The Rules & Basics of Baseball : How to Hit a Baseball

Let’s take a look at how to hit a ball. Obviously,
what you want to do is use the bat to hit the ball. Where do you want to hit the ball?
Optimally, you want to hit it right here in the sweet spot. The sweet spot is called that
because it’s the most reflexive part of the bat. It’s right here on the fat part of the
barrel and hopefully when the ball hits this the metal is going to receive it and fire
that ball off of the bat so you get a little bit of extra reflex. Let’s take a look at
a proper swing. It can be a very complicated thing. Take your batting stance and get into
an athletic stance with your legs about shoulder width apart, your feet are facing forward,
your going to be up on the balls of your feet so you’re nice and loose and nice and balanced.
I like to hold the bat right even with my shoulders. There’s three main parts to preparing
for a swing. You’re in your stance and the first part is called the trigger. That’s when
you are triggering back getting ready to swing. It’s a very simple motion, you’re going to
trigger. The next part is called the stride. It comes in with a trigger and a stride. That
means you’re getting your weight to come forward. You do want to keep your weight and your hands
back because it’s all going to be about transferring energy forward. Get in and do your trigger
and a very light stride, you don’t have to step way out, just a little tap on the foot
to get you going forward. It’s all about rhythm and all about getting that energy forward.
So, you do trigger, stride. The next part is called the third eye. This is the knob
of the bat, the bottom of the bat where your hands are. Bring your hands down with the
knob of the bat going toward the ball. Wherever the ball is, that’s where you want the knob
of the bat. This keeps your hands back, keeps your balance with a lot of power. So, it’s
trigger, stride, third eye, coming through, extend your arms through your swing. Let’s
look at that one more time (video demo). Trigger, stride, third eye, extend the hands and there’s
your swing.

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  1. it sucks so much i love baseball and everything about it but 2 years ago i was throwing a football with my brother and i jamed my thumb and its called a malet finger it hurts to bat i went to the bating cages and as soon as the ball t=hit my bat it hurt like crazy D:

  2. @EdTheBadass i herd a kid at school call baseball a gay and dumb sport no its not its way harder than you think.

  3. @EdTheBadass uhhhhh well that was rude wasint trying to fight or anything gosh……:/ watch what u say comon not cool it was nothing to do with comebacks or dising or anything!

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