The Season: Ole Miss Baseball – Alabama (2017)

[Music]. That was the third throw. It’s not initial. Start eight different times. Two-two. Shut up. Play the game. Go. [Screams]. Got it. Yes. Three-three. That was us for sure. I think — I think, with all due respect to you, that Clem’s worst BP day is better than your BP day. I don’t disagree with you. Hey, are we doing the Fungo rankings this year? I think I’m just going to wear you out today, Tate. Weren’t you up there at the top? [Bat hits ball]. You weren’t? Weren’t good enough, huh? Unique New York. Three times fast. Unique New York. [Tongue-tied]. [Laughter]. You got your own Fungo. Look at this. Heck yeah. You got in a fight, silverback or polar bear? Hey, what’d you get in? Oh, just — just a straight up room that’s 60 degrees. Like a dang maze over here, man. Silverback’s winning 24/7. What do you say we take some ground balls, huh? [Music]. Stay down, Tate. Stay down. Talking about the ones up the middle there? Those are Grae’s. Aw, yeah. Tough play. Get rid of it. Yes, Grae. Hey. Made a tough play. Boy, Grae. Hey, hop around, little energy, Bortles. Boy, Baum. Yes, Grae, getting better today. Make a play. Hey, bring it in. Whoa. Whoa. The concentration today for your four or three rounds, plus the Rebs will win round, is to just stay real short. The first one will go middle away. We can make adjustments, but we can’t do it in 24 hours. You can try to shorten your swing, but how much shorter can we really make this swing? Start sooner so you can get in a good position and drive the ball the other way. Instead, you just start the same time you always start, right, and then trying to do it with your hips, and so you got no shot at hitting it; you know what I’m saying? No shot. Let’s learn something about hitting; all right? How long have you been hitting? Your whole life, but, like, how long? Give me years. 15 years. All right. 15 years. So, you’ve been swinging basically the same way for — we can make adjustments, but we can’t do it in 24 hours. You can try to shorten your swing, but how much shorter can we really make the swing; right? And so if you really commit to the fast ball and start soon enough, you guys got probably the best shot on the team, getting to it and having success; right? The only way this works is if your leads big enough, but how does that happen? Because it goes like this to throw over and you go, “He can’t pick me off.” The big thing is I don’t expect you to steal it anyway, I’m only running you because I think he’s going to hit the ball somewhere. Every — every swing, you gave yourself a chance; you know what I’m saying? All the other ones you may have had one or two in the other rounds, but every swing in those six cuts you had a shot to hit the ball because you were on time. Once you start soon enough, you’ll realize that you can hit it; right? We are pushing the tarp out. I heard there’s some bad weather tonight, and so we’re going to cover — we’re going to cover the field after the other team practices tonight. Wall. Wall. Someone make a move. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Still sucks since the first day we did it. Hasn’t got any better. And now I got someone next to me that just doesn’t want to push. I’ve been working the whole time. We love tarp pull. Tarp pull is amazing. Got to do what you got to do to play. So, uh, you know, just attack it and get it done so we can come out and play some baseball. There’s just no way of doing this without getting dirty. So, just try to keep my clothes clean. I think Connor Green’s had his hands on the tarp a total of, like, four minutes. Yeah, but I’m not going to listen to you because I was pushing next to you, and every time I looked over you weren’t even pushing. Connor just stands around and tries to cheer us on and just ends up making everybody mad. I am hard on him. We’re trying to give the fans an accurate portrayal of what it’s like to be on the Ole Miss Baseball team and you’re lying to everybody. It’s 3F6. We just got done with the team meal. And we got a while before the hitter’s meeting. We got about 40 minutes before the hitter’s meeting. A couple of the guys are just hanging out in the dugout. Tate’s throwing a bullpen right now to Colby. James is hitting lefty, with no shoes on, to Fungo. [Laughter]. They’re out there playing Fungo golf right now. The hole is the Kinnucan sign next to the “K’s.” Basically, they don’t put a number on it, you just got to hit it until you hit it and just get super creative with what we got in the stadium to work with. It changes every day. It always ends with a homerun. And all the guys that don’t hit one have to go get the balls. [Bat hits ball]. Ground ball. Heads. James. [Bat hits ball]. Doc is looking for a shot — you know, the air shot, OB. If he