The Season: Ole Miss Baseball – Day One (2017)

(music) Just rubbing up the game balls so they’re not as slick as right when they come out of the package and stuff like that. It just makes it a little bit easier to see for hitters and a little bit easier to grip for pitchers and position players throwing around the infield, stuff like that. For today we probably go through five or six boxes just to get through the scrimmage. We always like to have a little bit more just in case we lose some during the game. Normally they start setting up the equipment and then they meet me out on the field when it’s time to put mats out, you know? See, it’s not that bad. There you go, perfect. I’m just out here setting up the bullpen. Our starting pitcher will be over here shortly. After all his calisthenics and such, and we just make it so that he doesn’t have to worry about any of this kind of stuff. A plus. On the 20 to 80 scale, I’m an 80 bp thrower. Four rounds of six, but once these guys start finishing up, I’ll holler for the next group to come in. Bring a little energy today. There you go. Come on Nick, stay on it. Tate Blackman, that man can hit. Got terrible hair, but he can hit. Will Golson, nobody’s talking about him, 600 college at-bats under his belt, sits close to .300 every year. Good hustle, I like it. Ball, atta boy. Hey, next four! Capital of North Carolina. Bismarck? Raleigh. That’s North Dakota. Spinelli, you just going to let him dominate that. I got a bad start. You’ve lost like 20 pounds, now you’re making excuses. Capital of South Dakota? Pierre. Wow. Stay in there, stay balanced. Boy Timmy. Capital of California? Sacramento, yeah. Same thing here, put them together. Home runs are going to right field today. Alabama? Montgomery. You rocked fourth grade. Tim Rowe, best moustache in the league by far. Sikes Orvis has got nothing on him. Sorry Sikes, I know you’re going to watch this. It’s just the truth. Iowa. Des Moines. Dillard, big time power. Boy Greg, swing the bat today at it baby. Moving a little bit slow today. I’m moving slow? Yeah. Are you kidding me? I had a great day today. Take the weight out of your shoes. I knocked out all my stuff today. School is done for the weekend. Well yeah, it’s Friday. And that’s typically how it happens. Get them up, balls.

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