The Season: Ole Miss Baseball – Arkansas (2016)

(heavy blues rock) – Oh, dodge him. – Tight tan right there, oh. Fifteen. – I played 10 seconds in this game. And you’re talking about
10 yards in the first one. – There he goes. Going to the house! Let’s go! Let’s go. You know, just busting it to the outside Green is in the house. I took it to the house. – Touchdown. – Yes, pick. Let’s go. Yeah, it’s over. It’s over. – No shot. – I don’t know they’re both terrible. The reason I’m not playing is because I’d blow them both out. So, it’s all good – Browning no doubt is going to throw five picks in the second half. So this is an easy game
for Green right here. Green by two touchdowns. – Just made a poor decision on offense. But it’s okay. My D is going to come in clutch. – No. Yes, touchdown. Let’s go! – Come on! That was so lucky, dude. – Let’s go! Yeah! Yeah, Green, let’s go! That’s what you get. – They never fumble, ever in this game. – Let’s go. Come here. Look at that. Get there! (cheers) Yeah! Let’s go! – You know I’m challenging. – Terrible decision. – Oh, you are? – Yeah I’m challenging it. That was a first down. Come on, come on. No way. – [Man] You got it. – No, I didn’t get it. – Ah! Gotta sack him right there. Go! Yes, big sack right there. Big first down right there. Big first down. – I’m just focusing all my
energy on the game today, (laughs) I’m just trying to win baseball games. I don’t care about this. (laughs) – House that. Let’s go! Walk off. Well you know, me and Green, we’re always a good match up. You know, I respect him a lot, he’s a great opponent. But today I just had the best of him. He threw about four picks, I think I threw two or three, but in the end of the game, I took that dub. (upbeat trumpets) (clippers buzz) – [Voiceover] Call the team barber shop. Crispy Cutz, with a Z. – I’m a big believer that if you look good, you play good. Our fans love it, but other fans they really hate on it. But I’m not too worried about them. – I’m going to get a little fade. Get some racing stripes in there. We’ll see. – Flow is just, you know. Washing it, I’m conditioning it every day. And it’s just a lot of work. But now I feel free. I don’t know what to think about it, but like I say, I got
faith in Crispy Cutz. – He’s definitely got a better hairline than I do. If I did that, my power
alleys would be showing, dude. – I was told I was second, but I got booted for Browning. – I think it really fits him well. It says Brian Browning. – That’s it, right there. Might as well wash my hands and get out. – Had to get the fade
with the racing stripes. You know how I do it. I got a lot of faith in Crispy Cutz. Think I look pretty nice,
ready to get this sweep. – [Voiceover] Swayze
Field, Oxford Mississippi. A Top 25 match up this weekend as number 15 Ole Miss plays host to number 21 Arkansas. Welcome to the weekend. Welcome to SEC baseball. – Tonight, gotta play with passion like we talked about. With energy. Bu we gotta be selfless. You don’t know what you’re going to do on the field and how that’s going to lift someone else around you. Tonight, let’s be selfless. Let’s go. (claps) – [Player] Rebs on three, one, two, three, – [All] Rebs. (hard rock guitar) – [Voiceover] Here’s the pitch. Strike three called! Fastball out of reach, got him looking. – Everything was working that night. Fastball command was there like it always is. And I was really proud
of my secondary pitches. I was able to just locate all those in the strike zone. And that proved to be really
effective into the game. – This game it was a
little mixture of some curveballs, some sliders, some changeups, some different things from Brady. And he was really good. And of course, seven shutout innings, you can’t ask for much more than that on a Friday night. – This game is about having fun. You know, that’s what we’ve been doing for a long time. And when we can go out and have a good performance by Brady, everybody’s relaxed and we’re able to play our game. – [Voiceover] Obviously
he’s throwing strikes, but the pace of the game
that he is showing right now. He just gets the ball,
gets back on the mound, takes his sign and goes
right after the hitter. – [Voiceover] There’s strike three. Hit the outside corner, got him looking. 12 strikeouts for Brady Bramlet, ties his career high. (upbeat dance music) – Probably acting like it’s a cutter, cause he throws a
curveball, so he probably calls it a curve and a cutter. – [Voiceover] Here’s his pitch. Swung on, hit to right centerfield. Eagan on the run. It’s over his head and
all the way to the wall. Three hits in a row. Bortles will score. Lartigue will round and hold. Fitzsimmons stops at second with a double. – We’re gonna tag em here. We’re gonna score. Alright? – But Errol’s gonna hit
