The Season: Ole Miss Baseball – LSU (2016)

(rock music) (energetic music) – [Voiceover] One, two, three. – This is the Rebel
Choice Awards, you know, it’s just a night where we get to appreciate all the athletes. It’s fun, it’s kinda like The Espys. I guess our version of The Espys. It’s a good time, dress up, take some pictures and
like have a little fun. – Yeah, I’m a different kinda guy. I like to rock the bow tie. – I got some tennis shoes on, don’t got the dress shoes. It matches the band here too. – King Henry, he’s just, he’s reigning. You know, he takes over, it’s awesome. – Welcome to the premiere of Ole Miss 2016 Rebels’ Choice Awards. – This year, the Rebels
spent time building relationships with the Oxford
and Lafayette communities. And the winners of the
Rebel Choice Awards are. – Women’s basketball and baseball. (cheers and applause) – I just wanna thank the Oxford community for allowing us to be a part
of their every day lives. (jazz music) – Being a part of the community and having a community that let’s us be a part of it, is truly honoring and it’s truly
a blessing to be a part of. – After a good Rebel Choice Awards, it’s time to get back to work, let’s go. (pop music) – So we’re doing a new Star Wars remake, I guess, picture here. – This is what we’re
going for, right here. So you got that? Bring that, see how he’s
coming like in there? More teeth. Yeah, yeah. – [Voiceover] And then I was like “Yeah, you look at that part.” – [Voiceover] Give us a look, raise your eye, there ya go. – [Voiceover] Don’t look right here. (laughing) – [Voiceover] Alright, good deal. – [Voiceover] Thank you sir. – And then now turn your head. That right there. – This angle’s is gonna
be a little bit more, something like looking at
those lights right there. – It’s a wrap? It’s a wrap. (door squeaks and slams) (jazz music) – Little beads of sweat, that’s
all I’m asking for (laughs) – Do you think if I hold
my breath, I sweat more? – No. It’s gonna squeeze your feet. Squeeze right here. Up here, up there, right? My favorite piece of equipment, you know arm bike, basically
just to get the muscles in the shoulder activated. Get a little blood flow action. – It’s really not hard to do it at first, but after a minute you get a burn going. – Whenever we need him, he’s here for us. If we need to get some treatment
on our arm, back, shoulder. – You gotta give the guys a little bit of discomfort cause you know, they gotta know when they’re really hurt and when they’re not. You know, really anything that we need to get guys ready to play, you know I’m there for it. – I’m ready, I’m ready
to get this victory. Nice little win to the
first game of the weekend. It should be a fun one. (energetic music) – Reality is that these weekends, especially against good teams like LSU, you don’t have many of them left and so, wins you know become paramount. – [Voiceover] LSU leads the
overall series, 172 to 147. They started in 1906,
in fact, LSU’s captured five in a row in 13 of
the last 17 regular season series with Ole Miss. The Rebel’s last series
victory over the Tigers, came in 2010 and almost swept
LSU right here in Oxord. – You’re better than them. And so the mission tonight is, will you play better than them? Will you get after them tonight? I wanna see your body language tonight. I wanna see that big body language. I want you to walk around
like this is your stadium. These are your 10,000 fans. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] High fast
ball game, the runner goes and the throw sails into left field. Duplantis will scramble home with the first run of the game on a
throwing error by Henri Lartique. – [Voiceover] Yeah! – [Voiceover] High and
deep to right field. Olenek back, all the way to the track and he makes the catch. Tagging from third is Fraley, LSU takes a two nothing lead. Dumps one into left. Olenek runs through the stop sign strong throw beats him, but the ball gets loose. – Oh C’mon – Go baby! – [Voiceover] Ryan Olenek strikes me as the kind of guy that
never uses his blinker. He cares not for any of
your traffic signals. J.B. Woodman sends one to left. Beau Jordan being challenged, that one gets by then one hops the wall. Blackman being waved home, Robertson’s relay will never come. And he goes Pete Rhodes
across the plate to tie it. – Yeah I think it’s huge just to kinda get the momentum
back in your dugout. You know when they score
