The Season: Ole Miss Baseball – Omaha Challenge (2019)

[upbeat music] [light music] In 2002, we had the number
six ranked recruiting class. And really talented group. And we get off to a great start at some point we’re ranked
like fifth in the country and then we fall on our
face at the end of the year. And that was bad last, three,
four weeks of the season. And we ended up not
making a regional, because I remember
sitting in the off season with the strength coach
at the time, Noel Durfey. He said, “Hey listen,
we did this thing at Clemson. I was assistant at Clemson and
we’d talk about all the time, we had this Omaha Challenge.” So what is it? And he goes, “basically it’s
a thing at the end of the fall that we would put
the guys through and you start finding
out that some guys don’t like that.” Some guys don’t like
pushing themselves. Some guys don’t really
want to put it online. And it’s really amazing because you’re going
to be fine 30 minutes. But will you get your
ass kicked right now for the next two minutes
or the next five minutes. And it takes a special
guy to do that. [high intensity music] I’ve heard some things
from some returners. I expect it to be a fun week. I like red team’s odds. Everyone’s pegging
us as the underdog, but I mean red team, we’ve
got a lot of pitchers and staff overpacked, so pitchers are
going to get it done. We got Gundog on our team. Red team’s getting it done. A lot of dogs on Navy team. I mean I have no
problem with the… With how our team’s
looking so far. Red team is very, very bad, so they should not win this game as much as Cioffi wants
to say they’re good. They’re not good. A lot of people have
us as the underdogs and I’m not really sure, but that puts a little
chip on the shoulder, so I’m really excited because I think our odds are a
lot better than people think. Let me just scan. I’m either liking
team red or team blue. He stopped like five
times, team black. Team red or team blue.
I’m sorry. Team red or team blue. I feel really good
about my group. We got a little bit of speed, a little bit of strength
like Mr Ben right here, and I’m really, really excited. It’s gonna be a good week. It’s gonna be a good first day. So let’s get it going. [whistle blows] [bass thumping beat] Come on, come on.
15 yards. 15 years, 15 yards,
you got this, let’s go. [shouts] The strategy has to be
to not let the sled stop. If the sled stops, I think it’s harder to
get going, also mentally. It’s not good. Let’s go Wes. Come
on baby, let’s go. Let’s go baby. Come on! Be the dude, let’s go! [teammates cheer] Get up and lean. [cheering] [grunts] [crowd claps] My legs like won’t move,
so I refuse to move. looking now. Huh? How’s this tug of war
looking now after that? Way more difficult.
Different type of tug of war. [bass thumping beat] [whistle blows] [players screaming] I feel good.
Definitely… definitely was a tougher day
one than last year for sure. I think we got some some
victims to the Prowler, but it was a great day and I’m looking forward
to the rest of the week. Should be a good one.
It’s gonna be close all week. We’ll see what happens. I feel good, it seemed
like a good day today. You’ve gotta hold onto
that number one spot, so pretty confident
about the events today. So it’s going to be a fun one. Yeah, I don’t know
what the heck happened yesterday with Navy, but today will be a
better event for us because it’s less less
physical stuff, more mental. It’s all mental. We’re really strong in the
head, so we’ll be good. Tell the truth Tuesday. So we’re going to
see if those results, team and individual
yesterday were real. If we got some
pretenders at the top, we’ll find out today. First thing we got is
the triple broad jump. This is our day not saying.
Shh, shh. We have got plan
coming into this. We’re game planning here.
We’re game planning. We think we’ve got a… There’s some secrets
strats and… To this first event, the triple broad jump,
so yeah, we’re going to. Different foot
positioning strategies. We’re going to try exporting. Different ways to increase
our natural athleticism. Personally, Yeah, broad jump,
that’s gonna be tough. I feel like there’s going
to be a pretty wide range from top to bottom. [team cheers] Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. [yelling] [bass thumping beat] [group cheers] [grunts] That’s it. Don’t let go, come on. He’s going to drop it, hold onto it, hold onto it. [yelling] It’s gone. Hold it, hold it. Do not
let go, do not let go. [claps] Superhuman, is what he is. He’s amazing. King of play
pinches right there. Kept my focus on the ground. Let’s focus right
here in the arms. I knew I gonna win, so I won. [players yelling] Go. [upbeat music] [machine rolling] [players shout loudly] Let’s go, let’s go. Come on, we’re good,
we’re good. Come on, a little jog,
little jog, a little jog. [players cheering] Put it over shoulder. Over your shoulder, up on the right side,
up on the right. Let’s go. Come on. Let’s go. Up on the left. Come on. Right there, right there. [breathes heavily] One.
