The Rules of Baseball – EXPLAINED!

Ninh Explains the Rules of Baseball.
Baseball is an American sport and is played with 2 teams of 40 players, with 9 players taking to the field at any one time. The object of the game is for your team to score more runs than the opposing team. To score a run, a player must hit the ball between the foul lines and run across three bases and back to home. A hit outside these lines is classed as a ‘foul ball’ and the batter is not allowed to run. The essence of the game is between the pitcher of one team against the batter of the other team. As mentioned before, the batter’s job is to hit the ball between the foul lines but the pitchers job is to get the batter out by throwing into the strikezone.
This is an imaginary box that’s the width of home plate and roughly between the batters armpits and knees.
If the pitcher throws the ball through this area it’s a strike. If the batter swings and misses any ball it’s also a strike. If the batter hits the ball outside the foul lines it can be a 1st or 2nd Strike only. And obviously, three strikes means you’re out!
A pitch outside this area is called a ‘ball’. Four balls against a batter and he gets to walk to first base. That sounds simple enough, but there are 3 other ways for a team to get you out. Firstly, if the batter hits the ball along the ground the opposing team can throw the ball to the base he’s running to. If the ball beats the batter to the base – he’s out. A batter can be tagged out whilst running between the bases. If he hits the ball and the ball is caught in the air by the opposing team he’s also out. Once three outs have been made, their half of the inning is over and the other team gets to bat. Once both teams have batted this is known as an inning, the game is played over 9 innings. There are no ties in baseball, so if the score is tied after 9 innings, extra innings will be played to determine the winner. That’s basically it – but there’s a few other rules you’ll need to understand before playing or going to a game. For example: Home Run If a batter hits the ball out of the park between the foul lines, the batter batter (and anyone standing on the bases) get to walk freely around the bases and back to home. All runs score. Stealing bases: To help move the batters along the bases some players will try and make a run for the next base. This is a risky gamble, as the opposing team will be prepared for this and will try and get you out. If the batter is caught out, he is ‘caught stealing’. If a catcher misses or drops the ball, the batter can try and steal first base. Tagging up: If the ball is caught in the air: any players standing on the bases must start from that base before running for the next one. Ground Rule Double: If in the rare instance a ball is hit onto the ground and leaves the ballpark, the batter automatically walks to 2nd base. Double play: This is where the ball is hit in play and the defending team gets two outs, usually by way of throwing to one base, and then another. Designated hitter in Major League Baseball American League
American League teams can opt to have someone bat in place of the pitcher. This player is the designated hitter, and he usually specialises in hitting the ball and scoring runs. In the National League (and everywhere else) – the pitchers must bat for themselves. There are many other rules not discussed here, but as you watch or play baseball the rules will become clear. If you have found this video helpful please like, share and subscribe. It takes me ages to make one of these things things and good karma is always appreciated. Be sure to follow me on twitter also, but in the meantime, Enjoy Baseball! Ninh Ly,, @NinhLyUK

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  1. Why do a starting pitcher only pitch every fifth game? Is it hard to pitch more than that? And why can't a good starting pitcher also be a reliever or a closer? I do not understand that…

  2. I'm here because I don't understand a think while watching Diamond no Ace for the second time. I only know the pitcher throws the ball to the catcher while the batter tries to prevent the ball going to the catcher's glove using the bat. 🙁

  3. Ground rule double – what do you mean by leaves the ball park? Does it mean if the ball bounces on the ground and lands into the crowd?

  4. Wow .. the game looks cool .. though I still have no idea how it works …
    Cricket and Football fan here.
    But I must say, a couple of rules similar to cricket here …

  5. To all new to Baseball: Most of the game is played between the pitcher, catcher, and the opposing batter. The pitcher's specific skill is to make the ball difficult to hit. Major league pitchers throw many different types of pitches that move suddenly as they arrive near the batter. Learning that make each game more interesting. There's a psychology that goes into which pitches to throw and in what order.