a ground ball somewhere. But I just don’t want him to hit a hard ground ball at third. You just get stuck because
you’re off the base. So get a short lead,
watch it, and then when it’s hit up the middle, freeze, let it get by the pitcher,
but you gotta run hard. – Yeah. – [Voiceover] 2-0 to Errol Robinson. Swung on, line drive
base hit to centerfield. There’s Mr. Robinson! That’ll score Fitzsimmons and Errol Robinson has
his 14th RBI of the year. – We finally got back in there to like how we were in the
beginning of the season. Just squaring balls up like we used to, hitting some doubles. I think that was the biggest key for us. Just extending the lead early
to get the confidence back. – We get off to a good start. They go to the bullpen, you know, quickly. We’re able to expand the lead. And we get to a 7-0 lead, which is a pretty good cushion for the starter. – [Voiceover] There’s a
shot left center by Bortles. It’s down and all the way to the wall. And Bortles will trot into
second with his second double and the Rebels lead 5 to nothing. – There’s a bigger margin for error on the pitcher’s side, but just like Coach preaches all the time, no matter if it’s 3-0 or 0-0,
you’re staying locked in. Just concentrate on making
pitches the entire game. – [Voiceover] Little nubber left side, Bortles charging, Robinson picks it up with a bare hand, and fires it, it’s going to be in time for the out! That was a big time play
by the Rebels shortstop. And the pitch. Swung on, fly ball left field. Running back is Dishon, settling, he’s under it, he has it, and Ole Miss has won game one by a final score of 7-3. What a night for Brady Bramlett. – Turn around and look at all those zeroes up on the board. When you do that on Friday night, you’ll win. Where’s Mr. Bramlett? (cheers) Tomorrow’s swing day. We gotta get back into this. And so tomorrow we gotta play well again. I want you to enjoy it. Remember that’s what this is all about. But you’ve got to be here tomorrow, locked in, focused,
ready to play well again. Alright? – Cam, how many hits did we get? We got like 40 hits
tonight, so it’s pretty easy for the pitchers to pitch
when you got 40 hits. – Good defensive day for a few guys. Good pitching day for Brady. Nice to see him back and doing his thing, and getting 12 or 13 strikeouts. And I mean, a good
offensive day for everybody. – Ready to come back out tomorrow and do the same thing. (upbeat trumpets) – [Voiceover] Since
arriving in Oxford in 2014, Errol Robinson has been known as an extraordinary play maker. – [Voiceover] To third, and fair ball! Jerrod comes around. Adams right behind him. Robinson’s throw is there, he is out at the plate! Ole Miss holds on to the lead. On an assist from the freshman shortstop. – [Voiceover] 2-0, swung
on fly ball left field. That may be trouble for Humphries. (yells) Double! Rebels lead 4-3. Line toward Robinson, dives
and makes a SportsCenter catch! Oh my goodness! – He loves the moment. There’s no one you would
rather have at the plate. There’s no one you’d rather have the ball get hit to. He wants to be at the
plate in a big situation. He wants the ball hit to him in a big situation. – It says a lot that he’s
started just about every game since he’s been on campus here. There’s these guys that seem to be in the right
place at the right time, seem to always make the player get the hit and Errol’s one of those guys for sure. – When situations arise that, you know, maybe need a big play, he’s just playing the game. So it really comes natural to him. And I think that’s why you see him make a lot of big plays. – That’s why you play the game. You never know who it’s going to fall upon to get the last out. You know, to throw the
guy out at the plate, or to hit the double,
hit the clutch home run. You never know who it’s going to be. So, I mean, baseball just
wouldn’t be that type of sport for that person if you wouldn’t
be ready for that situation. Honestly, I live for it. – [Voiceover] For Robinson,
big plays have resulted in an even bigger following. As the junior is one of the
fan favorites in Oxford. – Y’all liking it? You want to get in the
camera a little bit? Say hey Rebel Nation. – [Both] Hey Rebel Nation. – It is an infectious personality. He brings so much energy
and the fans can see that. You knew that was going to be his career in the first week that he was on the team and sliding into home and
getting the crowd fired up. And he’s got that big smile and, you know, he’s great. He’s great with the
