The Season: Ole Miss Baseball – Omaha Challenge (2016)

(dramatic music) – I had class at eight and ten, then I went home,
chilled for a little bit, now we’re getting some food to get ready for the
Omaha Challenge today. – How do you feel about your team? – Good. Everybody’s counting us out,
but I’ve got a stocky team. That’ll do it. Thank you very much. We got Stokes, can’t count him out. We got Dillard. Fortens was a sleeper pick, we got him in like the fifth round. – We got a bunch of athletes, like Dallas. For instance, Dallas is a monster. – Completely forgot about
Dallas in my first pick, so. (laughing) I messed up on that one. – Ladies and gentlemen, my
first-round pick, Bryan Seamster. – [DJ] We were just talking about you. – [Will] Say hello to the camera. – What’s up? – You nervous? – [Bryan] Do you want me to be nervous? – A little bit, yeah. Butterflies are good. Ah! Powerade on the white shirt. I’m trying to decide if I
want some cookies or not. – Nah. Can’t weigh yourself down. – Yep.
– Alright. I gotta get me some,
they’re pretty good cookies. – Sure. Of course I will. I hope Seamster doesn’t mind me using my hands for his cookies. Oh, welcome, Doc. I’m sorry but we’re about to leave. Thank y’all. Twelve-thirty, probably
gonna go to the field, get a few swings in. And then get ready for
the Omaha Challenge. Day one. – You have a good day. – [Will] Thank you, you too. (whistle blows) – [Player] Do another
burst like that, come on. – [Will] That a boy, good job, good job. – [Player] Come on boys, come on boys. There he is! (clapping) – It was time for us to fall off the line. It was a good little challenge
to see your grip strength. – Cole Zabowski started
shaking a little bit, and then he let go with his left arm and was just hanging with his right arm kind of swinging a little bit, which they’re allowed
to do, and gave himself an extra twenty seconds,
which in the long run will help his individual
and his team time. – It was pretty neat to
see a guy not giving up. He hopefully has one arm to hold on. That’s a good fight right there. – Yeah, Shane Uwalk with the
farmer’s walk went around. I think he went 900 yards. Unbelievable. – Right now, we got Red in third place, and I think they’re gonna find themselves coming back here on the way back. – [Player] Three-way tie
right now, three-way tie. Three-way tie! – My hammies hurt. – And then the last event is the sled push which is the hardest thing
I’ve done in my life. – [Player] Come on, all the way through, all the way through, let’s go, let’s go! – Get to the 50, five more yards. Five more yards. Come on. (cheering) – Yeah, I’m probably gonna
go sleep for about 18 hours. – Hydrate. Get ready to go for tomorrow. – Omaha on three, Omaha
on three, one, two, three. – [All Players] Omaha! – Yeah, just doing some early work before we go do the Omaha Challenge. (bat hitting the ball) Chase, how was your day, dude? Good. Team McArthur and Team Johnson. Yeah, Johnson I would say is my rival. – And now we’re last when
we hold the team event. Unless the individuals– – That’s how it works, man, yeah. Team Powder Blue got lapped twice in the plates that I carry, so. Dude, have you seen Shawn’s cat? It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. We do this all the time
in the locker room. – And you just throw it. And you get four drops,
first one to drop four drops. First one drops the ball
four times loses the game. – [Fitz] Yeah, that’s one. – Stickies. – Yeah. That’s incomplete. Don’t matter, Odell. Nice. Got lazy, I got lazy. Nice. (clapping) Little friendly competition,
we’ll get at it tomorrow. Wasn’t on top today. Not happy about it. (spraying) – [Player] Get up! (cheering) – Keep pushing, let’s go! – That a boy Fitz, that a boy Fitz. – Once you get to like the
second or third person, you start feeling it in your legs and it gets harder and harder from there. – We tried to go big guys first, but that didn’t seem
like it really helped, I was really tired after
we took the big guys. Two more, two more! Come on, come on, come on! Let’s go big boy! – Blue is on their third man. – Get there, almost
there, let’s go, let’s go. (cheering) – Let’s go baby! Yeah! That a boy! – The recreational events have always been a staple of Coach Van
Gogh’s Omaha Challenges, and it really kind of, after the monotony of the hard events, kind
of rejuvenates them, gives them new energy,
gives them new life and it’s pretty impressive to
see them compete out here in an event like this
very similar to football. – But this is definitely the
game to be watching right now. It’s two to two with, we
got about two minutes left. Probably under two minutes left. A lot of intensity here. Watch Cooper Johnson. – Our strategy is to
throw it up to Ryan Olenek and let Tim Rowe throw it. They played ultimate
Frisbee in high school, so, just let athletes be athletes, you know. (cheering) – Get up! Yeah, way to take it away. (cheering) (whistle blowing) (pounds chest) – Hey everyone sleeps on it. – [Fitz] Let’s go boys. – Everyone sleeps on it. – [Fitz] What’d I say, what’d I say? Great day two, great day two. Good stuff, Powder. – I don’t really know what we got today. I got a whistle and a stopwatch. – Apparently it’s supposed
