The Rules of Baseball : How to Throw a Baseball

Alright now we are going to talk about throwing
technique. We have already discussed basically the right way to hold a baseball. Now we are
going to talk about the right way to throw a baseball. What we are going to do, we start
out facing the person we are throwing to. The first step that we’re going to make
is with our right foot if we are right handed and our left foot if we are left handed. We
are going to step, we are going to point our foot out about forty-five degrees. We’re
going to bring our weight up and then we are going to step with this foot, bring the ball
back here and then throw and cross over our body like our arm is making an X across our
body, or just like that. One more time. The ball being held along the seams, with two
fingers, three or four fingers if your hands aren’t that big. I’m going to step forward
at a forty-five degree angle then bring our other foot and our arm and then cross over
just like that.

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  2. Hey, I'm Aussie so I don't know a great deal about baseball, but I'm just wondering what speed (in m/h or km/h) that the fastest pitchers throw at?

  3. probably at about 105mph, but thats just speed, there is also movement in the pitchs which makes it difficult to hit, and the location of the pitch matters too,

  4. Actually, the fastest pitch ever thrown in MLB was clocked at 106 m/hr or 107 m/hr. No need to worry, only the hardest throwing pitchers can get to that range. Most fastballs are in 90s like 96 m/hr which is still very fast

  5. Whaen you put your arm back to throw you should point your palm away. It gives you more whip(and cosequently speed) on the ball and wont mess up your elbow.

  6. Cricket is way better. The bowlers are consistently a lot faster and the batsmen hit a lot further type in six sixes and click on the one with yuvjaj to see for yourself. Also type in 'Shaun Tait' or 'Brett Lee' or 'Shoaib Akhtar.

  7. Get a clue dude. The first step in throwing a baseball is a loading of weight away from the target. You aren't really a coach are you?

  8. thanks alot i need to know how to throw harder and farther, i have alot of strength but the ball won't go as far as i c my friends throw them, and their weaker, anybody know any tips to throw better?

  9. learn how to crow hop for more momentum. make sure your not throwing sidearm. Use ur elbow to point then when ur throwing pull your elbow in. follow through.

  10. your throwing hand should be holding the ball with two fingers on top and your thumb on the bottom (facing away from you) with your arm bent at the elbow – making sure to keep your arm high up (up is mor imortant than stretched out backwards) and as you begin to throw with your body, your hand shoud follow suit and snap it forward for that extra momentum and strenght which you are looking for.
    good luck

  11. its about form.. people throw wrong trust me… i have a friend who always throws side arm and does his own stupid shit…its unnatural and will hurt him in the long run(literally). he wont listen to my advice……its not hard to throw a ball. throw it with good form and then u easily add a few miles to the speed.

  12. if you goin to make a video about throwign learn how to fuckin throw…. ur goin to teach kids the wrong thing dumbass

  13. ok the way i throw a ball is weird like i short arm the ball its kinda hard to explain but if u get what im sayin then do you think you can help me fix this problem.

  14. I have a question. When stepping toward the target, should I land on my toe as you show or would it be better to land on the heal of my foot so that I can trasfer my weight during the throwing motion? I feel that I am better balanced when landing on my heel or landing flatfooted.


  15. who the hell dosent know how trow a baseball i could understand the how to catch one but really you just grab it on the seems and throw it is that simple

  16. Your glove should end up tucked by the time you follow through, pitching or not. It doesn't have to get tucked at any specific time, but it should be tucked by around the time you release and follow through. That's fundamental mechanics. His arm was hanging out bad.

  17. The problem is that most people and coaches on lower levels and younger ages don't know a thing about baseball mechanics. So many people grow up never learning some fundamental things.

  18. hey man i understand wen u say in a community where baseball isnt big bt really if u noe how to throw paper or anything in tht matter a baseball isnt really different just pick it up n throw it,if it was pitching then ya teack them how 2 throw the beasball cuz its differnt not just in playing catch

  19. I agree with you but the video is just trying to show how to throw a basketball properly not like chucking some paper or something

  20. actually, a lot of people. You might think that its easy, but its hard for about 90% of the world to make a good throw.

  21. Thanks for this interesting video. This basic information was never provided when I was a kid. I never knew why I was no good at it. It remained mysterious to me, and I avoided it. This would have been a real help.

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