The Rules of Baseball : How to Make a Double Play in Baseball

Alright, right now we are going to talk about
double plays. Specifically, double plays where the second baseman comes up to make a pivot
throw. What’s going to happen, the second baseman is going to be playing a lot further
off the base than this but not too, you know maybe out about eight more feet, seven or
eight more feet. When the ball is hit to the left side, he’s going to run up to the base
and there are several ways you can make a turn on a double play as a second baseman.
You can stand like this, knees bent, catch the ball, bring your weight back, make the
throw from behind the base which is what the majority of second baseman do in college and
professional baseball. Catch it, step back and make the throw. You can also, you can
also step across and make the throw or you can straddle the base, catch the ball and
then just rock, throw and as the runner comes jump up to avoid him. This is the one that
I usually do and prefer, I can catch the ball and I don’t have to worry about making an
extra step back because the more movement you make the less time, or the more time is
elapsing before the ball is getting to first base. So the quickest way to turn a double
play from second base, catch it, throw, get out of the way. Alright, now I’m going to
have a ball thrown at me so we can demonstrate. Get to the base, I can step back and throw
like that. I can get to the base, and straddle it, throw and jump and if the ball is thrown
up here and I’m normally one to go back or straddle the base I’m going to have to
make an adjustment so I come up to the base, I’m ready for it, it’s up here. You want
to keep this foot on the base as long as you can and make the throw. A ground ball is hit
on the left side of the infield where the shortstop covers, it’s different from the
second baseman because the shortstop really just has one place where he needs to be. Catch
the ball, slide his back foot across, turn and throw, and that’s basically it. The
throw will determine what he has to do. But he wants to get there, get set up, the throw
is right there. Slides across with his back foot and makes the throw. He has a throw across
here, he’s waiting for it like this but it’s over here then he has got to slide
his foot back there, throw, jump to avoid the runner.

27 thoughts on “The Rules of Baseball : How to Make a Double Play in Baseball

  1. There's a big difference from how you turn double plays at short and second base. At second, it isn't usually possible to get in position to turn a dp like you can at shortstop. There are a few ways to do it at second, but I think the easiest and most accurate way is to just stand half a step in back of second, as you're catching the ball, step so that your left foot is touching the back of second, and then throw. It gets you a little bit of momentum. Runners also can't slide into you.

  2. whoever says he is going to be cleated then fuck yourself cause all u gotta do is touch the base and step off!

  3. wow this guy sucks so badly
    hes going to break his leg or something
    i hate how expert village posts things on youtube about everything yet there not that good
    man we could learn how to turn a double play way better than this video

  4. yeah the only problem with setting up behind behind second base like that is if the second baseman throws a little behind you your going to be off balance, either leading to a weak throw or something in the dirt

  5. I do the stepback with one alteration. As I am receiving the throw, unless it is a bad one, I step my right foot back toward right field, then as soon as I catch the ball, I step almost diagonally between first and home and simply use arm strength to get the ball there sidearm. The throw is important, but the transfer and step is everything, that is where the runner will beat you. Plus with mine, I can avoid worrying about the runner getting in the way of the throw or cleating me.

  6. if you need some one to tell you how to turn a double play ask bill mazaroski.he was the best at it.the best second basemand ever

  7. It depends how the throw from your shortstop or third basemen is. If he throws it to my left I'm able to step across and throw, if its thrown to my right I use the momentum going to my right to step back and make the throw.

  8. im 12 and i just started playing baseball, but its hard to make a team with so little experience compared to everyone else. wut should i do?

  9. a double play isnt just a 6-4-3 or a 4-3. WHat about strike em out throw em outs? or pitchers throws to first for pickoff. first baseman throws to second for a pickoff. thats a 1-3-4 double play? So turning a double play is all about your situation. Theres no true teqnique for turning two.

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