The Rules & Basics of Baseball : Pinch Running in Baseball

Pinch running is another type of substitution
you’ll find in baseball quite frequently as part of the strategy of the game. A manager
will use a pinch runner in a situation often times late in the game when one of his players
has reached base but is not necessarily very fast. This would be a situation where you
really need to advance that runner. You could put a pinch runner on second base because
you are hoping that the batter will hit a single and the pinch runner will be able to
score from second base. Your everyday positional player may not be fast enough to do that,
so you would use a pinch runner in that situation. The pinch runner is generally just a fast
person off of the bench who can advance on short hits. He can stretch it out a little
extra giving that extra effort and beat the play to the plate or advance to third base.
Sometimes you use a pinch runner specifically to steal a base. But often times he’s in there
just to stretch out a single.

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