The Season: Ole Miss Baseball – Unsung Heroes (2019)

[exciting orchestral music] The 2018 Ole Miss baseball
season provided one of the most
historic years at Swayze Field. Here’s the pitch, right on! See you baby! Three-run home run over the
right field wall, three rows in. Ready, kicks delivers the pitch. Strike three called! Outer edge! The rebels get the victory,
10-8, and Ole Miss has won the SEC
West. Just enjoy it, soak it
up, create a memory. The one-two. Swing and a miss. O. Jordan strikes out. [crowd cheering] Three strike outs by Greer
Holston and Ole Miss wins the 2018
SEC baseball tournament. Each year comes a chance
to pave a new path. As this new team takes
their beginning steps to realizing their bright
future, they must first take on The Big
Easy. [suspenseful orchestral music] [smooth hip hop music] We’re signing posters for the
fans. Wow, that was so unenergetic. Come back to me later
and I’ll figure it out. We’re out here signing
some posters for some fans, then cheer on some Rebs
basketball, playing Iowa State today. Top 20 matchup, it’ll be fun. We’re having an awesome time
with awesome kids like this. We’re just making the fans
happy, they’re making us happy, we’re just having a great day. Worst signature? I’ve gotta go with Will
Ethridge. That guy, he’s had some up
and downs with his signature but this year, it’s just
really taken a downfall. Hunter Nabors just writes
‘Hunter 19′ which is so unoriginal, I feel attacked looking at it. Gunnar actually has a
really cool autograph but if you didn’t know that you were reading
Gunnar Hoglund’s autograph, you’d have absolutely no clue
what it is. It’s just a giant G and then a
number. That’s the only reason you know
who it is. I’m a big fan of Cole
Zabowski to be honest. I’ma take a picture and whatnot
with him. I’m a big fan of the big first
baseman. Throw it up on Instagram? Yolo.
Oh yeah. You know, every now and
then I get a DM from him. Yeah, I feel pretty special. When that happens, you know
it’s gonna be a good day. It’s gettin’ there, man. It’s warmed up, it’s loose, it’s
nice. But Knox is doing pretty
good with his as well. It’s coming around, yeah. That’s what he’s been saying. I’m getting hot. Tell Max Cioffi that… It’s really bad. It’s not as bad as what people
say. Hey, it’s just a little go… Hey, we’re trying to get through
this, you know what I’m sayin’? Give the fans what they want. How are you doing this morning? It’s like in second grade, when you’re learning how to
write cursive. No it is not that.
That’s what it is. No it is not that. The last five posters have
absolutely been my worst signatures I’ve ever
written. Ethridge, how’s your signature? Questionable.
Very questionable. Yeah, I assumed. Not once will this ever
get old, we love it. Bring on all the posters. Mike’s energy is just so
contagious. I mean, I couldn’t have a better
person sitting next to me. I’ve figure out that I can’t
sign without my tongue coming out. Yeah, he really can’t. It’s an actual defect. I got a video of him, he’s
smiling, talking to someone and the minute he starts signing
is… [laughing] Starts sticking his
tongue out. I mean this is… I just learned how to
write an H in cursive. We’re not sure. I think the dot after the N… We all get it. We know you’re number
19, that’s Hunter Nabors, we don’t need the dot. Signatures are getting worse and
worse. He’s also extremely slow. We have posters on
posters stacked up here. You gotta make it perfection. Just signed some autographs,
we’re about to go out there, throw out some t-shirts to the
fans. A lot of t-shirts are getting
thrown out. I’m gonna try to get the
farthest shirt thrown, see how the arm holds up. [exciting rock music] Going out, hearing the crowd
cheer and everything for us.
[crowd roars] Like that, it’s awesome. Let’s get it. [crowd roaring] [smooth hip hop music] First road trip! First road trip of the
year, we are fired up. Taking it all in. I’m gonna be sitting next
to this guy right here. Hey, brother.
