The Rules of Baseball : How to Grip a Baseball

Hi I’m Ben I’m going to discuss some of
the proper ways to hold a baseball and also to hold a baseball bat. It’s important to
hold a baseball, you don’t want to hold it hard back in your hand like this, you want
to hold it soft and you want to have a little bit of space from your hand inside of where
your thumb meets your index finger and the surface of the ball in here. You want to have
two fingers across this is called a seam right here, across these two seams and your thumb
on the other seam right here. It will give you, it will put less strain on your arm when
you throw it to have a relaxed grip and to grip it this way and you’ll be able to have
the kind of spin on the ball that you want to have and it will allow you to maximize
your arm strength and your accuracy. If you are younger, your hands aren’t going to
be big enough, you can use three fingers, you can even use your whole hand. And it’s
basically the same thing. You want that back spin to come off and it will give you the
maximized arm strength and your arm accuracy when you hold it like this. So if you have
a small hand it doesn’t matter. You aren’t going to be able to hold it like this until
you get a little bit older. But, this is just fine, hold it with your whole hand. There’s
not a problem.

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