The Rules of Ice Hockey – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the RULES OF ICE HOCKEY The objective of the game is for your team
to score more goals than the opposing team. To score a goal, a player must hit the puck
– Which is a 4 inch disc of rubber, completely
across the goal line and into the goal. If the puck doesn’t cross the line, it doesn’t
count. The ice surface itself is 200ftx85ft in North
America and 60mx30m internationally The game starts with a Face Off – where
the puck is dropped between two opposing players at center ice. A faceoff is used to re-start
play and can happen at one of the 8 other faceoff dots on the ice.
Ice hockey is played with two teams of 20, with six (6) players on the ice at any one
time. They consist of 3 forwards, 2 defenders and
1 goaltender. There are an unlimited amount of substitutions
in this game and they can happen at any time. The game is played in 3 x 20 minute periods,
for a total playing time of 60 minutes. Highest score at the end of time wins. That sounds easy enough to understand?
Well, that’s the most simplistic way of looking at it. But Ice hockey is filled with things that
you can and cannot do. And should you break one of these rules, you
will serve a time penalty leaving your team with one less player, and your opponents with
a man-advantage. The team with the man advantage is on the
‘Powerplay’, and this makes it easier to score a goal as there is one less player
to defend the net. The team with a man in the penalty box is
on the ‘Penalty Kill’ and usually they defend like crazy until the time of the penalty
expires. The length of the time of the penalty depends
on the infraction made: These Minor infractions results in two minute
penalties. Hooking, slashing, delay of game, interference,
goaltender interference, tripping, roughing, elbowing, boarding, cross checking, charging,
holding, high sticking, kneeing, check from behind, spearing, unsportsmanlike conduct,
too many men on the ice. When a goal is scored by the team on the powerplay,
the penalty time is cut short and the player is let out of the penalty box.
These Major infractions results in 5 minute penalties.
Fighting, charging, hit from behind, and hits to the head
Unlike Minor penalties, a major penalty has to be served in full, even if the other team
scores. And these Misconduct infractions results in
10 minute penalties. Any minor penalty with intent to injure, any
unsportsmanlike conduct towards officials. As with a Major Penalty, the player has to
serve the full 10 minutes in full even if the other team scores.
There is one other infraction: the Game Misconduct – which results in a player being ejected
from the entire game. There’s a few other rules you’ll need
to understand before going to a game. For example: Penalty Shot
A penalty shot is rewarded to the offensive player if they obstruct the player enough
so they do not shoot properly. A shooter will start from Centre Ice and try
and score against the defending goalie. On a penalty shot, the shooter starts from centre
ice and is only allowed one shot, even if there is a rebound. Offside
The puck must completely cross you’re opponents blue line before any players on your team.
If a player crosses the blue line before the puck, it’s offside and results in a faceoff
in your end of the ice. This is to prevent you keeping players in front of the opposing
goalie for the entire game. Icing
Icing is when you shoot the puck across two red lines, the red centre line and your opponents
goal line. If you are caught icing, this will result
in a Faceoff being taken at your end of the ice.
This rule is to prevent teams from just dumping the puck and making it a boring. Draw or Tie
In international rules – if both teams at the end of the three periods have the same
amount of goals, the game is a draw or a tie. Overtime
In North American rules – If the game is tied after the three periods, there is a sudden
death overtime period; meaning, if a goal is scored during this period, the game is
over. Shootout
If the game is still tied after the overtime period, a shootout commences.
Each team will have three (3) shooters. The team with the best out of three shots will
win the game. If after the three shooters the game is still tied, its moves to a sudden
death shootout; meaning the next shootout goal without reply wins. That’s a lot to take in, but as you watch
or play ice hockey, the rules will become second nature.
Enjoy ice hockey. Ninh Ly,, @NinhLyUK

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  1. 2:26 there is two different Offsides and the one you take up in this video is the offside where the face off is just outside the blue line and not down in your side!

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  4. Yay I found a video to send to my friends who don't understand the rules. I always have a hard time explaining the rules to them.

  5. 1. A team on a power play is allowed to ice.
    2. After an offside is called the face-off is taken in the neutral zone, at the dot closest to where the offside was called.

