The Rules of Baseball : How to Field Ground Balls in Baseball

All right, we are going to talk about ground
ball technique now and catching a ground ball is pretty simple. The more practice you put
into it, the better you are going to get. It is as simple as that. So what is going
to happen, I am going to have a ball roll to me and we start out just like this. On
the pitch if the pitcher is throwing it, you are anticipating every time. Right now I am
playing as a short stop but it goes for any position. You get down, the pitch is made,
you scoot up slightly and now you are ready. Your knees are bent and you are on the balls
of your feet, on the top half of your feet and you can move in any direction quick; whether
it be to your left, to your right, straight back to your left and straight back to your
right. You are in a position to move quickly in any direction, so I am going to have a
ground ball roll to me. When I get it, I am going to round the ball and round the ball
baiscally means you are kind of coming over at an angle. You are going to catch it off
the inside of your left foot to have your momentum moving toward your throw, moving
toward first base. So when somebody says they need you to round the ball, that mean is if
the ball is hit right at yhou really hard, you don’t have time to do anything; just catch
it and make control. The slower it is hit the more time you have to run up and charge
it. You want to cut down the time that ball spends on the ground because the more time
that ball spends on the ground, the more time that runner has to get to first base. So medium
ground ball, rounding it, you start out taking a step to your right, back to your left ,
feel it off the inside part of your foot and you can either do a step behind here or
you round it and catch it off the inside of your foot and you step in front. It doesn’t
really matter; whatever makes you more comfotable. So we’ll have a ground ball. Ready, in front
of you , round it just off the inside part, step behind, make it to first. One more time;
I’m down, I’m ready, round it, get in front, feel it off the inside part and make throw
to first base.

24 thoughts on “The Rules of Baseball : How to Field Ground Balls in Baseball

  1. wow i love how everyone on youtube is an expert if u guys know so much about the fucking game why are you guys watching videos on how to field a ground ball probably all like 14 year old kids that think they are sooo great and know so much

  2. thedinamicduo thats what they tell you in little league but in highschool and showcase baseball the coaches look for kids who round the ball and vkrisp i have never stepped in front or behind to make a throw i just replace my feet it is a lot easyer that way

  3. if you miss the ball it doesn't have the chance of being stopped by your leg, and making a long stretched arm movement takes you out of position tho throw the ball.

  4. And to the guy asking why you round the ball. The answer is because it allows you to have better momentum toward where you are going to throw the ball. More momentum toward your target (with good footwork) will make for a shorter (by a slight amount) and stronger throw.

  5. wouldnt it be better to try and force or tag out a guy heading for home? isnt it better to allow a single than an RBI?

  6. it depends if your right or left handed. left hander round on teh right, right handers round on the left.

  7. because they want to learn how to play. You cant accomplish anything in life without Practice and Dedication.

  8. does it matter how you grip the ball when you throw? Arent you trying to get a quick throw off most of the time?

  9. So what happens when I trip and fall on my face and the ball goes into the outfield due to this horrible technique? Do I stay on the ground in embarrassment?

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