it’s kind of, you know everybody’s kind of little bit quieter and then come up there
and score some runs. Kind of gets it back in your
favor and gets things going. – That’s one of the biggest things that Coach B stresses in
you know his meetings. You know, before games he goes, “hey they’re gonna throw punches, “and that’s the beauty of this league.” – We set the tone early. I think they scored two
and we answered back with two or three. It’s definitely a big key to
not letting us get behind, you know, we kept on pushing at them. – [Voiceover] Jared
Poche will get his second two run lead to work with. It didn’t work out for him the last time, he’ll deal with the top the
order up four to two here in the bottom half of the third inning. – [Voiceover] Instead, he
laces this one to left, past Jordan. Robinson can waltz home,
back to back doubles. And this one’s yanked to
right field, off the fence. Blackman on his way home. Third double of the inning
and Ole Miss has tied it. Freeman being waved home, strong throw from Woodman and it is down and tied. (crowd cheers) (team cheers) And he sends his shot to
the gap at right center. All the way to the wall. Perdzock will come around to score. The throw to third is offline. It’s a run scoring triple
for Errol Robinson. – For the most part you know, the fans kinda get me into that mode and I was really trying
to get everybody going, you know we came up with a triple, and it was huge. Emotion came out and I feel like everybody kinda saw and I continued it. – [Voiceover] They’re
27 and all when leading after six innings. Up only 31– Throws hard, it’s wide! (crowd cheers) – They’re definitely one
of our biggest rivals and I think, kinda the
way the game was going back and forth like that. I think everybody was kinda really excited and it really helped them going. – [Voiceover] In the air
to right, Duplantis back. Strong throw as Olenek
comes down the line, but not strong enough good
Ole Miss adds to the lead. – [Voiceover] Rebels gets
a lead in the seventh, you want Stokes, I just saw
Wyatt short run to the bullpen. If things go right, those
are the last two guys throwing pitches for us. – [Voiceover] The first
again, got him this time. He was walking off of a
lead and Stokes fired it over there and they picked him off. – [Voiceover] And the two two pitch, swung on lined in the
center field, a base hit, Woodman charging, gloving,
runner’s gonna try to score, here’s a throw, a catch, and a tag. He is out, again, he has done it again, Unbelievable. (team cheering) – I think We were up by one, so I kind of, you know, there’s a guy on second, I knew I had to come get the
ball, and make a good throw. He hit it to me and just
really charged it really hard. Coach Mike’s big on come and get the ball so I came and got it hard
and made a good throw, and Henri made a good tag on him. – That after play is huge and it’s a play that’s gotta be made and not a better person to hit the ball to J.B. Woodman out there in center field to hold it down to get the guy to home plate. – That’s how you win and lose games, is how many people
touch that plate safely. And so any time that you do that, but especially in the
bottom of the eighth, where you’re clinging to that lead and you wanna hold that lead. I thought that was a huge play and certainly a game changer. – [Voiceover] Swung online
to the center field, Woodman coming on, he’s got it. – [Voiceover] And he hit it to a — – [Voiceover] Straightaway center, and the Rebels win, seven to six. – Congratulations and
it’s one of those ugly, great college baseball games. They scored two, we scored two. And we put zeros up, they
scored two, we scored two. You gotta come on swing
day, and win, right? Swing day either evens the
series or you win the series. Tomorrow, we get to win this series. Alright, nice job. (acoustic guitar music) – You know, Coach Swazye, you ask about Coach Swazye, as a coach, he was like a father to me. He was a story teller,
he always had a story about everything. He them about me and
all the other players. – Like I say, he’s my mentor, he did things for me that
other folks wouldn’t do. – Well you know, I’m
gonna tell you a little different than they told, but Coach Swayze was a good
coach, he was good to me, but he didn’t mind correcting you when you needed correcting, and he usually was right. – [Voiceover] It was in
