The Rules of Baseball : Batting Stance in Baseball

Stance just basically means how you are going
to stand when you hit. And there are several ways that you can do it. And people have many
different stances; like if you watch a major league game you’ll see really there are
few people that stand exactly the same. But what I’m just going to show you is a basic
stance that should be able to get you started with the right swing. What you want to do
is have your legs about shoulder width apart, to maybe a little bit further than shoulder
width apart. This is going to give you good balance; you want to have your knees slightly
bent. You want to have the bat like we discussed, in your hands lined up, these knuckles lined
up together and you want your hands and the bat slightly behind your back ear. And things
you want to avoid are starting with the bat right here, starting with the bat down. What
that’s going to do is take you longer when you start your swing to get to the ball, and
we want to simplify as much as we can right now and make it as easy as we can when you
are first starting out and then once you understand that and you want to adjust some things, you
want to do what feels natural that is a good idea. But right now this is as basic as you
can get and it is as simple as you can get and it’s what you are going to want to use
to get results when you are first starting out. Just like this, knees slightly bent,
hands back behind the ear. Bat angle about seventy, seventy-five degrees so that you
have the shortest distance to travel to the baseball.

4 thoughts on “The Rules of Baseball : Batting Stance in Baseball

  1. This guy is a typical baseball meathead, but, he knows his stuff. Coaches can learn from these videos. Look for them.

  2. If u r big look up David ortiz's swing Im a freshman 6'3" and 215 lbs I recently switched to his stance and today I hit 2 triples abd a double…and I'm slow lol so his stance works wonders for big guys

  3. Let my little girl who is playing on a team with mostly boys watch this video and she can hit better than some of the boys now!!

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