The Season: Ole Miss Baseball – Myrtle Beach (2016)

(rock music) (upbeat music) – Good morning. Good morning. – Gonna be a good first flight. – First flight? – Head out. – Tell me about it. – Excited about it. Let’s do it. – Not nervous about it at all? – Nope. – Yes he is.
(laughing) – I’ve got to take my Dramamine. – Do you take the drowsy kind? – No, they said the less drowsy kind. – What’s your middle name? – Larry.
(laughing) That’s not funny at all. – I don’t want to fly. (upbeat music) – Had a little, a little
incident in front of me. But it’s all good. One down, one to go. – First thing we did was
found the little screen that told you where to go. We found Chipotle and everyone headed to that portal. So, I guess we’re about to pig out. Dallas, have you ever
been to Chipotle before? – Yeah. – So, we printed out a
map of the United States all blank, and we’re gonna go around and ask our players if
they can name states. – That’s Iowa. Yes, this is Illinois. – Correct. This is Illinois.
(laughing) – Uh, is that Vermont? – Yes! – That-a-boy Kyle. – That would be Iowa. – That is correct. (upbeat music) – It’s raining and so I’m kind of nervous. (jazzy music) – Well, we just landed in Myrtle Beach. Kind of cold a little bit. Weird. I don’t know if I’ve ever
been on a cold beach before. – It’s looks like we’re heading to the bus And then we’re gonna go to the hotel, change and head to the field, practice and of course got to get our workout in with Strength Ben. Everywhere we go, we’ve got to get every workout in. (rock music) – Hitting the sliders there. So I think he feels good about the slider. Because a slider velocity
is like 80 to 84. – That’s better Tate. Did you just catch that right here? Yeah! Caught that right there. My balcony. You can see the Atlantic right there. Right there. You can hear the shore. You can hear it. – So you’ve got to keep
working to get that, but it’s you’ve got to believe
in yourself, all right? How’s that hair working for you? – I got Tate. Put your glove down Tate. Right in there. I think we have a good defense because they’re good defenders. I mean, it’s because the Feigl guy’s good. I’m thinking if you cut it,
you’re gonna all of a sudden throw a ball 94, 95 miles per hour. – Is that a promise? – All right, bullpen. – But you feel good, right? – Right. – So we won’t throw long, all right? Somewhere between five and eight minutes, but sharp five or eight minutes, OK? You gotta throw it like that, right? If you baby it, you’re
never going to find it. You gotta throw it like that. – You know the best way
to cut down strikeouts? – Don’t get to two strikes? – Man, that’s why you’re smart. That’s why you’re a valedictorian. – All right. – That’s it. Good arm action. Make the people proud in New Hook. How do you cut down your strikeouts? If you’re trying to cut
down your strikeouts, what’s the best way to
cut down your strikeouts? – (mumbling) the fastball. – All right, that’s it. Clean it up. (intense music) RDL 10, front squat 10. Let’s go! Let’s go! We’re gonna go four sets
of five, close-grip bench. Want you to move it fast on the way up. In between you’ve got
a front raise for 10. Get it all the way over your head. That’s what I’m talking about. Look quick, look quick. Good. Up, up. (intense music) Second bay, last set. Nothing in between. Nothing in between. Good, finish. Lock in, lock in. Feels weird lifting at a different place, but it’s our same routine. Hungry for Ws. – In 2016, the Rebels are led
by Friday ace Brady Bramlett. Returning to Ole Miss after
being draft a season ago, Bramlett has progressed far from the jeopardies of his past. – Two years ago, which would have been my true sophomore year, I tore my labrum, my shoulder, it was a slap tear. And that’s according to the doctor’s, that’s one of the hardest
injuries to come back from for a baseball player,
especially a pitcher.. It was tough times, but honestly it just, it served as a fire. It just lit a fire underneath me to know the next year that I get back out there that I’m going to be
that much more hungrier to get after it. – You know, he fought through a very difficult surgery. I forget the number of anchors that were, you know, in his shoulder, but you know, he’s made a full recovery
and pitched great. – 5-2 the score. On, two, swing and a miss. Strike three, back-to-back strikeouts. Seven through the ballgame. – For me, the objective of last year was just to stay healthy and to compete. – After a couple injuries and some things happened to the rotation, he gets thrusted into that Saturday starting