  6. Honestly I think the best way to understand baseball is to just watch it. If you keep watching, it will get easier to understand

  7. I was Just at Yankees Stadium Yesterday. Believe it or not two British guys were there just after a NYCFC game

  8. I just watched this to see if there’s a rule on if a ball his hit over the Fence then bounces back is it still a homer or is the ball still live ?

  9. What if an outfielder doesn’t catch the ball or a pitcher if the ball is low enough to catch while some other player is running bases what happens someone please someone explain

  10. you wont understand anygames rule by just watching a need to play the sport. i played baseball video games and got some idea about the game which helped me to understand this video

  11. What if i scored a homerun but there are not players in a base how much points will i gain? And if there are players in a base how much will i gain too

  12. even if i didn't have understade some wordes i finde this vid very helpful and easy for me to have an view on the game
    thank you i subscribe

  13. As a cricket fan already, it didn't take me as long to understand baseball as much as a complete novice to bat and ball sports. This may be sacrilegious to Americans but in my head i use cricket terminology when i watch a baseball game. for example i call a 'home-run' a '6'. A 'ground rule double' is a '4', getting 'forced out' i call it a 'run out' aka 'he was ran out'. 'fly out' i call a 'caught out'' a 'ball' i call a 'no ball'. 'Pitcher' is 'bowler'. 'hitter' is 'batsman'. 'catcher' is 'wicket keeper'.

  14. not completely understand brother may be i had to watch matches and somewhat similar to cricket like batter innings runs

  15. Cool video! I’m trying to get into it, and this helps. There’s a lot of info I still don’t know! I’m still a bit confused on the base-stealing stuff! Other than that, thank you so much

  16. Can someone pls explain this. Ive seen video of batters that swing and miss at a pitch or dont swing at all but the catcher digs is or drops it and the runner starts to sprint to first? Why does he run?

  17. 40 players per team? You lost me there. That makes absolutely no sense. Why the fuck must a team have 40 players if only 9 are in the field at once? That's outrageous.

  18. the funny thing is that runs cannot be scored whem batter hits in foul zone..but batter can get caught out when catcher catches in foul zone..its funny rule which should be changed

  19. I recommended this video to my friend who doesn't know about baseball. Thanks!
    P.S. I'm happy to see Kawasaki in this video.

  20. The thing is, I’m finnish and we have a game called finnish baseball and because I’ve been learning and playing it since I was small, this american one seems so weird and somehow illegal

  21. I think playing baseball or it’s variants (kickball, etc) is more fun than watching a game in my opinion. I always had a blast when we played kickball in grade school

  22. honestly a poor explanation dude. still have no idea who runs to which base and what the role of any of the rest of the players is or which formations they stand in

  23. i spent my past 18 years saying base ball was boring and bad now im trying to understand it so i can talk to my friends and my dad about it cause i have no clue at all

  24. Saying a team of 40 players is a bit misleading. Only 25 dress for the game and the rest are either injured or playing in the minor leagues but other than that, it's a good video

  25. If a defender catches the ball while you’re on third trying to score do you have to stay put on third? Because if you go try to score they’ll just touch third base and I’m out?

  26. Nice and succinct. However you didn't explain the different circumstances between a tag-out and a force-out.

    When the ball is hit in play (between the foul-lines), the batter must try to run at least to 1st base. If there is already a runner on 1st base (we'll call him "Who") at this time, then Who is "forced" try to run at least to 2nd base. In these cases, Who may be called out if a defensive player holding the ball merely steps on 2nd base. The same rule applies to the batter at 1st base, as the batter is "forced" to run to 1st base. These instances are called "force outs". The defense may perform 2 or 3 consecutive force-outs in this manner within the same play. (see "double play" at 2:35 ).

    In all other cases, like if Who were on 2nd base without a runner occupying 1st base, or on 3rd base without runners occupying 2nd and 1st base, Who is called out if the defense tags Who with the ball while Who is not touching a base.

  27. The only problem i have with this game is that i can't see the ball. Its small, and when they go for the wide shot, i just don't see it.

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