One. Come on. Let’s go,
let’s go, let’s go. [breathes heavily] Come on! [yelling] [claps] [heavy breathing] Phew. That was good. Really good day. Really good obstacle
course right there. That was fun. We got a really good time. So I think we’ve still got
the number one spot baby. I mean he was in first. Yeah, there he is
celebrating still. There’s probably a good
chance he’s still in first, but we’re going to be
right there behind him. And we’ve got a
couple more days left. Lots of games still left. Welcome to Under
Pressure Wednesday, First event, it’s
going to be a fun one. The high pressure
exit velo relay. Exit velo breakdown. So say on one of
those two throws, you hit 95 plus miles per
hour on the exit velo. That means there is no running, which is ideal because the
clock doesn’t run then. Lowest total time
of the day wins. The only time the clock runs, is when you have people
running the bases. Gunnar Hoglund, high
school soccer player, ready to get his juice
box after the game or Division One baseball player. You tell me, you tell me. I think he’s ready
for his juice box. Meaningful at bat. Really? It’s probably been
like four years. Yeah,
meaningful at bat, yeah. But I hit BP the other day and I just to BP and
it was absolute fuego. so I’m excited. [crowd yells] [heavy rock music] [crowd shouts] What’s that all about man? Big boy can swing it
baby, big boy can swing. They don’t call me
big daddy for nothin. No read, no read. [crowd yells] I know for a fact I’m going
to fall off at least one time. I’m going to have to
run a home run once. Not the good home
run the bad one. You started running fast, now,
though, right? No, it’s still slow. Still slow.
Still slow. [high energy rock music] I’ve seen a lot of knees
shaking the pressure. Yeah. A lot of freak outs. A lot of just blaming
it on the gun and just not just getting it done. That’s when Navy… Need some more accountability. [high energy music] [players yelling] [cheering] [high energy rock music] We got a little under
pressure right there. The first round, second
round we came out. Back to back to back home runs. Single home run,
single home run, so got to close the door
on that one. It was good. [high energy rock music] [players yelling] [high energy music] [players screaming] Hey, team,
team told me go last. I won’t gonna let
anybody come back I know we had the lead. I knew it needed to
be done and I did it. Good feeling baby,
making a push, make me push baby. [upbeat music] We bought Michael
Phelps hats yesterday. Kind of make us faster
in the pool, I guess. Yeah, more water dynamic,
I guess. Not aerodynamic. [players laugh] Yeah that’s kind
of where we’re at. The only thing I’m nervous
about is getting in because I’m not much of a diver, but we’re going to
figure something. Worst here, we’re
looking for bad athletes. I would’ve said Will
Ethridge last year. Let me take a quick survey. I’ve heard Drew McDaniel
was a little uncoordinated, so I’d be interested
to see his dive. [man yelling] I guess I’ll go with McDaniel. He’s hair not even wet yet. So obviously he’s a
little bit nervous. Bench will win this. [rhythmic rock music] [cheering] Right back at the sixth
grade, swimming years, back in middle school. I used to swim a lot. Hopefully that can help me here. I used to think
swimming was fun. Boy, that’ll get
you right there. Woo, I’m outta breath. That was hard. That was only 50 meters. [laughs] I’m outta breath. Overall, I think
we did good though. A lot of guys 30 seconds though. That was the goal for us. It was good. Dodgeball is a team event
and I feel like blood or we’re more of a team
than individual guys. So I think this will work out. We ain’t got a lot of arms. We’re not as agile
as other teams, but we got some arms and hopefully that’ll
help us out in this event. So we’re going for the win. Who’s gonna be the
biggest the smack talker? That’s a… Probably it’s usually guys with
a low amount of athleticism. So probably someone like Cioffi who’s just argumentative. Not a great athlete. Probably will be put out
early and cry and complain. That’s my guess, that’s my bet. There’s a chance
this could get heated and it seems like I could be the
main culprit so we’ll see. I’m not going to keep him calm. I’m just going to let him in and whatever he do
is to help us win. Have at it. [whistles] [upbeat music] I was dodging a ball and
Laff screwed me yet again. He always has a bone to pick
with — You know that wasn’t right.
I was after the ball. I can’t do it with him. Thumbs, baby. Told you I’d come out firing. I’ll see you in the
championship game. [player cheers loudly] I’m going for Cioffi’s face. I just want to
trow it out there. Just gonna throw it out there. [bass thumping beat] [yelling] [cheering] That can hold you back. You can’t hold my team
back more importantly. All I know is Anthony Servideo
ain’t sleeping well tonight. He got out pretty early.
No. [man shouts]. We’ve got Broadway leading
us off, we feel good. Time to make up some
points right here. It’s a good event for us. [bass thumping beat] My hip started cramping. I don’t know what’s
up with that, but [laughs lightly]
I guess I am a senior. I don’t know. Old age is not fun,
if that’s the case. This is our game right here. Ultimate football should
be interesting, but hey, we’re going
to come out on top. Guaranteed, guaranteed. We’re tall, we’re big, so
I think if we throw it up, we’ll have a good chance. And we got some sneaky athletes. Josh, Derek, Tim’s a good athlete,
Spear’s a good athlete. I’m really excited to
see what happens here. Not Gunnar? Not as much.
