The Rules of Baseball : How to Round First Base in Baseball

The next thing I’m going to talk about is
running to first base. On a base hit or on a ball and the gap that you may get a double
on. Whereas you hit a ground ball in the infield you are running straight down the line as
hard as you can, touching the base and listening and looking to see if it’s been thrown away
so you can go to second. The difference here is when you make contact and you know it’s
a double you are going to start out running straight like you did before but then when
you get to about this spot right here you are going to start to make a turn because
it’s going to give you ultimately a straight line from first base to second base when you
get there.

4 thoughts on “The Rules of Baseball : How to Round First Base in Baseball

  1. You should run in a straight diagonal line towards foul territory, wasting as little time as possible. Run diagonal, don't turn and banana it out.

  2. You messed up the minute you coined 'The rules…' how about 'Some tips…' 'Some guidelines…' Coaches like you bring absolutes in a sport that is so complex…

  3. Aaaaaaand, you're out. As per the rules, if you run out of the 3 foot zone running to first base (notice the 2 chalk lines?), any umpire who knows this rule would call you out in a second.

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