fans, he’s such a great representative of the university. You see him at the basketball games, you see him everywhere. And it’s one of those where kids want to run up to him and get his autograph, get pictures with him, and he’s certainly a fan favorite. But also a great, great player. – [Man] Thanks Errol. – No problem. – [Man] Have a good game tonight. – Thank you very much. Let’s go! – He has fun playing baseball. And we all had fun playing baseball when we were kids, and as you get older the stage gets bigger. There’s a lot of people in the stands, but he’s never forgot how to have fun. – My passion for the game is huge. I feel like I’m always
trying to be emotional but it really just comes out. It’s a blessing to be able to be here and I mean there’s nothing I’d rather do, so why not live it up? – [Voiceover] Despite growing up hundreds of miles from Oxford, Ole Miss always had a special place in the heart of the Maryland native. – There’s got to usually be a connection when you recruit a kid
that’s from Boyds, Maryland. And how does that kid get all the way to the University of Mississippi? – People from Maryland, people from here, they say “how did you get here?” Ole Miss has kind of been
the school, you know, of my household since I’ve been little. My sister graduated from here in 2013. My mom a little earlier than that, and my grandparents actually
live here right now. – It is the most awesome
thing in the world. The fact that he’s
playing ball at Ole Miss. I guess when we would visit
here when he was little, we’d come to visit my
parents and we’d, you know, come to campus and stuff. I think he knew for a
long time that he wanted to play at Ole Miss. See what I’m wearing? – [Man] Looking good. – I figured you’d like that. – [Man] How are you? – We just get a kick out
of watching him play. We’ve watched him play since he was three. Playing tee ball. And just to see him get to
this point in his career, it’s just awesome. – Shout out to my mom. I love you. Nikki, shout out to Fred Robinson. – I think Errol’s proud. I think he’s proud that he’s got family from Mississippi, that he’s playing at a school where his mother graduated from, his sister graduated from. And I think it’s a special place for him. – Ole Miss is definitely
more than just a school. It’s a lifestyle. Everybody in my family
is from Mississippi. So it’s really nice to put, you know, to wear Ole Miss across my chest and represent for this university and for my family. – Swing day. Alright? This is the chance to win the weekend, to put them away right now. Regardless of what happened yesterday, you have to be ready to play today. Regardless of if you
had four hits last night or no hits. Regardless if you threw
strikes or didn’t throw. Regardless if you made
an error or you didn’t. Regardless if you played or you didn’t. Regardless if you’re sick or you’re not. Regardless if your arm’s
sore or you’re not. All of that doesn’t matter. But you gotta play like you played last night. You gotta play with a lot of energy. You gotta play like it means more to you. Let’s go get em tonight. – [Voiceover] Welcome back to OU stadium in Swayze Field. The Ole Miss Rebels and
the Arkansas Razorbacks again getting ready to
play a little baseball here on a beautiful night. On the hill is David Parkinson, drawing his first start. 6’2″, 211, a sophomore lefty
from Henrico, Virginia. – Let’s get after em
tonight, a lot of energy. – [Player] Rebs on three. One, two, three – [Team] Rebs! – [Voiceover] Crowd
getting behind Parkinson. Runners go. Throw down to third. Got him! Boy, you don’t run on Henry Lartigue. First pitch to Ryan is a big hopper third base side. Gonna be a fair ball! Hit the chalk as it bounced
over the third baseman. Into the corner it goes. Ryan’s headed for second. He’s in there with a stand up double. Ground ball, through. Base hit. One run is in as Olenek scores. Blackman is gonna score. A two-run single by Henry Lartigue. – Let’s go, come on. – Our plan was to just try to lay off the breaking ball until two strikes and just see fastballs and get in good counts and just try to get some good swings off. – One of the things that’s really good about our offense is it comes from different
areas of the lineup and different players. There’s different stars. It’s not that we’re totally dependent on one or two guys. And I think that’s one of the reasons that our offense has been so good all year long. – [Voiceover] 2-1. Hit hard to right center. That’s gonna get down and Robinson scores on the
run-producing double for Cloyd. (southern guitar riff) Who’s gonna win this battle, Nomura or Parkinson? The 2-2. Got him! Nomura’s eyes were so far in, it freezes him. And Parkinson wins that battle. – David’s been a starter his whole life. He was recruited for this. He was recruited to start in
