The Rodfellows – Cricket Game (Requested Video by Teh Sanjeev Spartan)

Hi everyone, today Samantha and I are about to play cricket. Cricket is just like baseball for other people to play. That’s absolutely correct, I’ve never played cricket before. Finto and I are going to start playing the cricket game. Cricket looks just like baseball to me. So I’ll play it now. Ready? OK Samantha, let’s do it again. Ready? OK Samantha. Let’s continue playing cricket until I reach the perfect score. Good. Now I got the perfect score. I think I’ve won the cricket game. Now I am the winner of the cricket game. Well you know what Finto, you’ve done a very good job on the cricket game. OK everyone, I’m glad you watched us play the cricket game. Thank you for watching the video. See you soon. Closed captioning by Daniel Lyons

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