    Great video 😊

  6. This is useful information. Any other rules or "common sense" for ice hockey? I've gone to a few ice hockey games and had no idea on the basic rules or "common sense" for ice hockey.

  7. I like it when it’s a power play because of the announcer

  8. Also if a player from the defending team other that the goalkeeper covers the pick with their glove, a penalty shot is awarded for the attacking team

  9. If it's Intentional offside, the video has it right. Otherwise yes, the faceoff will be at the dot just outside the blue line on the side where the infraction occurred.

  10. hey Ninh , how about the rules of Ringett , Rink hockey, inline hockey !! great work keep it up !

  11. You forgot that in North America one OT period then a shootout only during the regular season. During the playoffs OT periods keep going till there is a clear winner. Also during a shootout after the 3rd set of shooters and it is still tied. The team shooting first scores the team shooting last still have one chance to tie it back up, but if the team shooting last scores then it is over right away.

  12. Being a Canadian and having played all my life this video did a pretty poor job of explaining the game of hockey

  13. Also the icing rule for crossing two lines or more doesn't apply all the time, sometimes and for some reason it can be called an icing if it crosses only 1 line. Also you should've mentioned if you team doesn't touch the puck in their zone while they cross before the puck crosses, it is not an offsides until they have touched it.

  14. Here is a simple summary, from MAD magazine, late ‘60’s:

    Hockey Rules are very simple:
    Any Player can skate past both Blue Lines
    Unless he doesn't have the Puck,
    In which case he can skate past his own Blue Line only
    And wait for the man with the Puck
    Who can skate past Blue Lines
    Unless another teammate
    Skate past the second Blue Line first,
    In which case the other teammate must go back
    Unless he gets the Puck,
    In which case the first teammate must go back.
    Isn't that simple?
    Do you know who wrote Hockey's "Blue Line" rules?
    The same man who wrote "The Dead Sea Scrolls"!
    If you are very good
    Some day we will tell you about the three RED lines

  15. He left out that you can ice if your a man short, that any penalty which draws blood is a game misconduct, the goalie trapezoid in NA rules, pulling the Goalie and many others but all in all good video

  16. I'm 21 and just thought I'd start doing hockey. Some people started when they were like 4 but fuck it, it's never too late to starting

  17. There a 9 faceoff dots. If puck or a high touch takes place on the neutral zone closest to the center dot it will take place there.

  18. Cheers mate! My father is a Detroit red wings fan and I love going to see games but I get confused often because there’s so many different penalties. Sadly we live in Arizona and don’t get to go to games very often mostly because the coyotes suck and he’s a die hard Detroit fan… thank you for the info in a concise and easy to understand video. ☺️

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  23. New to hockey here. Why sometimes there's no horn when there's a goal? Is it because the horn is only for the home team's goals?

  24. One addition to icing. At least in North American rules, if a team is called for icing, the face off is in the offending teams end AND the offending team can not make any substitutions during that particular stoppage in play.

  25. This made me understand what was happening when me and my boyfriend went to a hockey game😂😂😂😂❤️

  26. slight correction, not universally true that substitutions can happen at any time. in the nhl when a team ices the puck, they are not allowed to change their players

  27. Things missed

    1. Double minor rules/penalty’s
    2. No icing while short handed
    3. The fact you can hit
    4.5 on 3
    5.getting a penalty in O.T
    6. You only get a penalty shot when your on a breakaway and you get tripped or they slash your stick out of your hand
    7. You can’t kick it in the net but if it deflects off your skate and you don’t purposely move your skate so it goes in it’s still a goal
    8. You can catch the puck but you can’t close your glove on it or throw it or skate around with it in your hand
    9. You can’t change when you ice the puck
    10.Why the faceoff happens and why they are where they are
    11. Your aloud to fight

  28. Spearing is a major penalty an 99 times out of 100 it goes with an automatic ejection and is put to nhl rules official for suspension hearing

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  31. There's one rule in NHL fighting yes two players will fight each other for whatever the reason gloves off and helmets off and if one of them falls down in the ice the ref will jump in to stop the fight.

  32. My favorite sport of all time, even though I live in a hot and humid location. (I picked up interest when I was in the US a few years ago, it's a long story.)

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