the Southeastern Conference. He gave us everything
that you could ask for. He gives us five innings,
pitches into the sixth with one run on a Saturday. We haven’t had that in awhile. And you know, gave our offense a chance to get on the board and score some runs. – Parkinson just filled it up, you know? Can’t ask for much more than what he did. It was just good to see
that for the future, maybe he can really be
that spot guy for us. – You just filled it up with the pitches and that’s it. Fastball, sliders. You looked good. Keep up and in there. – [Voiceover] Parkinson, checks his runner twice this time and delivers And there’s strike three! Paints the inside corner. He’s got Shaddy looking. 2-0 pitch. That one’s lifted into right field. Coming on hard is Olenek. Runner tagging at third. Here’s the throw to the plate, and that’s a one-hopper. He’s out with ease. Caught him in the face area
as he tried to slide inside. Olenek’s already shown
he can throw it home. And he takes care of business. How about that for a double play? 1-0 to Cook. Ground ball up the middle. That’s a base hit. Watson will glove it,
throw it toward the plate. It’s cut off by Golsan. A run will score, first and second. Two down, and the tying
run’s coming to the plate. Four run inning for Arkansas. Gradually climbing back in this game. Now the tying run at
the plate with two down. And a new pitcher coming in for Ole Miss. – We’re gonna go Stokes here, alright? Nice job. I want number 17. – [Umpire] 17. – Good job, man. Good job. Three hole guy from last night. You got a left-handed guy. I think we’re gonna throw, uh, go a slider the first pitch. Right? Back door. You alright with that one? – Yeah, yeah. – Back door slider, alright? Let’s go. Attack him. Step on the base, let’s go make a play. – [Voiceover] And the pitch. Ground ball toward Robinson. He will glove and step
and throw to first base. Just in time to get Catron. (intense piano music) And the pitch to Bortles. Line drive, left field
corner, that’s fair. All the way to the wall. Olenek will score easily. Hustling is Blackman. He hits the bag at third, he’s going to try it. Here comes the throw to the plate. It’s high, he’s safe. And the Rebels are up 11-5. – One of the things that
I loved in that game was that it seemed like every time that they would press us, every time that they would
put a run on the board, or look like the momentum
was starting to swing, we seemed to answer back offensively. Certainly there in the eighth inning when they scored four
runs, and then we were able to come back and put six
back up on the board. A good offense is, you know,
played the whole nine innings and can feel and kind
of grab that momentum. Get that big hit that timely hit, and certainly our guys
did that on Saturday. – Knowing that we could
get back in the dugout when they scored three
or four runs and just continue to put back up the runs that they would put up to just add on
four, five in every inning. I think that was the biggest
confidence booster for us. – [Voiceover] That’s
a ball hit right side. It’s through for a base hit for Golsan. And rounding third and
stepping on the plate now is Henry Lartigue. And it’s a five-run frame. – [Voiceover] Woolfolk, he’s
got a walk and a single. – [Voiceover] Catron hits a ground ball to Tate Blackman. To second for one, to first base and it is in time for the double play! Yeah, she’s over now. – We needed a lift. We tried something different here, right? We tried a reliever in a starter’s role. And he just absolutely
dominated them for five innings. Nice job, David. (cheers) Sweeps are big. I’m telling you. And that’s all we got left. We don’t talk about it
until you get to that point. It’s all that’s left, alright? You played really well,
you’ve outplayed them. Outplay them tomorrow. Play tomorrow like the SEC
championship’s on the line. – Good day at the plate
for the whole team. We just really just hit it around. The sticks were awesome. On the mound, we were really solid. D Park came out there, shut it down. Had a couple guys come in, do their jobs. Arkansas didn’t quit,
but we were just better. And just kept pounding
them into the ground. – Felt good. A little shaky in the beginning,
but I settled in there. I got behind on some counts, which I shouldn’tve done, but it was alright. – [Player] Alright, Rebs on three One, two, three. – [Team] Rebs! – That’s it. That wins, that wins. Nice. On the string or below, good. Bout four minutes. That’s a good pitch, right there. Here we go. – [Voiceover] On the mound
for Ole Miss is Wyatt Short. Wyatt Short, the left hander, 5’8″, 175, the junior from South Haven, Mississippi. – Here we go, Short! – Get a two ball! – [Voiceover] Here’s the pitch. Ground ball back up the middle. Could be an easy one for Robinson. Steps on the bag, fires to first, and a double play. – [Voiceover] You like