loses that ball, it’s plus ten and it’s anybody’s game. Normally, after that, we try to hit homeruns. And then the guys that don’t hit the homeruns have to pick up all the balls. So, I think that’s what we’re going to do next. No. Oh. You lose. [Bat hits ball]. Oh, wow. That’s out of here. [Clapping]. [Bat hits ball]. [Indiscernible]. [Chatter]. All right, guys, let me have your attention. As March Madness and the Final Four ended, you know, I’m watching the basketball games, and I don’t think I’m different than a lot of people, but when you think about television and when you think about excitement, man, I love the three weeks in March. Why do people love it so much? Why do I love it so much? Because it’s pure. They are playing their hearts out. They’re playing with so much energy. It’s the greatest thing in the world. You got to find that energy. You got to find how you can play your very best when it means the most. So, we’ve said so many times how talented we are. Hey, we’ve played really good at times, but how can we do it when it means the most? How can we do it more often? How can we do it consistently? If we’re going to be the team that we want to be, we have to play with that kind of energy. All right. That kind of body language. That, man, you can just feel it when you’re watching a television. That, man, they are putting it on the line. That is the best. That is the very most that guy can give right now for his team. Tonight, let’s learn how to play that kind of baseball. [Cheering]. Thus far in the year, the Rebels had become accustomed to sophomore hurler James McArthur providing quality starts and going deep into contest, but the early goings of this game were anything but usual. [Cheering]. A four full count walk to Chandler Avant to start this ballgame. A few homers, nine RBIs, right-handed batter. In the dirt. Bounces away from Fortes. McArthur showing some control issues here for the first two guys. James is our ace, you know, he’s our Friday night guy. And those big guys, sometimes it’s hard for them to find their motion. But James is usually right away, right from the start of the game, he just pounds the zone. He’s just — he just fills the zone up with fast balls. It wasn’t really what we’re used to seeing or, I’m sure, what he was used to going through. [Cheering]. Avant trying to get to third. The throw from Fortes is not in time. Just being out there, I think at the beginning I had a little adrenaline, tried to overthrow. And then once I started overthrowing and missing, I started trying to underthrow and just throw strikes, and then kind of made it a little bit worse. Three-one. Low ball four. He’s walked the first two he’s faced. So, first and third with no outs. 27 previous innings James McArthur had two wild pitches. He’s got two without an out here in the first. Mike Bianco in his 17th season as the head coach at Ole Miss, and a lot of trips out to the mound through the years. 647 wins. You got to get your rhythm here. You got to find your rhythm. You know what I’m saying? And then just let it go; right? Just let it go. You know, you can make the first pitch fast ball, all right. And then we go breaking ball, it was close, but it’s a ball. But then, after that, you know, you’re missing some arm side balls. Extend, reach into there and let’s ground ball back to you. Unless the guy’s dead out at home, go to second base, get two outs, and let’s, you know, finish this. You got to get back in the strike zone; all right? First pitch fast ball. Come on. Coach B., he’s a smart coach. He’s one of the best in the league. So, he knows what he’s talking about and he knows when to say things and when not to say things. And if he approaches you with something and he says it to you then, then it was probably the right decision, the right time to say it. Well, you know, sometimes I think you just got to challenge them; you know? You know, you just asked me a question, sometimes you got to pat them on the rear and sometimes you got to kick them in the rear. Hey. Look. Sit down. You know, you’ve heard all this before; right? If you want to be an ace, you got to last. This is the thing, if you want to last, you got to throw; you know what I’m saying? You’re not throwing the ball. You were throwing it like you were scared; right? And they can’t hit you; right? So, if you threw the ball even close to where you’re capable, you’ll just mow them down. I get it, sometimes it’s a rhythm thing. Figure out the rhythm. I’m on your side. I want you — I’m pitching you on Friday night. Nobody believes in you more than I do. So, if you want to win, then go win the game. It’s yours. Go, man. Cruise. We’ll score more than one, right, and you just cruise. But, man, you got to go after them; all right? Come on. I mean, he’s gotten into me before