The Rules of Baseball : How to Swing a Baseball Bat

The next thing we are going to talk about
is proper swing technique. And so we get in our stance. Legs shoulder width apart, our
hands with our knuckles lined up slightly behind our right ear. And the first thing
that is going to happen in your swing is you’re going to shift your hips back as the pitcher
starts his motion. So the pitcher is going to be on a mound, he’s going to do his wind
up and he gets about right here that will be about the time that you are in your stance
and you’re getting right here. The first movement is back with your back leg and then
as he progresses toward the plate and progresses with his motion and his windup and has the
ball about ready to be released, your next move is going to be from back and you’re
going to stride, it’s what we call a stride. Lift up this foot and you put it right back
down. A lot of coaches or teachers will say they are checking the water or something to
that affect because you don’t want to make it a real strong move you want to move back
slowly and then just kind of tap with your front foot and you still have a lot of your
weight back. So we start here, we move back is our first movement, we tap or check the
water a real tentative step and then right here is when we are going to start to begin
our swing. And so the first thing that happens is this elbow comes in, it brings our hands,
our back leg starts to turn and we follow that with our eyes on the ball the whole time.
Take the barrel of the bat to the baseball, make contact and then finish our swing as
balanced as we can. We want to stay as upright and avoid a follow through swing like this
and you want to avoid a follow through swing falling back. Balance is very important when
you are hitting. Probably the most important thing are balance and timing. And so you move
back, we have our stride, by this time the ball has been released from his hand, we move
our elbow down, our elbow starts our hands, we use our hips, turn our back foot, make
contact and then finish our swing.

47 thoughts on “The Rules of Baseball : How to Swing a Baseball Bat

  1. you instruct pretty good for how to swing properly, but the only thing i disagree apon is that at the end of your swing all of your weight should be forward to get all of the power you can out of it.

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  3. he doesn't talk about loading…getting the front foot down…exploding the inside hip or staying inside the baseball with his hands. He's not an effective communicator.

  4. no they do load it just comes earlier you will see their head drop aa their weight transfer to their back foot.

  5. Good lesson. But I believe you want to swing your hips a little ahead of your hands. And to complete your swing as a full range of motion every swing.

  6. your stuck in a pit with a yankee fan a snake a lion and a gun with two bullets what do you do?…… shoot the yankee fan twice. LOL

  7. tottaly right ive been playing baseball since i was 6 and no hip rotation means small power or no power in the swing.

  8. i'm by no means a baseball player. but immediately after my cousin (a great player and coach) taught me how to swing i was enjoying creaming pitches left and right. understanding HIP ROTATION was a huge part of my learning process. generating torque by starting off with hip rotation is the key to adding your core power to your swing. it's not just your arms and legs.

  9. Ok first off don't rock back, just step forward when the pitcher steps down. "He steps, you step." It creates too much temptation to lean forward to compensate for all that weight back there. Once you step, ur weights already back. And don't tap ur foot, it doesn't help what so ever. Just step on ur toe, slam down and swing. And whenever I explain n e thing, I always explain WHY. Why don't you want to overswing? WHY?

  10. Well you might wanna mention the step forward , just taping your does nothing , also hip rotation to add power to the swing

  11. to all you baseball heads out there i have a question. Throughout your swing or more specifically, upon contact with the ball, does it matter if your back is "slouched" or not straight. I analyzed my swing and compared it to manny ramirez and saw that upon contact and throught his swing he has a straight back and he is standing tall. I don't. Is it possible that a straight back and standing tall can apply more power?

  12. When you load the knob of the bat is suppost to go to the catcher. I think that that is an important part of the swing because if you look at any pro mlb player whn they load and land the knob is at thw catcher.

  13. Where do these guys come from? Even more importantly who supposedly taught them baseball? I love the comments, keep em coming.

  14. That the same bat i used as of today.. hit 6 homeruns within 5 games.

    If i got a newer bat will it make the ball travel more? compare to the old Triple7?

  15. sorry if im being a troll but yeah, the swing mechanics are oookk but if u make the negative move (which is when u step backwards) when the pitcer lifts his leg you're screwed cause you will wait there too long. A baseball swing must be one fluid motion to get any power or contact from your swing, and im giving a shoutout to muma0449! you are totally correct you must have hip rotation.

  16. The problem I see most with baseball players swings, is when they load up they bring their hands back, causing them to swing wide and have slow bat speed. Bat speed is one of the keys things most hitters should work on.

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