The Season: Ole Miss Baseball – Omaha Challenge (2015)

(epic music) (commotion) – So the four guys that will
be the captains of each team, come on up here if you would. Cloyd, Dishon, Woodman, Lartigue. Come on up. – I try to take some bigger guys ’cause, usually, in years past, big guys do well in the team events. – I thought we were going to need some speed and endurance, so I kind of took, not the smaller guys, but maybe more of the athletic, I guess. – Kind of get guys in the middle ’cause you never know what
the events are going to be, so you don’t want to get some big guys and then you have to do
a lot of speed events, so I kind of tried to go in the middle. – I knew there was going to be a lot of events that
would test your strength but also things that you
have to have a team building, so I went with some guys that I knew that were good at necessarily
the recreational stuff more than the strength stuff. I think it’s a difficult draft. It’s difficult to know
which ones are going to end up being the best for your team, but it’s also a lot of
fun to watch them pick. – Watson. – [Mike] Watson goes to Lartigue Cloyd. – I’ll go with Dallas. – [Mike] Slow poke. – I’ll go with Sanders. – [Mike] Sanders? – And Winehouse. – [Connor] I want to pick Carson and Fitz. – [JB] Cortes. – Sean Johnson. – [JB] Golsan. – [Voiceover] That’s a good pick. – [Connor] I’ll take Bortles. (applause) (epic music) – Towel Hang Hold. (whistle) Compete right here. Compete. One down, one down. Come on Danny Combat. (cheering) Compete. Be the best. Set the gap, baby, set the gap. Set it. (whistle) Nice job, nice job. The plate’s got to be off your hip. Plate’s got to be off your hip. Pull it up, pull it up, pull it up. Two down, two down. Come on. Get two 30, get two 30. Last man. – [Voiceover] Come on Dallas. – [Voiceover] Get it Dallas, go man. – One. – Set. (whistle) – [Voiceover] Got it? Let’s go. – Yeah, we watched team Dishon go, and we were like there’s got
to be an easier way to do this ’cause they just looked like
they were wearing it real bad, so we were like maybe we can just run it in a horizontal line, that would be easier. – After the first group ran, we saw that they were having
a little bit of trouble like running in a straight line ’cause they kept on
hitting each other’s feet, so we just figured why not run sideways. – I think Lartigue’s team, as they watched the
event and knew the rules, came up with a little different strategy, and, I think, certainly
to have the experience of watching the guys in front of you, you have an advantage, and you certainly saw that in that event. – [Voiceover] two 40. – Come on. Y’all get this, come on. – Come on boy, come on boy. – In second place with three minutes and 54 seconds is Team Woodman. (cheering) 77, Team Lartigue. – Good strategy boys. – Tanner will go first
in the Prowler Push. Set. (whistle) (extreme music) – Oh, that was brutal. – [Voiceover] Come on
Browning, come on, Browning. Finish, finish, finish. – [Voiceover] Good boy, Dallas. (sigh) – It’s tiring. – I need Coach Lapherdy on this lane and Coach Clem on this lane. (cheering) – I’m Clem all the way just ’cause I’m a position player, and we stay as a wolf pack. – I personally thought
Clement had no shot. – I thought Coach Lapherdy
might have the advantage. He’s a little bit heavier,
little bit bigger guy. – Clem runs a lot, so
I figured he’d be able to keep the indurance, and Laph would kind of
fade off towards the end. – Obviously, I’m going for Clement. There’s no doubt in my
mind who’s going to win. I didn’t even have to really watch. – [Ben] Set. (whistle) (cheering) – Come on. Keep going. Come on. – 10 yards. 10 yards, come on, 10 yards. (cheering) (whistle) (cheering) – Coach Clem actually jumped
the whistle a little bit, so he got out maybe a yard head start, but he still beat him by about seven or eight yards, so it was a good race, though. – Laphardy talks a whole lot of trash, so it’s good to see him lose. – Coach Laphardy, when it
comes to anything physical, strength wise, he’s just soft, and I just knew Clem would come though. – All of our coaching staff, they all train hard, they all practice what they preach, and when the guys see them do it they love it, they eat it up, so I figured it was a great way to finish off that day. – Day one in the books. Not good for the tan
squad right now though. (chuckles) We’ll come back. (exciting music) – Set. (whistle) (gasping) – [Voiceover] It’s hot. (gasping) – [Voiceover] 3:25 seconds. Come on. Keep moving those arms. You’re doing great work, keep it up. Keep going DJ, your’e doing great work. (cheering) Good job guys. – [Voiceover] Come on DJ. – You’re going to have to
tell everybody I hate that. (exciting music) (whistle) (gasping) (cheering) – [Voiceover] You got more. You got more. Let’s see it. All you got, Fitz. (cheering) (epic music) – We don’t want it to just be hard. We want it to be fun. We want them to enjoy it, and so we try to intertwine some other activities that they compete at but aren’t as strenuous, and are probably more fun, and one of them is ultimate frisbee, and it’s one that we’ve
used for a couple of years, and the guys really enjoy it. – The wind was kind of
howling a little bit, so you had to play a little more defense and keep the passes short. We actually scored more
points on the defense than we did on the offense. (whistle) (cheering) (whistle) (applause) (cheering) (cheering) – [Voiceover] Go get that. Go, get up, Joe. – [Voiceover] Less than a minute. (cheering)
(whistle) – [Voiceover] Touch down, Tom. – When you’ve got guys that all have over 31 inch verticals, you’ve got guys that run six six, six yard dashes, then you put them on the field and playing a little bit
