The Rack Bat for The Rebel’s Rack

Hey guys Chas Pippitt here at Baseball Rebellion, and I’m super excited to announce our newest product that works with the rebels rack The Rack Bat. So the Rack Bat attaches very easily with a wing nut and a screw and what this is gonna do is it’s gonna fit to every Red Rebels Rack we’ve ever made. And what this allows us to finally do is hit while wearing the Rebels Rack, so you can hit tennis balls, you can hit plyo balls we’ve hit baseballs and softballs with it as well But we like the feel of a softer ball wiffle balls too and what you can do is actually time pitches with the rack for the first time. Some of the best thing about this also is when you’re doing your dry work You can actually see the difference when you go from hip in hip hinge here and your stride into Side Bend and then out of side Bend into your rotation What’s really cool about that is for the first time you can actually see Where your shoulder angle would be and where your bat would probably be if you were holding a bat But also you can see the mistake of if you pull across and pull off the ball This is gonna help you on any pitch in any location understand how to stay through a pitch Whether it’s the outs outer half The inner half or through the middle because you can actually see if you’re pulling across and pulling out of the zone. We’ve had a ton of success with this and with the holes It’s lighter and more aerodynamic than you think it would be but still sturdy enough again to hit all those balls You can attach resistance to any one of these holes just like the Rebels Rack and you can still get all the same rotational power gains with a better visual and Actual timing tool here. The Rack Bat is an awesome addition to any rack and if you don’t have a rack make sure you get a rack when you get the rack bat and We’re bundling this with our pure rotational power package. We’re super excited to announce as well. Check it out and get yours today

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  1. I bought the rack bat and would like to see a video with a bit more instruction and some baseball and/or softball players doing the drills (side and front/back). Things like what to look for, what to look out for – besides pulling off the ball – from a "performing the drill properly" perspective. I try to get my daughters to show their back to the catcher, but it seems like they really struggle to get the Rack Bat to rotate out very much in front of their torso (i.e., crossing the front of the plate), after completing the full turn. Great product, great website, and y'all understand the high level, elite swing. Keep up the good work. Thanks!

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