between innings, whenever I haven’t gotten things going, just to kind of wake me up. And what he pretty much told me was, you know, you’re our ace, you’re our guy, you need to go out there and you need to attack these guys like you can. He needed to be pushed a little bit and challenged a little bit. And, you know, thankfully for us, you know, he found his motion. [Music]. First pitch. Ground ball hit sharply to Bortles at the edge of the grass. One away. Man, he’s got good hands. That ball got on him in a quickness. He was played in, taking away the bunt. Just scooped it up through the first. I’m bad. [Cheering]. That’s the third strikeout And delivers to Alexander. Swing and a miss. Strikeout number four for James McArthur. One pitch away, okay, 026. [Indiscernible]. The 2-2 to Kaufman. Strike three called. Fast ball got him looking outer half. That is the James McArthur that we have seen all year, able to hit that outside corner. [Bat hits ball]. Ball to Blackman at second. Kind of handcuffed him. Throws over. That’s six in a row retired by James McArthur. Win a pinch, James. Win a pinch. McArthur ready. Swing and a miss. Pounding with a fast ball, struck him out. It’s like he — he has almost reinvented himself on the mound, on the fly tonight. After the first inning, Colby came over to me, he was like, “Hey, we’re going to get that run back. Don’t worry about that.” And, you know, I got tons of confidence in those guys. And we get hits all season, it’s just a matter of if we can string them together. And when we do, we’re really dangerous. [Bat hits ball]. And it’s a line drive to left field there. 77 on that one, Keith. And a lead-off single for the Rebels and the fourth second hit of the game. We talk a lot about putting that chain together or not breaking the chain to have a quality at-bat after a quality at-bat. And it certainly is helpful and more productive when some of those at-bats and some of those links to the chain are extra base hits. And his pitch. Swung on, lined it into that left center gap. Yeah. Let’s go. That’s going to be real trouble. Golsan rounds second. He’ll hit third. They’re going to try to score him. You got to go, Ace. You got to go. You got to go. He hit it right into the empty defense, and it paid off. And we’re tied one-one. [Bat hits ball]. Yeah. [Indiscernible] runner. Got a two-hit game, trying to turn it into a double. Bortles comes around to score. Back-to-back doubles by Ole Miss and it’s two to one. There it is. That’s exactly what we were talking about, Ole Miss stringing hits together. Not only did they get a runner on base, but they got him on second base, and this is where big innings start. [Bat hits ball]. Oh. He does drive it the opposite way. Deep into the right center gap [Inaudible] for a green light. Third double of the inning for Ole Miss. It’s three to one. And the pitch. Down low. And Dillard’s going to try to score. Yeah. Yeah. Good read again by Dillard. The usual suspects had produced for the Rebels, giving them a four-run advantage. But no lead is safe in the SEC. And Coach Mike Bianco would have two relatively fresh faces deliver the insurance runs. Hey, go to work, Sevy, go. You got them. [Bat hits ball]. And a fly ball to left field. That ball is crushed and it is gone. Solo shot, Nick Fortes puts the Rebels up five to one. It was a 2-0 count and I knew I was going to get a fast ball. He threw me one and it just happened to be up in the zone. I’m not a big homerun “pimper,” as some people call it. So, I just hit the ball. I knew it was gone. And I started jogging a little early, I guess, but it felt really good to see the ball go over the fence at Swayze. That was big, man. Awesome, man. Nice shot. Nice shot. Tim Rowe to bat for Fitzsimmons, who’s a left-handed hitter, so switch over to left-handed batter. All over the place; right? Fast ball gutter all over. You’re going to get a fast ball; right? You’re going to get a fast ball at some point; right? So, be ready for it. Don’t be late; right? 90, 92. Short, get to it. I’m on the mic and I’m calling a bomb. Calling a bomb and I’m on the mic. And the 2-1. [Bat hits ball]. Yeah. Go. Go. Let it rain. The Rebels are up six to one. Tim Rowe with his second jack of the year. There’s going to be times where you’re going to need for guys that maybe weren’t the marquee guys going into the season or the guys that maybe weren’t even starting at the beginning of the season that have to impact the season. It’s really cool to see, like, especially both those guys. They’re really hardworking guys. And when they finally did get their moment, they definitely took advantage of it. Yeah, well I think the biggest thing is just trying to be the best teammate that I can be. I just, you know, wait my turn, be a good teammate. And whenever I do get that