role and was terrific. – Swing and a miss. There’s a standing, loud ovation at Swayze Field. – Brady is probably the best pitcher I’ve ever seen at commanding his fastball. For as long as he’s pitched, he’s had an unbelievable ability to just locate both sides of the plate and
just constantly expand the zone. – He can really throw
the pitch where he wants. He can throw it a little
bit off the plate. He can throw it down, he can throw it up. He gets a lot of swings
and misses with it. You’ve got to be able to stand out there when you’re on the road, the
crowd’s going a little nuts, and deliver a pitch in a big situation. When you look at Brady Bramlett, that’s what he does the best. – On the field, Bramlett is ferocious, but off the field he remains
an exemplary student-athlete, serving as the vice chair of the National Student-Athlete
Advisory Committee. – The year I was injured,
obviously I wasn’t playing, so I was really focusing
on school and music. And then Derrick Howard, Sheila Pageant and Miss Laura Weber pressed me with the national SAC, and said, “Hey, we want to nominate you to do this. “Would you be willing to do it?” And I was like, you know what, yeah, I mean I enjoy SAC around campus. Let’s do it. I didn’t understand at the time the volume of what national SAC is and the national student-athlete voice. And so once I got into doing it, I just fell in love with it. 2014 was my first year on national SAC and then from there I was
elected as vice chair. And this July 1 I’ll start
serving as the co-chair of the Division I National Sac. And I absolutely love it. Doing that, I found my passion in life outside of baseball and
that’s to hopefully one day being an athletics director and to work in athletic administration in collegiate athletics. – He’s living life and he’s
excellent in everything that he does from academics to you know, to baseball and everything that he does. He’s a great leader on
the team and I think everybody, not just the
baseball coaches and players, but I think everybody in
our athletic department is super proud of Brady Bramlett. – You’re talking about a kid that can stand out on a football field
in front of 70,000 people and sing the national anthem, who can sit in a board room full of athletic directors and presidents of universities
and handle himself and have a lot of composure. ♫ And the home ♫ of the ♫ brave ♫
(applause) – Ole Miss senior pitcher Brady Bramlett, Bartlett, Tennessee. Draft by the A’s decided
to come back to Ole Miss. – The opportunities of
being an Ole Miss Rebel, it just, I can’t even
begin to describe it. I found what I want to do
with my life after baseball. I’ve had the best coaching staff in the country to be able to work with. I mean, I’ve found
teammates that have become family to me and will
always be family to me. It’s just one of those
infectious environments that you can never truly escape from. And it’s just one of those things that when you leave here, you’re better than when you stepped foot on campus. – Welcome to Myrtle Beach. Does everybody follow me on Twitter? Yes? Who doesn’t follow me on Twitter? Raise your hand. Bortles, why? Because I don’t get you a follow back? Is that why? Yeah, ego. I like it. All right, Blackman? You don’t follow me? How many people do you follow? Three hundred and something,
don’t follow your head coach. That’s nice. All right, you’re out of the lineup today. You don’t follow me, Lowe? If you follow me, which you wouldn’t know, Blackman and Bortles,
before we left on Thursday I did the hashtag road warriors. The great teams win on the road. They really do. Let’s face it, don’t we
have the nicest stadium in the country? Right? So from here on out,
wherever you go on the road, it won’t be as nice as ours. So get over it. You’ve done it your whole
baseball life, right? You went to Atlanta and
you went to Fort Myers and you played all over
in your travel baseball and all of that. You’ve done it your whole life. If you really want to be a great team, you’ve got to be successful on the road. – Spring Brooks Stadium on the campus of Coastal Carolina University, the Chanticleer Classic day number one. And it’s a little brunch
and baseball today, Keith. An early start for the Rebels
as they take on Ball State. – You’ve got to fight for something bigger than yourself, all right? When you do that, then it doesn’t matter how you feel because
you’re fighting for us. If you fight for us, it’s
a lot easier to stay alive. Let’s go get ’em today. – Come on boys.
(applause) – Come on boys.
