The Rules of Baseball : How to Bunt in Baseball

The next thing we are going to talk about
is bunting. Bunting is one of the easiest things that you can do in baseball and it’s
up to the hitter to make it difficult but it’s really a very easy thing to do. What
we are going to do, there are a couple of different ways you can go about it. Some coaches
will have you just turn your back foot and your hips and get right here while your body,
your legs still remain sideways. You are going to hold the bat like you are pinching the
top half and the bottom half of the bat. You don’t want to have your hands like this
so you don’t get hit by the pitch. You want to have a firm grip on it on either side so
if the ball happens to land right here it’s not going to hurt your fingers. You want the
bat pretty level, maybe at a slight angle, and at the angle you are going to hit that
you want the ball to go. So if I want to bunt a ball down the third base line I’m going
to have it angled out to where the bat is kind of pointing over in this direction. If
I want to bunt the ball down the first base line I still have the bat out in front of
the plate, I still have the angle up a little bit, maybe level and the only difference is
how we guide it with our left hand. And we want to have it, we have it now pointing further
over to the right than we did when we were trying to bunt it down the third base line.
So and then what’s going to happen now is depending on the height of the pitch, we’re
going to go up or down. So if we bunt a ball and the pitch is coming right here we can
leave the bat right there, keep our eyes down on the bat so we can see it, let it hit and
bunt it down to first base. If the pitch is low what we want to avoid doing, which say
we are trying to bunt it down the first base line, we want to avoid doing this. You don’t
want to drop the bat, the bat head it’s going to give you no control and your chances
of getting a bunt down this way are very slim. So what you want to do is get back in the
same position, when you see the pitch is going to be low, get down, go down with your knees.
And keep the bat level, keep your arms in the same position that you want them to be
in. The same thing if you are going to bunt the ball down the third base line, get the
bat at an angle and slightly up maybe even if you want it really doesn’t make that
much difference, and then go up or down keeping your eyes at the same spot on the bat. The
other thing, the other way to bunt is to bring this foot out as the pitcher starts his wind
up bring this foot out, this foot up and do the same thing with your hands and your arms
and your eyes and your knees; where you go up down angle where you want to hit it. It
doesn’t matter. This leaves you a little bit more open so if a ball is inside maybe
a little more dangerous. So I prefer just this right here. Just keeping it simple, shifting
your hips, turning your back foot and then just going from here with your arms and your
eyes and your head.

8 thoughts on “The Rules of Baseball : How to Bunt in Baseball

  1. I'd say there's nothing wrong with that stuff. The only thing that there is something wrong with is, I'd say, at eye level I would not level the bat out EVER. Unless you somehow get away with it and you are that good. But I would still not do it. That is pop-up central. If a fastball stays up on you you are out. It's going to go right up where the pitcher and catcher could get under it.

  2. very pathetic, what you do is square up in the batters box, (If Right Handed) right arm pinches the barrel of the bat, and left arm placed at the top of the grip, that way you can have so much control over where you want the ball to go down

  3. That made absolutely no sense, I didn't want to learn how to do a bunt I just wanted to see it done. how disappointing.

  4. Well I have to comment hopefully this box is big enough. First, he got a couple things right – you don't lower or raise the bat with arms, you do it with your legs/knees. The arms/hands act like a rutter depending on where you want to hit the ball.

    2:21 moving the bat slightly up or down on a bunt can make a HUGE difference.

    Biiggest thing is: Point your feet toward first if you bat right, if you bat left point your feet to third base as you square.

  5. Also, he doesn't say it, but I've seen a lot of tutorial/instructional videos say that it doesn't matter if you are safe on a bunt, because it's a sacrifice move to move runners up or score base runners. This is only half true. There's something called "bunting for a base hit" and you want to try and be safe if you're attempting that. However you should ALWAYS HUSTLE especially down the line. A bunt is a great time b/c fielding is magnified and you might actually beat it out.

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