the blistering heat of 1956 when Rebel baseball first stepped into the national spotlight. The Diamond Rebs finished
18-5 in their regular season, and with Florida being on probation, were given the right to represent the SCC in post season play. Although, at the time it wasn’t nearly the spectacle that it is today. – I didn’t ever think much about it, when it got down to it
and found out we was going to Omaha, and we went to Gastonia, and went and had a good time and, really didn’t know the importance of it like you do now. – Well we knew it had been where we compared ourselves
to anybody outside the SCC. – The college world series had only been instituted two or
three years before so, the rest of them may have, but I didn’t know there was such a thing as a college world series. – [Voiceover] Despite
the red and blue beam in championship contention. A discrepancy between SCC and NCAA rules halted six star studded
seniors from playing. Leaving then Coach, Tom
Swayze, with a decision. – We had a pretty strong senior class that year, and really some top players. – We had all-american second
baseman, Bernie Schreiber. LACC center fielder, Eddie Crawford, who led the SCC in home runs. and some other good players. Artsy White, Don Gove, that were seniors and didn’t get to play. – Coach Swayze came in there and said well we can go to the NCAA, but we’re losing so many players, we don’t wanna embarrass Ole Miss, so I’m gonna let y’all vote on it. We all voted to go. We wanted to have fun. – You know, we hated that they couldn’t go but I think we took it as a challenge. You know, we were relaxed, we weren’t supposed to win anything, we weren’t supposed to go. So we had an advantage, I think, on some teams cause we
were relaxed and to go. Some of use were playing out of position, we made an error, that was understandable, and we relaxed and played good ball. – We had one at Gastonia, North Carolina. Beat Duke and some other teams for the right to get there, and
it was like cloud nine. We got there and we
thought we were top dog. – Oh it was great. More people than we had
ever seen in one location. We probably get about 250 for
a game out here at Ole Miss, and I think they had 20,000 for the first game that we played. – We’d look around and there’s
folks sitting everywhere and left field, right
field, all around the stand, all the way around, up to 20,000 people. So, like say, the only thing
we needed to do was play ball because if we started looking around, we’d get nervous. – We were kinda awe struck,
most of us ol’ country boys, and we’d played growing up in fields that you know, would have
a drop off in left field or whatever, and the infield would have pebbles in it you’d have to pick up. So we were awe struck, but we also recognized
at that time, I think, that hey, we had gotten to the top. – [Voiceover] With a patch
work lineup of inexperienced underclassmen, and a make
shift pitching rotation, the 1956 team went 6-3
in there post season run, and finished third in the nation. An accomplishment they were
honored for 60 years later, on Swayze field. – It’s hard to describe those memories, I think… about our old field over there where it was next to the band hall and it was not much in terms of stadiums. It was bleachers more or less, and over the left field
fence was the stadium. Had to go across the street
to the restroom, back then. Really a top drawer stadium these days. One of the best in the
nation in college baseball. – We old folks that come back
like to sit back and relax and dream of having played on that. Although we had a good field,
it was a great experience to be involved with that stadium when we come back and visit. – They built that Swayze field as a beautiful ball park, it
was one of the first ones built in the SCC as far as I remember, and he was so proud of
it before he passed away that they named something after him and it was just a beautiful outcome and it’s great to come back
and watch the enthusiasm they have and the camaraderie
is still there at Ole Miss, and it’s a special place. You get hooked. – It was great playing, it was great because of the
people that we played with. I mean, getting the chance to
know the people that we know. Here we are, 60 years
later, visiting with people, getting caught up with
people that we really enjoyed being with 60 years ago. – Hey Mike, glad to see you sir. – Good to see you. You doin’ alright? – I’m fine. – Alright, you going fast ball tonight or going cutter or what are you going? – Just gonna try and get it