(applause) (triumphant music) – There’s a lined shot right back through the middle, on his way to third. Here comes the relay throw and it is going to be just a little bit late. (triumphant music) – A little down in the zone here, attack and get in better counts here. – Attack and get in better counts, yeah. – Here’s the two-hole guy. First pitch will be fastball away. – Come on, let’s get it back! Let’s get it back. – Let’s get some runs, let’s go. – Go after him. You don’t have to strike him out. Make them hit the ball. Get a double play, do all that. – Alexander goes back,
he looks up, it is gone. Cameron Dishon. Add another RBI as he hits one out of here to left field. – Left-center gap, that
little bridge that had it definitely cleared that. Almost hit their hitting facility. That was a nuke for sure. – Saw it up, got a good swing on it and everything else took care of itself. Later in that inning, I
think Bortles hit a home run and got a few more runs
and we took the lead and from then on, that was all she wrote. – Where’s Cam at? (cheering) (triumphant music) (cheering) Congratulations and nice job today. Very business-like. Very solid performance by everybody. I want to duplicate that tomorrow. – One, two, three. Rebels! – Great on all phases of the game. We pitched really well. Brady and Dallas did a good job. Played great defense,
played great defense. Tate looked good out there,
he had some good plays today. Obviously, we hit pretty well, nine hits and seven runs. So that’s a pretty good day. – Played really well and
came out with a victory. Looking forward to tomorrow
playing Coastal Carolina. (upbeat music)
(indecipherable chatter) – I’m waiting for everybody to get all their stuff done so I
can get in line, you know? I’m just gonna breeze right on through it. (yelling)
(laughing) – I’ve coached here for 15 years, right? This is my 16th year. And in 15 years, we’ve
went to 13 regionals. 10 other programs of the 301 Division programs have done that. Only 10. Coastal is one of the other nine that has done that. I think this team will be ready, they won’t be scared of you. They’ll be ready to compete. So, get on the bus and jump
over to Coastal Carolina. Get off the bus and get locked
in with battling practice. And you get ready. That’s what this is all about gentlemen. Can you do that? Are you mature enough
to handle the parents and the itinerary and
the hotel and the bed. Wake up and be able to perform the next day at your best. That’s what I want to see you do today. Let’s go get ’em. – Today the Rebels will
face a tough challenge as they take on their
hosts for the weekend, Coastal Carolina. It’s a battle of ranked
teams here at Myrtle Beach. Number 13 Ole Miss versus
the 18th-ranked Chanticleers. – You’ve been taught, act as if, act as if you’re the best
hitter in the country. Maybe more importantly, think like you’re the best hitter in the country. So today, act as if you’re
the best team on the field. Let’s go get ’em.
(applause) (rock music) – Here’s the wind and the payoff pitch. Swing and a miss and down
on strikes goes Marks. Like Smith just blew one by him that time on the payoff. (indecipherable talking) – They’re really going
to attack your fastball, so if you can throw a
slider, throw a changeup. Doesn’t mean your fastball’s
not going to work, especially if the lefthanders are going to roll over to get under it
like they’ve been doing. But the right handers as well,
you know what I’m saying? Your fastball’s got good
life to it whatever, but I’d like some better command with it. – Me and coach B and Henry
made some adjustments probably about the second or third inning. You know, they were
geared up for the fastball and I started to have to pitch more off my slider and use my fastball as a, I wouldn’t say
really a secondary pitch, but I pitched off my slider and I was able to keep them off-balance
for the most part. (cheering) (dance music) – And the three-one pitch is ball four. So walks the leadoff man for
the second straight inning. And there will be a pitching change here. – Either fastball away or changeup away. Let me go look at it a
little bit, all right? Attack! Let’s go. – Deals, the next pitch
is hit on the ground, this could be two out to short. Out a second, throw to
first, out over there. Six to four to three. – That’s how you come
in out of the bullpen. – David comes in and gets a
big double play on a changeup and pitches two really clean innings and then Feigl closes it out. It gives you an opportunity with that lead to rest Stokes and Short again and have them available in Game Three. – Another business-like performance today. I thought you guys,
again, you played well. Tomorrow’s going to be
another early morning. Let’s get to bed tonight,
get up early tomorrow, get ready to play a baseball game and play for the third game
in a row, really well. All right? Nice job. – You know, first