to be our hardest day, but that’s not gonna let it, that’s not gonna get to us. – This looks worse than I’ve ever seen, so I’m kind of interested
to see what happens. – I said you don’t scare me anymore. – [Opponent] I didn’t scare you? – No. – You got a mic on? – No. – Don’t try to act tough
just ’cause you got a mic on. – [Fitz] Baby Tate. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! – [Player] I think I’ve
lost like 2,000 calories. – Yeah. – In five minutes.
– Yeah. – It’s a world record so I’ll take that. – [Player] Alright boys,
alright boys, alright. – I think you just have to hit, crawl your way over the bar, hit, crawl your back over.
– Yeah. – People are trying to
find better ways, but, at the end of the day, it’s still hard no matter what you do. – My chest is, like, on fire. – My heart’s pumping pretty good. – I didn’t know but the
box (mumbles) got me. – [Man Voiceover] What we got here is 1100 pounds of pure metal fury. Four hundred yards you will pull the sled. (cheering) – Let’s go, five more. – Come on, y’all gotta
push more than that! – Nobody better than you at this. Nobody better than you, go baby! Keep going! (cheering) – [Player] Let’s go! (groaning) – I woke up around 5:30, took a shower to wake up a little bit. Didn’t eat anything this morning. There’s no way I was gonna make it through the pull workout and not throw up. Going in today, we’re
really excited because we thought we could really turn it around and win a few events
and get back to the top, get back in first place, but it didn’t go exactly the way we wanted to. The first event was just freestyle swim, just go as hard as you could. That was fun just because
you got to go all out. The second event was
the two-and-a-half pound carry through the pool. So you couldn’t tie it to yourself or put it on top of yourself or anything so you kind of just had
to hold it in one hand. But it wore that shoulder out that you were putting it in. It added a lot of resistance. Dodgeball, I thought we had it. I thought we had it in
the bag to be honest. Very close calls that
could have changed the game either way, we could have taken home a W. Taken home first place for dodgeball, but it didn’t work out that way so. We came in second place behind Powder. Powder’s winning a lot of these events. And honestly, we need
them to get fourth place in paintball and navy
blue to get third place in paintball for us to have a shot here. We got Tay Blackman,
quickest trigger in the east. Offered like eight pro
contracts out of high school, decided not to go. (gun clicking) – [Player] Oh DJ, I got you! (gun clicking) – [Player] Stop! (high-pitch yelling) – [Player] Got him! Got him! – [Player] Got him Owen! – [Player] Stop, I’m out, I’m out. I’m out. – [Player] Been put off over here. – [Player] I’m out! I’m out! Oh, got him! – [Player] How many they got? – [Player] I don’t know. – [Player] Yeah! – I think we had a really good strategy, we weren’t waiting back too long. We were like trying to charge them, trying to shoot one and then move forward as much as we could. And we got the dub. – If you want it enough,
you’ll compete at this. This is the final thing for the fall you’ve been training all year long for. I told you, we don’t
train like anybody else. We don’t do anything like anybody else. Everything we do is toughness, building our program differently. If you want to get to Omaha, it’s got to be all gas and no brakes. You gotta want it! You gotta be not okay with finishing last. Everybody’s starting at the same time. I would be damned if I was in last place. (whistle blowing) (cheering) – [Player] Let’s go Fitz, real good. Keep going, come on. – [Player] Let’s go baby. Come on Bortle. Finish it. – [Player] Go, go, go! – [Player] Push it, let’s go, push it. Let’s go, keep pushing. Keep going, you got it. Let’s go. Almost halfway, halfway, let’s go! Keep pushing, keep pushing. – [Player] Let’s go, let’s
go, let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go, we got to make
up some ground, go, go. – [Player] Bear crawl next, bear crawl. (cheering) – [Player] Come on babe. We’re there, let’s go. – [Player] Let’s go baby! In the navy, let’s go. Don’t let Fitz beat you. Win this. – [Player] You’re almost there. You’re almost there. – [Player] Go! Go! Go! Just like that, good pace. Keep working it. Navy! (cheering) – [Man Voiceover] If you
don’t want to be first place, then go home, you’re
not ready for this team. – You can’t tell by my facial expressions because I’m tired but I’m really happy. He did a good job with that one. That was solid.
Hard! (laughs) – Brutal. We’re done though. We’re done. – I feel fine. Didn’t do the Omaha Challenge
so I feel really good. Rejuvenated, had a cup of coffee. It was good. Fun to watch the guys compete. – We got the team champions,
the Powder Blue team. And we’ve got Ryan Olenek winning the individual champion. These guys will be up in the
weight room for years to come.

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  1. this looks extremely challenging, but worth it. hope I can go to a college like this that is competitive and tests my mental toughness in all aspects. class of 2019 here I come!

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