The Season: Ole Miss Baseball – Day One (2016)

(inspirational music) (upbeat music) – Is he all right? Did you work out today? – [Bearded Player] Yes, sir. – You did? I missed you. – I ran (unintelligible) this morning. – Are you lying to me? Need a hitter. (bat cracks) Boy, Henry, good ball. Better swing that baby. (bat cracks) Good, Cam. (bat cracks) Fitz, get your chest
over the ball, not here. Foul line to foul line. (bat cracks) Reds win. (bat cracks) That’s one. (bat cracks) – Strike it! – Two. Hey, I don’t want you to
hit that one that way. Go ahead and pull that one. Or take it. (bat cracks) (bat cracks) C’mon Fitz, get ’em! (whistles) Balls! (lighthearted music) – You’re going to get on it? – Here we go. – Low ground. (bat cracks) I’ll take that. Gonna leave it. – You liking that haircut over there? That little fade? I’m still deciding what
I’m going to do with it, if I’m going to have a
funky color in it or not. – Safe. Almost fell halfway, too. – Yeah, easily me. Come on, that’s like my forearms. Embarrassing. – Thinking about light purple. Or green or something. Green hair? – Green might get a better game. I’d rather be at bat. Hey, I got a hit. Kidding me? Things don’t come often to me. No, I’m joking. – I need a number on my jersey. I look like s scrub, like a… spring training 91 jersey. Where you don’t even
feel like you’re, like… relevant. – Oh, get off me.
(player whoops) Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on. Hey! Atta-boy, Coopy.
(players cheer and clap) Boom. – (laughs) Nice. – I’m about to get a hit right here. I can feel it. That’s right. Told you I was going to be a hit. Coach, we got to keep, we got to make sure Colby
don’t hit any more home runs ’til the season starts. We got to save them. That works, too. – That was seriously DeCostas? We’re awesome. Me and Holt, the only people, probably the only people
that work DeCostas. – Atta boy, good lead. – Boy. Come on, baby. It’ ain’t happening up here. Don’t you have the balls? – Who’d I beat, who’d I beat? – But overall, you’re not bad. We saw some good at bats,
we saw some good pitching. Everybody swings at Brady
Bramlin’s chest-high fast ball, everybody. But not Lurtee. You know, he takes it and
fouls a couple of balls off, takes it, and, next
thing you know, he walks, and then makes a bad pitch to Bortles and Bortles does what he’s supposed to do, and, you know, hits it into the bullpen and Red goes up to two
runs in the first inning. But you got to stay aggressive
and keep doing that. – [All] Reds.

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  1. Love the series can't wait for the season I love baseball and I am wanting to go to ole miss when it's my time for college I am a dominate pitching force at the age of 13 and am hoping to be the next Brady bramlett for ole miss in 2024

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