distance is gained.
    When you hit the ball squarely, the contact energy drives the ball into a arch that is forward. Instead of wasting all of the power generated launching the ball up in the air, the power thrusts the ball forward as if it was fired out of a cannon. Maximum distance will be the result.
    Of course, the right back spin on the ball also helps it carry for distance. This is usually the result of proper contact. I'm working hard to level out my swing. This video has helped me so much. Thanks again!

  5. I have a really long question so bare with me, I know this is hard since you can't see my swing but in my swing it seems like what ever hitting mechanics I try or however i swing either incorporating a spine angle, changing swing plane, using tips from Antonelli Baseball or you go pro baseball I seem to never square up any pitches. Either I swing down on the baseball or I hit the inside or very bottom of the baseball and pop up or I roll over to the pull side(I'm a right handed hitter) any general tips on body positioning/angles or swing plane, or body movement/mechanics or hitting mechanics to help me square up more pitches and drive the ball. Thank you I know this was really long but anything helps also I have watched like all your videos

  6. I checked out your website and found that Evan Gattis has learned from you, however he doesn't tip the bat like you say here. Are you guys proposing that you must tip your bat first? As you know there have been a ton of great hitters that don't tip the bat. Do you guys teach people how to hit without tipping the barrel as well.

  7. Big believer in tipping the bat here. But how do players without a major one, like kris bryant or ken griffey jr, create such power without this initial movement?
    Just kinetic chain?

  8. I tried this it works a lot it helped my swing a lot but sometimes when I do it off the tee I will roll over sometimes and I usually never roll over could be I am doing it wrong or I am just rolling over?

  9. I have this question about your back foot, so I don't squish the bug and nether do I my back leg will go forward but guys like Miguel Cabera, Mike Trout, and Jose Altuve do it differently there back leg goes forward but it also goes behind them do you know why they do it differently? If you do what does it achieve more than just your back leg going forward and not behind them?

  10. How do I fix a loopy swing? I have a merrygo round type swing and im trying to change to be more level how do i do that?

  11. Yes man finally somebody who actually understands hitting. There is virtually almost no good hitting instruction until you get in some sort of professional organization, and there it is still hit and miss. I have been mentioning techniques all of the great hitters use like this for years and have had numerous debates with coaches about squishing the bug, foot down early, and pretty much everything about the baseball swing in general. I have a 10 year old son and he is by no means a big kid at all, actually one of shortest on every team he ever played with. I have had parents and coaches ask me how he hits for so much power for his size and it's because he has a pretty good rotational swing, transfers his weight well keeps his hands back, hits off a stiff front side and has a very short stroke to the ball. Theres obviously years and years of more learning he needs to do, but he is already off to a better start than a large percentage of kids his age. He also drives the ball well the other way too, which isnt very easy to do for any hitter. Keep it up man cause your one of the very few on youtube that actually knows the whole swing from the ground up, while everyone else wants to teach you this one trick that guarantees more exit velo. People need to realize there is no one trick. There is a right way and all the rest are wrong plain and simple haha. The ones that teach it correctly may not go about or explain it in exactly the same way, but the results are same. Just like you said with A rod. He feels like he swings down on the ball but in reality gets on plane very well and that is why he is one of the greats.

  12. Absolutely Amazing!!! I was brought up with that old school way of hitting. I Even taught that to my guys because that’s all I knew, and at the time it made sense to me, trust your hands is what I always preached. Watching guys in slow motion definitely made me to question my philosophy. Hearing your explanation in this and a few other of your videos I’m definitely a believer

  13. I agree with you. Dick Allen was the strongest player for his size and height. But the strongest player I saw was Frank Howard. I was at a Yankee game, at the great old Yankee stadium, and Howard a right handed hitter, hit a HR deep into the 3rd deck in left field. Hardest ball I have ever seen hit! Lets not forget Mantle who had more 500 foot HR's than anyone. Can somebody explain why todays hitters and in the past decade or longer, let go of the bat in mid swing and swing with one hand and still hit the ball 400 feet or more? Steroids? Perhaps weight training? One other fact:Ted Williams was the greatest hitter of all time.

  14. Went From the starter that bats 9th and gets subbed out in the 2nd inning to a 3 to 4 spot batter and stay in the whole game Thank You So Much

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