The Rope Bat Instructional Video

Hello! My name is Gary Long, the inventor
of the Rope Bat, and I’m here today to show you how to swing it correctly and
start developing your perfect swing. Never hit a real ball. It won’t give
you any feedback and it’ll destroy your Rope Bat. Use only smush balls, Jugs 2
light balls or Whiffle balls with your Rope Bat. I like to use the larger size simply because they sit up higher on the tee
and they’re easier to hit. Use only tees with the soft rubber cone like this tee.
The ATEC yellow which is hard as a rock or the Jugs black tee which, is
equally hard, will destroy your Rope Bat… don’t use them. The Rope Bat head represents the sweet spot of your bat not the length of your bat. Alright, the sweet spot
on your bat is the area that has the least amount of vibration at contact
and where you have the highest exit velocity. For a 28-inch bat, we want to
put the grip ring indicator on 28. This is a 28-inch bat and you can see with
the grip ring indicator set at 28, it matches the sweet spot perfectly. You might consider going to 27 for a brief time to get the hang of it because a little bit
shorter might be a little bit easier. We don’t want it too short and we certainly
don’t want it too long. If you swing a 33 or 34 -inch bat, there’s no reason to use
the grip ring indicator. Just go to the end of the bat and swing it from there.
So, now that we got the correct grip, let’s put it where it needs to be up on
your shoulder, hands by your collarbone, this is the same place a real bat would
be if it was wrapped. Point the grip end at the catcher. Get the bat head on your
spine between your shoulder blades. Don’t let it dangle. We can’t hit from there. We can’t be connected and make a good swing. Learn to decelerate after going
through the hitting zone. We’re gonna go fast through there, but then we slow it
down. All great hitters have a great swing and that means that they swing
with their body, not their arms and hands. That’s the whole crux of the Rope Bat. We
start with the lower body going first, and when the lower body goes the upper
body comes as well; and, guess what else comes? The hands. Now, with the real bat
it’s rigid. With this we got to go fast. We have to take the slack out of this
rope. Keep it tight… Swing it hard. Don’t take it off this way.
Don’t drop it this way. Leave it on the shoulder. Swing right there. The impetus
of the swing starts here. Your spine is the axis that we’re going to rotate
around. Another critical thing to do is keep your hands inside. We want the hands
right here… elbows down… we don’t want to reach. Now,
we’ve moved the axis. We want to create kinetic energy. Simply by turning our
hips brings the torso, the upper body, which are connected to the hands and the
arms… all in sync… creating tremendous kinetic energy. This just unfolds. We do
not have to make this happen. The hands simply hold the bat. That’s all they do.
As we get to this point with lag, we want to continue the rotation and this angle
until we get about to this point; and, then allow the bat head to release. It
will do that on its own. We don’t have to make that happen. In fact, if we make it
happen, we’ve lost connection with the spine. Now, this is the axis instead of
this being the axis. Releasing the bat head too soon is a cast and it costs you
power. The Rope Bat cures common swing problems, like casting, like looping… letting this thing… letting the bat head fall because of
gravity… that’s a loop… or hitching, which is
dropping the hands first and then swinging. The Rope Bat forces three more
things to hitter has to do. They have to keep their hands inside. We can’t reach.
We want to get on plane; and, we want to utilize lag. This is a tool I
used to show my kids what plane is. Plane is the angle that the ball is coming
from the pitcher. We’re going to get on plane here before we get to the
ball, and then we’re going to stay through. That’s what happens when you hit
a line drive…you’re on plane and that’s what we want. Line drives. Hard hit. With “pop.” I want to emphasize that the Rope Bat is a swing trainer. It’s not a hit trainer. Anybody can hit a ball. You can Google a monkey hitting a ball and find it. Hitting a ball with authority, with the correct swing is a problem. You can’t
find a quicker, better way to learn a great swing than the Rope Bat.

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