multi-hit game of the year, but everybody swung it well today. JB, Tate, Colby, everybody. It was a good day. – Tomorrow we play Cincinatti. You know, another early game and hopefully a chance for us to continue our hot streak
and continue the hitting and continue the defense
and great pitching and come up with another W. – One, two, three. Rebels! – About to do curfew check. Make sure all the guys are in so we can get ready to go tomorrow for our big game. – Gentlemen. – Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is a weight gain room, so these guys are putting on calories any way possible. – Friday Night Tykes, you ever watch that? – Uh-uh. – It gets intense. Texas youth league football. – Say hi to The Season, Ole Miss. We’re just having a room check right now. – Oh, hey! – Say Hi. – What’s up? – Just a bunch of volleyball girls? – Just a bunch of volleyball girls. – Room check. Gentleman. – (mumbling) passes everybody out. – All the little kids. – Yeah. – That concludes room checks. Got a big game tomorrow and all the guys are in bed, accounted for, so goodnight. See ya. – I challenged you on Thursday night when we got off the plane and we were at that minor-league ballpark. I cahlenged your leaderhip, right? I challenged your maturity. Well, you’ve answered that challenge at least in the last two games. All right, but it’s another
big challenge today. Will you be present today? See, that’s part of being great. You know, to move on to the next thing. Will you lock in today? – His two-seamer has a
little bit of sink to it and his change is his best pitch. Obviously, right handers that are in there you’re going to see chageups. Just let the ball travel. He’s not going to be able to
beat you with the fastball. All right, let’s get after it today. – Let’s go boys. – Nine innings of good baseball today. Rebs on three, one, two, three. – Rebs! (dance music) – Loops this one down
the right-field line. That’s going to be a fair
ball into the corner. It’s a two-run double from Cameron Dishon. Lifted in the air center field and Colby Bortles has two
sacrifice flies in this game. Here’s a shot on the ground to short. Robinson has it. Good throw across and the side is retired. – That-a-boy! – Get in there! – Real proud of Sean. Pitches another gem for us on Sunday. Gets us deep into the game, gets us to the seventh inning. And with the lead, we’re
able to use some guys that haven’t really pitched
that much this year. We run Matt Denny, who was
injured earlier in the year, he gets to his first
outing and pitches great. Then Lowe comes back and Connor Green came in and really filled up
the strike zone in the ninth. Throughout the weekend
we only gave up six runs, only four earned. We got 31 hits, I think we scored 24 runs and pretty good weekend by us. – Not just today, but the whole weekend I thought we were really locked in and I’m proud of you. Today, Bortles workman-like
with some RBI’s early on and then gets a big double. Olenek with three hits. Fitzy comes off the bench with a base hit. One the mound, the guys that came in, and guys like Denny,
hadn’t pitched all year, comes in lights out. Lowe lights out. Green lights out. Congratulations. – We’ve got such a deep, deep bullpen that it doesn’t matter who’s throwing, we’re going to be getting outs. Really proud of Denny,
really proud of Lowe. Really proud of Green. They did a great job. Just went in there,
filled up the strike zone, got us outs and got us on the road. – Really good weekend. Business trip. Came into Myrtle Beach and got three wins. That’s what we were looking forward to do. – Awesome weekend. We played good as a team. Very business-like. We just get on the field,
take care of business and then do our thing, get off with a W. – Got a little flight, I’m
ready to get some grub, pig out a little bit. Got a little drive to the airport. We’ll drive back and get home about 9:15. Then pass out. – I think we’ve just got to keep doing what we’re doing now. You know, our pitching’s been good. Bullpen’s been good. Sticks have been good. We’ve been able to put
together a lot of big innings. We’ve just got to stay close as a team and trust one another and if one guy doesn’t get it done one day, next guy’s got to step up and get it done that day. – Coach B always says we
always play us and the game. So if we stay with that saying, then I think we should be just fine. – Everybody do their part and don’t try to do too much. Just focus on each game,
each pitch at a time. The pitch that matters is
that next pitch, you know? So just show up and do
our thing and I think everything else will take care of itself. – He got strip searched at
the Memphis airport today. – A little violated. – Thanks dad for the Christmas present. It got me a strip search. – So if I go cut my hair? – Yeah. – All right, I’ll believe it. – All right. – I’ll cut my hair. – All right. (whimsical music)

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