those as a shortstop. – [Voiceover] Here’s the pitch. And it’s going to be a ground ball past the third baseman. Lartigue was on the move. He’s gonna score easily. Rounding third and heading home is Fitzsimmons. And he is going to head-first dive. He’s safe. As the ball gets away and hits the umpire. Stays at the plate. We’re going to get a new pitcher, we’re going to get a new umpire, too. Unfortunately, that ball
that bounced and hit Gavin Steers. He’s in a ton of pain and
is leaving the ball park. – The umpire got hit and he’s out. But what we really need
to be thinking about we need to be praying for Fitzy’s health. Because he had to run from first base all the way to home. Somebody get that man a ventilator. – [Voiceover] Here’s his pitch. That’s a fly ball to right field. It is crushed. It’s way, way back. Is it going to get out of here? No, yes it does! Showers in right as a two-run home run for JB Woodman. And Ole Miss leads 4-0. And here it is. Gets one opposite way, that’s
a base hit for the third run. And it’s 4-3, Ole Miss. – Good effort, buddy, good effort. Hey let’s get a two-ball here, two ball. Get off the field. Hey curve or slider first strike? Slider. First pitch will be a slider
right down the middle, alright? Go after this guy. Let’s get a two-ball here. Get us off the field, come on. – [Voiceover] The young freshman from Fayetteville, Arkansas
is gonna get a chance to pitch against the Hogs. This will be interesting. Here’s the pitch. Swing and a miss, he struck him out on a fastball there, and that ends the inning. – Gotta be real disciplined. Get the ball off and
we’re gonna get to him. Let’s go! – [Voiceover] Ground ball, right side. That’s through for a base hit. Connor Cloyd touches the bag at second and will stop there. – It was really the
offense that seemed like when we needed a boost,
they were always there throughout the entire weekend. – Every time you heard
their dugout get loud, and they thought they
were back in the game, the next inning we went back
and scored a few more runs. And I think that was just
what happened all weekend. It was just like they never
felt like they could get a break because we were always
just right on top of them. – [Voiceover] Blackman’s first pitch. It’s a looper to left centerfield. The centerfielder on the run, it falls in for the base hit. One run will score. Worked to the bottom
of the seventh inning, Ole Miss leading 6-5. Now here is Will Golsan in
a big moment in the game. Looking for a two-out hit out of Golsan, who is one for three in
the game with a two-run double in the second. McKinney. First pitch to Golsan. Swung on, line drive centerfield. This will get them both home. And the Rebels go up 8-5. Will Golsan pumped up at first base. As he gets a two-run clutch single there. – The at bat before, it was
the same situation almost. It was bases loaded, two
outs and I got jammed on a fastball. And I told Fleming after
that I wanted to see him one more time. And I got up there and
got a fastball first pitch and just tried to keep my hands short and drove it into centerfield. – He’s always going up there, having great at-bats. It just seems like he
can turn anything around. With the situations that
he was in on Sunday, that’s the number one guy
that I wanted up there. – [Voiceover] Will Stokes
out of Meridian, Mississippi. Ole Miss eight, Arkansas seven. Stokes kicks, fires the pitch. Ground ball left side. Bortles has it, steps and throws. It is on target and the Rebels
have swept the Razorbacks! – Hey, we can do it all gentlemen. We really can. You gotta stick together
and keep playing hard. Remember that disease
of getting comfortable. I want you to enjoy it. That’s not what I’m saying. The “hey just win so I can feel good.” No, win because you want to be great. Win because you want to win this league. Don’t win just so you can relax. – Definitely gives us confidence that we can bounce back from the weekends we’ve had. Just staying in the moment and just trying to compete every pitch. – We’ve just got to continue to play hard. Guys have got to have
quality at bats on offense and pitchers got to
continue to throw balls in the strike zone and play good defense. And I think we’re going to have success. – This weekend proved to ourselves the kind of team that we are, and that we can be. And that to continue to be that team, we have to press on, press forward to love it in the moment, but to flush it to learn
from it, and to get better from that moment on.

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