The Rules of Netball – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains The Rules of Netball
The object of the game is for your team to score more goals than the opposing team.
7 players take to the court at any one time and to score these goals, you must shoot the
ball into the net. The net is roughly 10ft above the ground and
is on either side of a court that’s 100ft long by 50ft wide. These are the shooting
circles which are a 16 ft radius, with the centre circle 3 ft in diameter. The court
is split up into thirds, and you’ll find out why shortly.
Hang on a minute, this is just like basketball right?
Nope, not at all. Netball is a completely different game with completely different rules.
Firstly, not everyone can shoot the ball. Only the Goal Attack and Goal Shooter is allowed
to shoot the ball into the net, and only if they’re inside the goal circle. Secondly, all players can hold onto the ball
for a maximum of three seconds. Any more than this, and the other team is
awarded the ball. Thirdly, to pass the ball between teammates,
they must throw it at least three feet to another player. Failure to do this results
in a short pass, and the other team is awarded the ball.
Adversely, the ball cannot be passed long either, i.e. it cannot cross two transverse
lines. This also results in the ball being awarded
to the other team. In netball the movement of a player with the
ball is heavily restricted. Once the player has received the ball, the
foot that the player first lands on is known as the landing foot.
They cannot lift this foot off the ground, but may pivot on it whilst moving the other
leg. Should a player lift a landing leg and put
it back down, this is known as ‘footwork’ and the ball is awarded to the other team. The opponents will try and take the ball away
from you by intercepting passes, blocking shots and retrieving loose balls.
However, an opposing player cannot touch another player (known as contact) and must be at least
three feet away from a player with possession the ball.
Any closer, and they are called for obstruction. The other major difference between Netball
and Basketball is that in Netball, players are assigned positions and can only move within
certain areas of the court. The Goal Keeper can only move within the goal
third they are defending. The Goal Defence can only move within the
goal and middle thirds. The Wing Defence can also move within their
own goal and middle thirds, but not in their own circle.
The Centre can move in all thirds except the goal circles.
The Wing Attack can move in the centre third and their opponents goal third, but not the
circle. The Goal Attack can move within the centre
and their opponents goal third. And the Goal shooter can only move within
the opposing goal third. The idea of the game is to pass the ball down
the court without faulting and remember, only the Goal Attack and Goal shooter can score,
and only within the shooting circle. The game is played in 4 x 15 minute quarters,
for a combined playing time of 60 minutes. Highest score at the end of time, wins.
If you’re a little lost, don’t worry about it – as you will pick this up easily.
But there’s just a few things you’ll need to know about before playing or watching a
game. For example … Throw in.
If the ball leaves the sides of the area of play, the ball is awarded to the team who
did not touch it last. Free Pass
A free pass is awarded when a player breaks one of the rules. We’ve already mentioned
some of the infractions that result in a free throw, but here’s the full list of them.
Free Pass or Shot For major infringements such as contact or
obstruction, a free pass or shot is awarded to the opposing player. The offending player
must stand aside and play no part when the opponent releases the ball.
50/50 If both players are at fault, or if the referee
is not sure who committed the fault, this is known as 50/50, and it results in a toss-up
between the two offending (or nearest) players. This is also when two opposing players catch
the ball simultaneously. Toss up.
If a 50/50 is called, the two offending (or nearest) players stand three metres apart
from each other. The referee will throw the ball in the air between them and once it has
left their hands, the ball is up for grabs by either player.
Offside. If a position player moves into an area that
they’re not supposed to be in, this is offside and the ball is awarded to the other team. Complicated? Yes, but as you watch or play
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