shot, try to make the most of it. Ole Miss looking for its 18th win of the season and fourth victory in SEC play. [Bat hits ball]. Fly ball to left. Kyle Watson’s come into the game. He’s squeezes it for the final out. And Ole Miss wins game one of this weekend’s three-game series with a final of seven to two over Alabama. Way to finish up. [Indiscernible]. Lot of fun, man. Lot of fun. Love games here at Swayze. Nothing better than Friday night fireworks. Fireworks, man. Firework Friday is so much better with a “W.” All right. Bring it in here. Hey, congratulations. Obviously, it’s always good to win and good to win on Friday. Good nights today, obviously, Rowe, you know, coming off the bench and hitting a homerun; Bortles, who I mentioned; Golsan with two hits; Olenek, I think, with two hits. But a guy with four quads, moves them over twice, big homerun, and an HPP, where’s Mr. Fortes? [Cheering]. Congrats, man. Great job. A hard hat. Give it out to I guess the most valuable player of the game, but kind of symbolizes, you know, our goal, which is 21 SEC wins, but also honors George. That was George’s number. So, I feel pretty honored to get it today, helping us get a little closer to that goal. Who’s George? George was the main character in our book that we read, “The Hard Hat” by Jon Gordon. He was a lacrosse player that unfortunately died, but he was a great teammate, and that’s what he lives on to be is, in everyone’s heart, is a good teammate, so. Yeah, it was a good night. We had fun. We were dancing, keeping the energy up. I think we attributed a lot of those seven runs, all the dugout energy, it was us. It was us. You know, great to finally get a win, get seven runs on the board, and to get a good night’s sleep and do it again tomorrow. [Music]. Today’s a big game for us. As you know, like, Saturdays are always swing days, is what Coach B. calls it. You can’t talk about a sweep until you win Saturday. And so that’s our mindset today is win the swing game day and come ready tomorrow, and play for the sweep. [Music]. All right, guys, let me have your attention. Just a couple things, which I said last night, but, again, I think sometimes I say it, you know, after a game and it’s tough, win or lose. You know, win, you’re excited and fireworks and all of that. And lose, you know, sometimes the message gets lost. But, you know, today is the most important game of the year. Really is. And you would never have thought, hey, Alabama Saturday most important game of the year. Why? Because this is the only one that we can control. We got to be where our feet are today. We got to be present. We got to put the blinders on and quit worrying about tomorrow and what’s happening in the league or where we’re going next, or, you know, here we are at whatever our conference record is, four and six, and if we win this weekend and win that weekend — it doesn’t matter. You’re in a position to control your own destiny, win your games, be present, be here at Oxford today. That’s what we need. Go get them today. [Music]. It’s game two between Ole Miss and Alabama. Rebels won it seven to two in game one last night. An absolutely beautiful Saturday afternoon, temperatures in the mid-70’s. A little bit of a wind that is blowing out, so pitchers want to keep that ball down in the strike zone. Taylor, seven homeruns, 17 RBIs, leads the team in homers. [Bat hits ball]. He hits a bomb high in the air to right field. Down the line. And that ball is going to drip back fair for a solo homer. Wow. Amazing. It looked like it was going to drift foul and then it bowed back in. That had to have gone 20, 30 feet. It was way foul. Man, it was, like — and then it hit, you know, I guess you had so much backspin, like, you didn’t hook it, it had too much backspin that it was off the bat, it was foul It was where those trees go up. I mean, it was that much and then it just kept blowing over. [Bat hits ball]. Ground ball right side. Zabowski missed it. Rolled off his glove. He’s trying to chase it down in shadow right field. A runner at second is in trouble with his head coach. He won’t even look at him. Waving his arms trying to get his runner to look at him. And [indiscernible] didn’t pick him up. Cobie Vance will be the batter. [Bat hits ball]. He bunts it out in front of the play. It will be picked up by Fortes. And he’ll throw to first. And it pulls Zabowski off the bag. And everybody is safe. Bases loaded. All of a sudden, this has become a nightmare. [Bat hits ball]. This ball lined past Tate Blackman at second. One run scores. They’ll stop Vance at third base as the throw comes to the plate. And Alabama leads two-nothing. A two-for-two day for Cody Henry. I really just came out here to give you a little breather; right? This guy last at-bat, we gave a ton of fast balls, I