The Roots of Badminton – The Five Most Important Things in Badminton

Roots of Badminton Hello, I am Lee I hope you find this video enjoyable and beneficial to your badminton in badminton, I believe there are 5 most important principles I see this 5 principles as roots of badminton lets say if this racket is badminton tree I believe there are 5 roots any body who play badminton if they can understand this 5 roots they will be able to understand the trunk of badminton branches of badminton as well as leaves of badminton so he can understand badminton as whole this 5 roots are most important things to know to understand and be able to perform Right Attitude right attitude, which is most important root among the 5 roots of badminton tree there are 2 things I would like to explain, demonstrate to you number 1, be able to challenge against stronger player and number 2 be able to respect lower level player the player who has small heart will blame all other things but not him self like this, great chance comes and when he kill it, hits net and immediately he will look his racket which means he shows, he is telling the people who are watching its not my technical mistake, something wrong with my racket so, he does not upset what he had done wrong if he makes second mistake he cannot see it because he saw it already and then shuttle comes and then hit same and he look the light this mistake is light not my technique and player like that when he loose a match he will say I have bad stomach the umpire was not my side the floor is very slippery like this The Grip number 2 root is right grip there are 5 roots number 1 is attitude which is most important thing and there are 4 other technical roots and I put grip number 1 because I see badminton grip as crucially important in making deceptions, powerful shots and accurate shots so without grip, does not matter if a player moves very fast, he will get there and make mistake with right grip, player can do this way of hitting smash please right grip if they have wrong grip this can happen Posture right posture which is number 3 root in badminton when I see a player’s posture even before they have hit the shuttle cock I can tell what kind of quality what kind of power what kind of deception, he may make because, the posture the quality of posture can make this shot about the actual shot which means poor posture can make poor quality of shot serious and good posture, also can make good shots let’s say shuttle is in the air opponent court then I would like to see the players posture is like this and I can see his seriousness and hungryness to the shuttle cock please compare this one if some one has that kind of posture ready smash watch this like this that posture allows him to make good movement, early contact to the shuttle cock Hitting Technique right way of hitting shuttle cocks hitting technique there are 2 things to be remembered number 1 be able to take the shuttle in front of the body number 2 be able to take the shuttle away from the body this is essential what ever a player do the player should be able to try to do this 2 important elements lets say net shot it will be better use arm like this like that like this rather than wasting, this should be changed to Movement right way of movement which is number 5 root in badminton in order to be advanced badminton player this root must be understood and be able to perform where ever player go in court before they move they need this step defencing smash look please smash, watch my feet carefully look where – here 1 – 2 1-2 rather than no speed Roots of Badminton

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