more of a contact sport with ultimate frisbee. It’s pretty impressive to watch their athleticism come out. (cheering) – [Voiceover] Touch down. (whistle) (cheering) (whistle) (cheering) (exciting music) (cheering) (whistle) – [Voiceover] Pull, pull, pull. (grunting) – [Voiceover] Come on. Pull boys, pull boy. (yelling) – [Voiceover] Set your feet. Set your feet. – [Voiceover] Sit, sit, sit, sit. Keep sitting. (encouraging shouting) (whistle) (applause) – Here we go. Set. (whistle) – [Ben] One more. One more. You’ve got to push hard. Push hard. Come on, come on. – [Voiceover] Come on, Holt. Let’s go. Come on, come on. Let’s go. Come on, go. (cheering) – Come on, Fitz. Come on, Fitz. Get underneath it. It’s all about endurance. You’ve got about five yards
left until the finish line. Everybody’s screaming. Just trying to push it to the end. (exciting music) – The Red Sled is extremely hard. They can back peddle that the whole time. It’s an absolute quad burner. – You get done with 40 yards, and you’re like, “Man, I
don’t think I can finish,” and then you still have 160 left. – Keep moving. Keep moving. Come on, Dallas. (cheering) – Five yards. – Keep moving your feet. Keep the sled moving. Come on, come on. (cheering) 35 yards. – [Voiceover] Field goal range. You’ve got this. Field goal range. (encouraging shouting) – Five yards and it’s over. Come on now, come on. Come on buddy, come on. You’ve got it right here. – [Voiceover] Get up and walk. – I’m tired. (cheering) – It’s pretty brutal. Definitely probably one
of the worst events. You get to 30 yards, and you’re like, “Yeah, I can do this,” and then once you get to 50 you’re like, “I don’t
want to do it anymore.” – Definitely a hamstring work out, overall legs workout. Probably worst three and
a half minutes of my life. – I hit that wall at, probably
about the 100, 110 yards. – [Voiceover] That’s where the wall hits. Just like a big, imaginary wall that just shuts you down. (exciting music) – Swimmers ready. (whistle) (cheering) (whistle) (cheering) – I finished in the right lane? (whistle) – Go on TJ, come on TJ. – Not real fast, 40, 16 (cheering) (chanting) (cheering) (exciting music) (cheering) (epic music) – [Matt] Your’e good Dawson. You’re good. – I think everybody really definitely gets excited for paintball. It’s something probably
a lot of people don’t do, or some people have probably never played before in their life. – It’s definitely fun. You get out there, and
you get to run around, shoot people, which is always good. Everybody gets excited for it. – [Man in Backwards Hat] Hey. There’s two over here. – [Man in Blue] Why did I
just hit from one of y’all? – [Man in White] Hey, how many more? (shouting) – Both teams ran out of bullets and not everybody knew, and I ended up being
able to capture the flag, bring it all the way back, and win it for us. – They had to make a jump, and I told them. I said, “You guys are going
to have to win an event “and start getting some W’s,” and that was a great day for them, and I think that was kind of the start, kind of the turn where they
were going to win some events. – The second game we played Team Cloyd. We had to settle down,
let them make the mistake, and they ended up coming after us, which hurt them at the end. (epic music) – [Man in Mask] Did I
just get hit in my head? – [Voiceover] (mumbles) – [Man in Mask] I’m out. I’m out. I’m out. (paint guns shooting) (ominious music) – Today is the last
day at Omaha challenge, and it’s our obstacle course. It’s our hardest event of the week, so we’re here at 5:30 in the morning and getting ready to finish strong. – I mean, you just got
to make it through it. I’m going to make it through it. I don’t know if Perkins is
going to make it through it, but we’re going to see. – I mean, everybody’s
going to make it through it just some people are
going to finish in an hour and others might take three to four hours. You never know with the events that strike if Ben pulls out. It could be very interesting this year. – Wins, every single win is a team win, and we’re proud of it. If you don’t show up, you’re letting the guy next to you down. If you don’t run hard today, you’re letting that guy down. (ominous music) (epic music) – [Voiceover] Let’s go. – [Voiceover] Nice lean back. Keep going. That a boy. Good. (heavy breathing) – [Voiceover] Come on, James. Come on, big boy. – I’m about to throw up. (grunting) – [Voiceover] Come on. It’s the last thing. Last push. Push, push. (grunting) (encouraging shouts) (cheering) – Team Dishon, they came out victorious, and they took the crown. Their names will go up on the
plaque in the weight room. – My team is pretty good
at the strength events but not at the recreational team events as we got fourth place in, I think, all three of dodgeball,
paintball, and ultimate frisbee. – Not a good year for my team, personally, but I thought it was good, and everybody competed. – It was tough, but it
was definitely worth it. I think it brought the team together, and everybody’s working hard. – The whole week the guys
competed their butts off, and I think they’re ready
to go for the season. 100 percent. – It set us out to be this mission to show their competitiveness, and I think when we get to this point at the end of the week, just very proud of the effort that they displayed this week. – It definitely shows you
that you can do things that you normally wouldn’t
think you would be able to do, and, as a team, once
everybody thought that and got that kind of mindset, knew what they could get stuff done that they didn’t think they could do, it became special, and it’s going to end up
rolling through the season. It’s going to prove that we can do things that we didn’t think we could do. Does this look familiar? The love is gone. We cannot wait for that. – It’s amazing just seeing
everybody support the Rebels, just coming out here and cheering us on is just a great feeling. – Hey Ole Miss fans. This me, and this is
when we went to Omaha. Don’t miss that opportunity this year. Get season tickets now. Are you ready?

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  1. All you need is one of your aces is to tear a muscle and its over. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Pretty useless

  2. I miss college baseball days. Even though my program sucked, had great teamates. I should have went to ASU when they called.

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