mean, maybe probably saw seven pitches, I think he saw one slider or breaking ball and the rest fast balls. So, we’re going to throw a first pitch change-up away. Keep making pitches; right? One pitch we’re getting out of this; all right? You did a good job. We haven’t done our best, but you need to finish this inning; all right? Change-up away. Let’s go. David Parkinson would like to keep it at two-zip. Lefty ready is one-one pitch to Tanner Devinny. On its way. [Bat hits ball]. And it’s a line drive into center field. And diving for it, Golsan — or Olenek, rather, and he will make the catch right of the top of the ground. Laying his body on the line has become routine for diamond Rebs standout Ryan Olenek, both in the field and at the plate. A couple of hits on the weekend, he was two for four last night. He is hit by the first pitch of the inning. All the places he’s been hit this year, he’s probably okay with that one. Like, you know, Olenek gets hit all the time, mostly in the hand. He gets damaged a little bit by the baseball. I feel sorry for him sometimes, but, then again, I don’t because he’s my roommate. We always need icebreakers, and an icebreaker is somebody that goes out there and gets hit every time almost. So, Olie went out there and did that for us, and we were able to string hits together after that. And, you know, that’s what we’ve doing all year. [Bat hits ball]. Here’s one lifted the opposite way. On the run is Taylor back toward the wall. It’s over his head, bounces off the wall, bounces off him. Boy, he hit that ball a long way. [Cheering]. And his pitch. [Bat hits ball]. Swung on. Line drive center field. That’s down for a base hit. One run will score. And it’s four to two. Once I got around and then we started just putting a lot of pieces together and really good at-bats, just really competitive, then it was almost like we knew we were going to win that game. We had to win the game because we just were — we were too competitive to lose. 1-0. Swung on. Lifted toward the right field corner. Alexander moves over, makes the catch, tagging at third, and heading home is Fortes. And we’re tied. Nice at-bat for Kessinger, gets the sack fly to right, back-to-back sack flies by the two freshmen, and it’s a brand new ballgame. That was big for us, I think huge, to get it tied up. And I think everybody, the sense was, once we got it to four-four, that we were going to win that game. Bottom half of the ninth inning. Grae Kessinger, the scheduled hitter, then top of the order, Tate Blackman and Will Golsan against the right-hander Garrett Suchey. Four-four game. Boy, you’d love to figure a way to get it done here in the ninth. Four errors you’re trying to overcome. His first pitch is to Kessinger. [Bat hits ball]. Ground ball toward the third baseman played in. He has it. He throws to first. Low but in time for the out. One swing, one out. One down for Tate Blackman, who’s 0 for 4. And Tate is 0 for 8 to this point. Going to go back over and visit with Coach Bianco for a moment. The main reason that you call timeout is, you know, really to give Dallas a little bit of a breather. We have a first pitch out. You don’t want another first pitch out to where Dallas has to go back out there for inning two and maybe didn’t get his rest. So, I called timeout. And I’ll tell him that. You know, I don’t think it’s a secret, I think the other dugout knows what we’re doing. But, you know, you can joke a little bit and you can hit a homerun here to end it, you know, just to kind of relieve a little bit of the pressure. So, you just stay with your normal approach, go after this guy, but just want to, you know, give him a shot right here. We need a base run; right? So, base hit, HPP, or just a homerun, and that would be nice to end it; all right? Wind is blowing out to left field again and it’s picked back up. The one-one. [Bat hits ball]. When I hit it, it kind of went up, and I was just like, oh, man, maybe a pop-up. I didn’t think it had a chance to get out, but you see the ball flying. You see the outfielder getting closer and closer to the wall. I kept on looking. I was like, that wind might help this ball get out of here. Everybody was like go, go, go, go. [Bat hits ball]. Swung on. High fly ball to left field. Get up, ball. Get up. Taylor going back at the wall. And he’s going to jump. It’s gone. It’s a walk-off jack for Blackman. And the Rebels have won it five to four. [Music]. [Cheering]. Hell yeah. Listen, congratulations and you win all kinds and, you know, we deserve this, and, of course, you have a great man at the plate at the end. But, you know, wasn’t our cleanest game and it may be not our best pitched game to the end. But, of course, Stokes comes out, gets us out of a big jam, Feigl gets us out of a jam, and, of course, Dallas does