The Rules of Bowls (Flat Green, Lawn & Crown Green Bowling) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains: The Rules of Bowls
The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent. Bowls, is a sport that refers to two games
that are played very similarly. Flat Green Bowling and Crown Green bowling. They look the same, but are actually quite
different, and I’ll explain what those differences are now. FLAT GREEN BOWLING. Flat green bowling otherwise known as Lawn
Bowling, is the more popular variation of the sport worldwide. As the name implies, is played on a flat surface
known as a green and can be played indoors or outdoors. The green measures a maximum of 40m sq. This is split into 6 sections known as rinks
and a game is contested on a single rink. To start the game, a player will place a mat
roughly 2m away from the end of the rink. Whilst stood on the mat, they will roll a
yellow or white target ball, known as a jack, down the green. This jack must travel at least 23m for it
to be valid, and once it comes to a stop, the umpire centres the jack to the midline
of the rink. That same player will start from the mat and
roll one of their balls, known as a ‘wood’, down the green towards the jack. Once they have completed their shot, it’s
their opponents turn to do the same. Players have four woods each, and take it
in turns to bowl their woods towards the jack. The idea is to get your woods as close to
the jack as possible. You get one point for being the closest to
the jack, and then score one additional point for every wood that is closer to the jack
than any opponent bowl. In this example, red scores 3 points, as three
of their woods are closer than the nearest opponent bowl. In this example, red only scores 1 point,
as only one of their woods is closer to the jack than the nearest opponent bowl. Once all the woods have been bowled, the score
is recorded. This is known as an end. A new end will then begin from that side,
bowling in the opposite direction. CROWN GREEN BOWLING. Crown green bowling, is the lesser known variation
of the sport and is generally played in the north of England. There is no standard measurement for the green,
but on average measures around 45 sq yards. This game is only played outdoors. This biggest difference in this game, is that
the green surface is not flat. There is a mound in the middle of the green,
known as a crown that players have to negotiate when playing their woods. Not only do they have to control the bias
of the woods, but also figure out the slope of the green. To start the game, a player will place a mat
1 yard from the edge of the green. Whilst stood on the mat, they will roll a
larger jack, down the green. But this time, they can roll it in any direction
and the jack must be played where it lies. There is no centering of the jack and it must
travel at least 21 yards for it to be valid. The aim of the game is the same, but this
time, players only have two woods each and they’re significantly smaller than Flat
Green woods. They take it in turns to try and get their
woods closer to the jack than their opponent, and scoring is exactly the same as well. Once all the woods have been bowled, and the
score is recorded, a new end begins at the spot where the jack had previously landed. In Crown Green Bowling, the entire green is
fair game, and there are no rinks – so if there are multiple people playing, you have
to watch out for other people’s oncoming jacks & bowls. You’ll notice that the woods seem to curl
down the green. This is because the woods are not uniform. One side is heavier than the other because
it’s shaped differently. This is known as the bias. and different woods
will have different levels of bias depending on player preference. There’s a lot of strategy involved in this
game and whilst it’s not the most physically demanding sport in the world, it requires
a great deal of skill, dexterity and strategy. That’s basically both forms of bowls, but
there’s a few other things you’ll need to understand before playing or watching a
game. For example:
FORMAT Different games and tournaments have different
ways of deciding who wins. You could win by POINTS – i.e. the first
one to score 21 points wins. You could win by playing SETS – i.e. the
first one to score 8 points wins a set, the first one to 3 sets is the winner. Or you could play by ENDS. The highest amount after 10 ends, wins. FOREHAND/BACKHAND
When you curl the ball towards the direction of palm of your hand, this is known as a forehand
shot in Flat Green Bowling, or Finger Peg in Crown Green Bowling. When you curl the ball away from the direction
of palm of your hand, this is known as a backhand shot in Flat Green Bowling, or Thumb Peg in
Crown Green Bowling. TYPES OF SHOT
There’s generally four types of sho t that bowlers use to deliver their woods down the
green. A DRAW shot is a strategically placed wood,
where the bowler tries to put the bowl in a specific area. A GUARD shot is used to get in the way of
your opponent. A DRIVE shot is used to take out your opponents
woods. And a TRAIL shot is where a bowler will try
and take the jack along with the bowl to move the jack closer to their own woods. DITCH
In Flat Green Bowling, the end of the rink is known as a ditch. This is a recess filled with sand. If a bowl does not touch the jack and lands
in the ditch, the bowl is dead and is disqualified from play. If a bowl does touch the jack, this is known
as a ‘toucher’ and even if it lands in the ditch on this or any subsequent play,
it is still live. This is why you’ll see umpires spraying
woods with chalk – this is to denote a ‘toucher’. If the jack lands in the ditch, it’s still
live, and players will have a difficult time trying to get their woods to touch the jack
whilst it’s in the ditch. DEAD END In Flat Green Bowling, if a jack is played,
knocked or encroaches another rink, this is a dead end and the end is replayed in full. In Crown Green Bowling, any play that results
in the jack leaving the green is considered a dead end, and the end is replayed in full. That’s a lot to take in, but as you watch
or play bowls, the rules will become clear. If you have found this video at all helpful,
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  19. I see a bunch of people comparing this to Bocce. While the idea is the same (get close to a target ball) there are some key differences: Bocce can be a tossing game while Bowls is a rolling game. PLEASE do not play Bocce on a Bowls green – You can easily put a bunch of depressions in the surface and make it unplayable for weeks. The green gets tracks in it just from the bowl rolling over the grass and even those tracks have an effect on the game, so a divot from a Bocce ball is very, very bad.

    Bocce is also played with a spherical ball, while Bowls are cut slightly egg shaped to create a bias. In fact there is an international standard bowl that all bowl manufacturers have and test new models against. In order to be legal, a bowl must curve MORE than the standard.

    You'd be surprised just how much strategy there is in this game, just from the addition of bias. One well delivered bowl can take all the points away, change where you aim, or simply erase all your progress that end, so you have to be careful and pick your shots wisely.

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