there, whatever it takes. (electronic music) – [Voiceover] Ladies and gentlemen, remember to applaud for our
Ole Miss baseball ball guys. – [Voiceover] Welcome back to Oxford and Swayze Field where
the Rebels and the Tigers are about to play some SCC baseball. Swung on, fly ball, center
field, running back is Fraley. Still going, he’s gonna reach up, miss it, it gets against the wall. He’s gonna try to turn it into three, then throw to third base. Not in time, head first slide, a triple, For Tate Blackman, he crushed it. That’s out, if it was anywhere else. Woodman swings, it’s a flyball, right field, that ball’s hit well, it’s got a chance, it’s gone! (crowd cheers) Showers in the out field, and the Rebels take a 2-1 lead. – To see us attack like we
did and J.B. hit that bomb. Definitely a great momentum builder. – [Voiceover] Both of these teams really squared the ball up, and have hit it hard all over the park. Fly ball to deep center field, but they had Errol
Robinson played into that right center gap, Fraley runs it down. – We definitely hit a lot of balls hard, all night really. Didn’t really have as many
hits and runs to show for it, but we really though we put
some good swings on them. Things just didn’t really
go our way that night. – When you get a dude that’s 6’5, 6’6 throwing 96 with a good slider. He’s gonna be very effective, and he came ready to pitch, after we put up a couple runs. – In those types of games, you gotta really hold down the other team and we let some runs get through that, against an Alex Lange, you can’t do that. – [Voiceover] Fly ball, right field. Going back is Dulpantis, he’ll reach up and make the grab and the warning track and LSU evens this weekend
series at a game a piece. A big performance tonight by Alex Lange, complete game seven hitter. (calm music) – [Voiceover] Just looks
like DK, we’re gonna have to deal with some showers. We talk about it, we want
showers in the outfield, right? – [Voiceover] That’s what
I’m used to hearing you say. People are gonna have to deal with showers in the infield at times today. But I think if we can get it going, I think we can probably
play through it today. – Basically we got our cleats on and they gave us permission
to not have to pull the tarp. So it’s pretty cool right now. – Nobody’s better than you three, two, Nobody’s better than you! – I believe in your three, two, I believe. Three more yards. – You gotta believe. – Come on! – You gotta believe. – Everybody push, let’s go. Push. – They’re telling you to slow down. – We just pulled a tarp in
about 20 seconds probably. Probably a school record, if I had to bet. – Perfect. It was the best
tarp pull I’ve ever seen. Quickest, best, everybody was all in. It was great. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] The full count to Blackman, line drive, left field, that’s fair and all the
way into the corner. Blackman will hustle into second base with a stand up double. Gets a green light, hits a fly ball, deep to center field. Going back is Fraley, still
going back, he’s at the wall, jumps up, it’s gone! (crowd cheers) Two run homer in a straight away center, you don’t see that very often. – It just seemed like every few innings, we just got some great swings together, we were really good with
runners and scoring positions, really good at putting those
quality of bats together. Several guys in the
line up had great days. – [Voiceover] Now the 2-1, Bortles. Swung on, fly ball right field, that’s pretty well hit. Duplantis going back, toward the wall, jumps up and it’s gone! Solo shot for Bortles. Back to back, Jack, and the Rebels lead, 3-0. (team cheering) – [Voiceover] Radar not promising for the next few minutes, D.K. – [Voiceover] People are
scrambling right now, getting a little bit harder. Now the home plate umpire
steps out from the plate, he wants to bring the tarp. They better hurry up. The team will run out there quickly, to cover the field. – We’re watching The Season, episode two watching Bryan Browning go
ballistic on the video games. – We’re just replaying me, just whooping up on Green at NCAA. Whenever he’s ready for
that rematch, I’m down. I told him I’m down. – [Voiceover] Bottom of the second inning, they have pulled the
tarp, they have put the diamond dry on the field, they’re raking it up right now, and it looks like we’re