[laughs lightly] [shouting] Let’s go. [energetic music] Body over there,
you’re like rock. I’m behind you. [shouting] Really? We good here? [shouting] Come here. You’re walking to me. Yeah, let’s go
match up. Let’s go. Doc. Really? Let’s go. Great job, Doc. Cali football baby,
let’s score some points. Oh-oh oh-oh. Easy Tim, Tim, Really? [whistle blows] It’s strategy dude. It’s like a give and
go in basketball. Yeah! Real good. Let’s go! Eh, thatababy. Yeah! Let’s go! Trubisky sucks. I know, you play
better than him. [whistle blows] Right here little boy. It’s football,
you’re playing men. You’re playing
with men out here. Right here, right here. You kidding me? Drew, wake up! Tough one, yeah. We kind
of battle ourselves there. They they won it
fair and square. They played a really good game. Today there’s going
to be adversity. I see this adversity
is the ultimate get to. Think about where you’re
sitting right now. And look around at this place. This meeting room, probably no one’s got one
better in the country. This facility top to
bottom, this field, this fan base, this university. You guys are so fortunate. This is the ultimate get to. You get to go through
this course today. Just the chance to
strengthen your ability to handle adversity. That’s what today’s
really about. There’s a ton of cool, like clout things
on the line today as we like to say. You’ll get some Twitter
mentions for winning, but really, even if
you’re not in this today, the most important thing that
we can get out of it again is an opportunity to
learn to handle adversity. I feel good. Let’s get it going. You get the heat you wanted? Oh yeah. Of, course first
heat’s the best on my opinion. Let’s go, we’re ready. [whistles] [bass thumping beat] So much easier in video games. I’m not kidding. Oh, You know what? I’m wearing it. but we’re almost home. I’m just going to run back
to the stadium after this. I’ve got to carry a med ball to center field and back and then we done baby and then we done. So I’ll try to crush
this last set. [screams] Doug Nikhazy is not a surprise, but you know, he’s someone
that was probably like, I don’t know, eight, somewhere, eight to ten in the standings. Comes out and wins it today. It’s just what Doug does. And it’s a Friday too, so
hopefully if he continues to perform well on
Fridays all year, if that’s where he ends up, then that’ll be a
good thing for us. Shout out to Connor Green. Host on my very
first official visit. Told me to dominate every day. Thank you Connor Green. Guys crushed the course.
Like I told them at the end. I was a little upset.
They did it so easily. I’m gonna have to
ramp it up next year. But this is a really
athletic group, really strong, well conditioned, so I expected them to come out
and do well and they did. Just to watch the
guys push themselves. And then the other of course, the finale here on Friday
morning at 6:00 AM, drizzle a little chilly to
push their bodies like that. You know, just the competition. Just proud of them. And what a great
way to end the fall. Team Elko nice
second place finish the teamster video
dominated all week. [applause] Ended up taking a 125 point win overall for the week. So nice job team
powder, teamster video, very strong performance. Derek Diamond, 980 points. [applause] First place. Congratulations Doc. So come on up. You get the 2019
Omaha Challenge medal. Won’t you pop that on and Sims is here probably
gonna get a picture. [applause] The first person, I
got to thank is my dad for making me run hills
when I got in trouble when I was little and I
used to get in some trouble. A second guy I gotta
thank is Coach Clem for challenging me
earlier this week. He said, “You’re going to mess
around and win this thing.” And I was like, “Yeah, I am.” And then third coach Boone, he put together a
great course over week, so it was awesome. And I guess I’m just sad,
I got to wait 360 nights for the next Omaha Challenge. My group did awesome all
week that fought to the end, We after the first
day we came out on top and we were able to…. Hey, you too, thank you. We were able to stay on top, so really, really
proud of the guys and ready to go home
for a little bit, but you know, we’ll be back
soon, ready to go to work, so see you in Omaha. Come on, Trey,
let’s run bub. Sir, yes sir. [laughs]. What are those girls that they’re going to water and
like do like the little flips. Synchronized swimmers. Yeah, synchronized swimmers Big time and moments pause. I don’t even know
what I’m saying, man. I’m freaking out on camera. I do it for the ladies. That’s all for the ladies. I wear the beard for every month other than November now I guess, so it’s called shave,
shave November. Yes, yes, yes. You are a steal. You were a steal. Me too.
Best one there was. Come on. When I said 42 did
not mean a 4.2, okay. Trust me I know the panics, and
that’s one of them right there. Kevin, yes LSU last year,
I know y’all remember. Now, I just look like a 200
pound string bean, I guess. So young and innocent. I love you mom. Oh, that was cute. Dude, I smell French toast
sticks, I was so happy. I was just dumb central like, panic, panic,
panic, panic, panic. Hate it for, but it happened. Show your face,
please show your face. The camera’s got —
you got to look good. [laughs] Cut.

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