The One Way Queen Elizabeth is Harming the Royal Family

The One Way Queen Elizabeth is Harming the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth is one of the most popular members of the royal family. The public is generally very fond of Her Majesty and approves of what she has been doing for the past several decades. However, this does not mean that Queen Elizabeth is a perfect, infallible monarch. In fact, there are some things that Queen Elizabeth does that could be hurting the royal family’s image more than she realizes. Queen Elizabeth has strict royal rules. Although they are living in the 21st century, the royal family is usually known for being rather traditional. A lot of that has to do with the fact that Queen Elizabeth has some strict rules for her family members. For example, royals have specific dress codes that they must abide by. There are also rules they must follow when eating with the queen, such as holding their teacups a certain way and only eating when Her Majesty is eating. Back in the days, there were even rules against royals marrying a divorcee and against sending royal children to public schools. Although Queen Elizabeth has become more lenient about certain rules, there is no doubt that protocol still restricts a lot of what royals can and cannot do. Queen Elizabeth often keeps quiet about social issues. Another way in which Queen Elizabeth does not align with the 21st century lies in the fact that she keeps quiet about social issues. Royals have a tendency to stay away from politics, so it is not surprising that Her Majesty does not get involved in anything that can be divisive for people. The queen usually patrons charity organizations that support educational institutions, hospitals, sports clubs, and animal shelters. It is rare for her to make any sort of big statement with her patronages. In fact, when Princess Diana wanted to visit AIDS patients in the 1980s, the queen reportedly asked her: “Can’t you do something nice?” Younger royals are more vocal about social issues. However, unlike Queen Elizabeth, many younger royals are breaking away from the traditional mold. They are foregoing some royal protocol and choosing to speak out about a few social issues that they care about. For example, Prince Charles is an advocate for sustainability and has supported many charities focusing on the environment. Around the time when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were about to give birth to their son Archie, Prince Charles urged people to save the earth so that the next generation would not have to inherit “this completely polluted, damaged, and destroyed world.” Meanwhile, Prince William and Kate Middleton support a lot of mental health organizations. The couple has advocated for de-stigmatizing mental health issues and even shared that they practice what they preach in their own home by being emotionally available for their children. Prince Harry and Markle have made it clear they are feminists. They both support a lot of causes that look to empower women all over the world. Duchess Meghan even works with organizations that help women of color in the U.K. Is Queen Elizabeth harming the royal family? These days, people tend to appreciate progressive public figures who take a stand on social issues, which is why the younger royals have gained a lot of popularity over the years. There are reasons to believe that Queen Elizabeth could be harming the royal family’s image and holding them back from relevancy. However, at the same time, Queen Elizabeth is still extremely popular. She consistently receives high approval ratings, and some people have expressed that they fear what might happen to the monarchy after her death. It seems that her traditional way of doing things is not actually a big deal to much of the public.

23 thoughts on “The One Way Queen Elizabeth is Harming the Royal Family

  1. This is a Megan Markel Propaganda channel. That's not Elizabeth. Thats a double. The Queen is dead. Megan is a yaght girl, not a real duchess.

  2. This lady is a wonderful Queen show more respect towards her rules of her thrown. She has put up with more dishonor than other Royal Queen has in the past.

  3. Leave this wonderful lady alone. Having traditions in a family is so important to keeping a family close and respectful of one another. It is very sad when some of the family members can not or will not be respectful of one another. From US

  4. I think she is absolutely right, staying out of Politics. The Royal family has been more effective patronizing the issues and people who are effected in this world, like their mental health. Look what Politics has done for more Countries, it had become corrupt, and self service, far removed from actually helping anyone but themselves..I really have only noticed one couple, who find it hard to follow ANY kind of eloquent tradition or protocol. Before, I open up a Pandora's box, into politics and causing unnecessary trouble everywhere, there is much service and need, I'd get rid of the "Foul Smell," of rotted vermin. The House of Windor, has to many family members who, are loved, respected
    and have rewarding personal lives, that enables them to support the people of Great Britain effectively! God save the Queen! And God Bless her Children, HRH Anne and her children, Prince Edward and his lovely family, Prince William and Catherine and their little buggers 💜Its good to see Prince Charles, getting tough, with issues, that need immediate attention, in family matters as well!! I like the "Charm and Pomp," of British Royalty..I would hate to see become like the USA, I am American, and it breaks my heart to see what "Politics," has done to my Country..Please don't make such drastic changes, just to appease to free loaders, cut them loose!

  5. The Queen has been a wonderfull monarch, she has done her job flawlessly. MM needs to be careful William is having a lot to say in the running of the family, I have just been reading he was consulted on the prince Andrew affair, and what was to happen, so if MM wants to slag off her majesty be very carful one day William will be in charge of your allowance and he just may cut you off. Stop moaning an tow the line.

  6. The only truth in this programme that we are very fond of our queen and she has been very loyal to her subjects how do u know these things about her have u ever sat at her table and seen how she holds her cups of tea you are stupid beyond belief she how she is because of how she was bought up by a thing called protocol get your facts right before you make comments about our royal family you are jealous because we have royalty and all you have is an idiot called
    TRUMP which ia anotherher name we use in england for fart I know what I would rather have as head of my country

  7. The Queen not harming the family… she doing everything in power to keep it as centuries back, now that she tired of Harry and Megan or deal.. they want to change everything and that why the Queen has had enough of that It.. respect the Queen Megan your no longer an actress.. your a princess so step up and act right.. and treat the queen with honor. Respect. And all of the Royals too.. use your proper presents and manner classy etiquette..

  8. Oh and and when did you become arbiter of Royal behaviour. This is just another vlog SPECULATING on the royal family, and if they weren’t there you are kaput and I’m sure everybody want to know more about trump and let him become the subject of your vlogs.

  9. They are royal. They are supposed to be different and better behaved than anyone else. She is not supposed to get into politics. Did you bother to read the 3 parts of the unwritten British constitution? Of course this a Meghan channel. You’re lips are so glued to their butts you can’t see the forest for the trees. And no Meghan and Harry don’t practice what she preaches.

  10. Well why don’t you screw off, insolent and impertinent impostor! Stop spreading false information about Her Majesty!

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