just a matter of minutes away from starting. – We heard it was gonna rain today, we started smiling. We knew we were gonna get the dub. – [Voiceover] And here’s
a pop up, right side. In foul territory, Goldsen moving over, he has room, he has it for the out and LSU fails to score again. They waste a lead off double. – I got some runners on
and put myself in some bad situations, just by
getting behind in the count. Whenever I did get a
runner on second or third, or gave up a hit, or anything, I was happy with the way I competed, and just kept going after them and I was fortunate enough
for none of them to score. – He pitched out of some jams. It wasn’t his prettiest day out there, but he doesn’t give up any runs. You know, James certainly did that and kept the game intact for us and gave us a great opportunity to win. – [Voiceover] LSU about to experience the right arm of Andy Pagnozzi. – Go right at him, alright? We’ve been throwing him
a lot of breaking balls, so probably we’ll go
breaking ball first pitch, alright, change up’s good too. Alright? We’re just bowling it out. Alright? Here we go. – [Voiceover] Pagnozzi delivers. Breaking ball, popped him
up right side, right field, Olenek is going to drift
under it and he will make the catch and LSU
leaves the bases loaded. (high tension music) – [Voiceover] Here’s J.B. Woodman, will bat with the runner
at first, and no outs. He has a two run home run, and a walk, and two runs
scored and he has owned LSU to this point. They have really had trouble holding J.B. down. There goes the runner, here’s the pitch. Swung on high, fly ball,
straight away center field. Fraley going back, going back at the wall, jumps up, it’s gone! (crowd cheers) Two home runs to center
field for J.B. Woodman. 7-0, Ole Miss. SCC player of the week,
you’re looking at him. – J.B. is a super man. – Coach B calls him Superman. I think that’s his new
Nickname, is Superman. He can do it all. He had a heck of a week in outfield, great weekend at the plate. – I don’t remember a position player just totally taking over a series like he did this weekend. He was just a dominant
force in everything. – Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever played that well for three games in a row, just like that. It was awesome, it was fun, exciting. I’m not a big vocal guy, but I got there and just kinda tried to lead by my actions and the way I carry myself. You know, it’s great to have the guys think of you that way, and it really means a lot. – [Voiceover] Stokes kicks delivers, and there’s a fly ball, left center field. On the run is J.B. Woodman, he’s in the gap, he’s there, and who else should end this one? The Rebels center fielder makes the catch, jumps up and hits the padding and Ole Miss has taken two of three from LSU. – Hey, listen, I’m proud of you. And you know the message,
last night and today, is we really are good, and today you played like it. The first two days our
personality or body language, things that we did, didn’t look like us. If we wanna be great, if
you wanna win the SCC, if you wanna go to Omaha, you gotta have days like
this, when it means the most. When you’re playing the best
competition in the country. So I’m proud of you. Way to answer back after
last night, come back today. Congratulations, nice job. – Rebs on three, one, two, three. – [All] Rebs. – It’s good to finally
beat them in a series, and get a good momentum
going into next week. – We really swung it well,
put some runs up early, and then pitched it really well all day. It was a good day, a
good weekend for sure. – We gotta stay within
ourselves, keep working each and every day, take the same mindset we had
this weekend to next weekend. – We gotta just keep on
doing what we’re doing. Keep on with the grind
and continue to fight and then stick together as a team, and I think that’ll ultimately be the key for us in our success. This year and coming into the playoffs. – Continue to win one pitch at a time, that’s what Coach B always preaches, you can’t get too far ahead of yourself. So just kinda worry about
the next game coming up, and try to win that one. – We need to continue to be who we are and keep just trying to win pitches, have quality bats, make
pitches on the mound, make plays out in the
field, and if we do that, then obviously everything’s gonna be okay. (energetic music)

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