what Dallas does, and just nobody better in the country. But you got to keep believing, you got to keep picking one another up, you got to keep playing with positive energy, and good stuff happens; right? It’s always good to win, but it’s better to win with 10,000 in the stands. Nice job. Proud of you. It’s awesome. Awesome forum. Got a pitch he could hit and walked off Dinger. We’ll see that in the highlights for a while. I’m just thinking about Tate’s homerun. I was about to call the pitch. And kept a water bottle in my pocket actually to soak Cam when he came in and scored. It kind of got on me a little bit, but it’s all good. So, as long as we win. This is a fun experience. I mean, that was my first career ever walk-off homerun. I’ve never hit one in little league or in high school. So, it was a fun experience. I’m just the wind came out and supported me so the ball would get out. One of the reasons that we were so, so good last year is our best day of the week was Sunday. 14 weekends we were at 11 and 3 on Sunday. We could close the weekends out. We could sweep them; right? And a one-on-one series we could win that game. And so we talk about energy Sunday and you know the reason, because everybody’s been here for a while and they get to the dugout and you can tell there’s not a lot of energy over there. You know, the pomp and circumstance has kind of, you know, left the stadium. For whatever reason, Sundays you need more energy. But one of the things I want to remind you today, it’s just not acting. There’s got to be intent to that energy. It can’t be just to show energy. There’s got to be intent. And what I mean by that is have intent to lift somebody else up. The true energy Sunday, all right, the true energy-giver is the one that’s lifting people up, making everybody else around you, everybody else wearing the powder blue better today. [Music]. [Cheering]. I am not getting [indiscernible] today. I’m making it a point. [Cheering]. [Music]. Let’s go, Greer. You hit hard. You can hit me. [Music]. Get after it. Let’s go. One, two, three. One, two, three. Rebs. [Music]. You see the southpaw freshman out of Jackson, Tennessee, Ryan Rolison, the young man continues to bloom and will try to make another statement here today. There we go Ro-Lo. [Bat hits ball]. A bullet to shortstop. Kessinger is there. Atta boy. Swing and a miss. Strike three. Nice job to get out of a mess here in the first. [Music]. Rolison would set the pace for the defense, keeping the ‘Bama bats at bay. [Music]. Good. Good boy. [Cheering]. Yeah. Come on twos. Keep coming twos. Swing and a miss. Strike three. Yeah. No doubt. With Rolison and company holding ‘Bama in check, the Rebel hitters went to work. [Bat hits ball]. Breaking ball lofted, short right. Coming on. Alexander, he can’t get it. Yeah. Scores, Rowe running into second, he’ll be there. [Cheering]. [Indiscernible]. Now Will Golsan. Golsan, the right-fielder. Can I get a [chanting]. [Chanting together]. There goes the runner. Here’s the pitch. One on. Fly ball left center field. Hit pretty good. Go, go, go, go, go, gone. Two-run homer, Will Golsan. And the Rebels do extend the lead. Now up four to one. Golsan smoked the ball, and it was one of those where you knew it was gone right off the bat. I don’t know that Golsan’s hit one of those before, where you’re just like, wow, that thing is gone, because a lot of people say Golsan ain’t got no pop. I’m not — that’s Will Stokes. Will Stokes is the creator of “Golsan ain’t got no pop.” He says that every day at BP. Or all I got to say is, you know, watch the man hit. He’s — he’s a great hitter and he can put some balls out. So, do you — do you have pop? I do have pop. Stokes might say I don’t, but I do. The Rebel offense would keep rolling with sophomore Ryan Olenek taking part in one of the strangest plays you’ll see all season. Oh. It’s an intentional walk. It’s already a hit. Bortles, get off. Bortles, get off. You know, you see a whole train of people going out to the bullpen to take your place, it motivates you in different ways. Oh, my goodness. That’s over the plate for a base hit. On an intentional walk, a chance to drive at a run. He gets way and the Rebels score. [Cheering]. [Music]. Do I look good, Boone? What was I going to say? You’re asking me? I don’t know. I forgot. Kick Golsan out of here. I can’t do this with him in here. Can you hear me? Can anybody hear me? All right. What Mike? You sit on a throne of lies. [Shouting]. [Indiscernible]. I call this bomb, it’s just on the season. Absolutely. For sure. [Shouting]. Get back there. I think I can catch, man. Nah. You ain’t tough enough to catch. I think I can catch. I think I can take Nick and Cooper’s spot. [Shouting]. Back, back, back. [Quacking].

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