Connor Green, great company. This is probably the most
stressful part about this trip is packing. Forget one thing, it’s so
much anxiety, it’s unreal. So we got a check-list there
and mark everything off. It’s gonna be fun, we’re excited
for it. The checklist definitely helps, but every time I go on a
road trip or something, I always feel like I’m
gonna forget something. Catchers have a little
bit more they gotta do ’cause they gotta pack all this
stuff but for the most part, I can smack this out 20
minutes without tweakin’. I used to tweak about if I had
everything or if I was missing something, but now I just say to heck with
it. I remember my first road trip. We get on the bus, 6:30 a.m. and everybody knew how nervous
I would be to do Rebel Idol because I just can’t do that
stuff so everybody starts chanting
my name at 6:30 a.m. I had to lead it off, the Rebel
Idol. Sang “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama. It was more… I think I was just speaking
it, I was so nervous. Coach B said… I went up there and Coach B
said, “If you think pitching in
front of 10,000 people is hard, “Rebel Idol’s tough.” Well, Kevin Graham’s
got a pretty good song. “Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker is a fan favorite here for the
Rebels. The nerves are flying high right
now. I feel confident in my
abilities to sing and sing well so I think I’ll do fine
with the stuff on stage, so we’ll see. I’m gonna go with Kaleb Hill. Guy’s got a lot of character,
a lot of personality and I think he’s gonna
put on a show for us. I think the favorite is
probably Zack Phillips but I think Justin Bench
might come outta nowhere with the victory for Rebel Idol. [email protected]! You don’t know
how you met me [email protected]! [email protected]! You don’t know why [email protected]! [email protected]! You can’t turn around and say
goodbye [email protected]! I just think they’re a little
timid. They don’t have any energy. If they bring energy, it
doesn’t matter what the song is, everybody’s gonna get into it and we’re all gonna have a
really fun time so that’s what we’re
looking for right now. [email protected]! We’re no strangers to love [email protected]! [email protected]! You know the rules
and so do I [email protected]! [email protected]! ‘Cause we all just
wanna be big rock stars [email protected]! [email protected]! And live in hilltop
houses, driving 15 cars [email protected]! [email protected]! It’s time to say it, time to
say it [email protected]! [email protected]! Goodbye, goodbye [email protected]! [team cheering] Yeah, let’s go! Let’s go! That was it! We have a new winner! It was really good. Always, always kills it, every
time. You know what you’re gonna get
with Max Cioffi and Houston Roth and that is 100% effort, that’s
it. [jazzy drums beating] Although the Rebels are long
shots to take their musical talents
out to Bourbon Street, instead the Rebels stick to
baseball. No they didn’t. It’s dirty. That helmet is wicked. Ball’s gonna roll. Good, Cioffi. Yeah, look at that. I got it, I got it, I got it. Got room, got room. Right there, good ball, make it
look good. Yes, sir. [metal bat clanks] Dang, good day for you Coach
Bianco. Easy! Room! [metal bat clanks] Oh, get outta here! Uh oh.
Get up, ball! [groans] Warning track power. Let’s hit nukes. Oley, feel this. [chuckling] Unbelievable. Feels really good though. I might just have to touch
your head before I go hit. That’s cool.
You’re allowed to. Yeah, what’s up, Coop?
Hey, what’s up? You don’t like it? When it’s cold out,
when it’s that weather, this stuff stays sticky. The stuff on the bat doesn’t
stick. Dude, Raymond is posted up up
there. Look at him, he’s just taking it
in. Wow. That ball was like 20 feet up — Yeah, it really is. It’s like… Look, that’s like… That ball’s 40 feet over the
fence. Man hits a home run last night
and he comes in the dugout, he goes, “Yeah, I just
hit that off the cap.” Yeah, Thomas hit him with the — Stop, Thomas. “I hit off the cap and I still
catch it.” That is a Thomas comment. “I didn’t square it up. “If I squared it up, it’s gonna
hit the cars or something.” That is exactly what he told me. A lot of home runs he’s
gonna hit this weekend. The ball cruises out of this
yard. [groans] It’s a good day right
there. Nice job tonight. Hey, sorry I wasn’t there
today when we took off but one of the things I wish
I would’ve been there to do is to introduce you to our bus
driver, Mr. Raymond Carter. Yeah, you can give him a round. [team clapping] Six years and just about
almost every trip — He hasn’t fired me either. But just about every single
trip, Raymond’s been with us so
he’s like part of the team. And so, as you know, part of the
team, when you win stuff like a
champion, like last year, we won the
Southeastern Conference in tournament championship, I remember driving home
and getting text messages, screen shots of the dog pile. That was Raymond, ’cause
he’s part of the team, was jumping on the dog pile. The thing that we always thought
is, if you’re gonna be in the dog
pile, then you gotta make sure
that you get one of these. [team cheering and clapping] Yeah, Raymond deserves a ring just as much as anybody else. Everything he does for
us, the energy he brings, the passion, just the way
he cares about all of us, I believe Raymond would do
anything for us and I think any of us would
do anything for Raymond. It’s special connection we have
with him. [team clapping and cheering] He cares about the kids like
they’re his. You can tell after a loss, he’s
hurt, and you can tell after a
win, he’s super excited, and I know the player are
excited that we were able to make that
happen. Thank you! Thank y’all, guys. [team clapping] Yeah, there it is. [team clapping] Yeah, you can. [team clapping] [upbeat jazz music] The Ole Miss Rebels have come
south for a three game series in
New Orleans against Tulane. The Rebels have been producing
some big offensive numbers so far on the young season and so have the Green Wave as
they’re off to a 5-0 start. As Mardi Gras gets underway
here in the Big Easy, The Rebels are looking
to have plenty of reason to celebrate this weekend as
well. [exciting jazz music] [crowd cheering] It’s hard to be extraordinary. It’s hard to be a huge success if you do what everybody else
does. That’s why we’re different,
alright? That’s why the expectations
in this program are different. We’re here tonight to test
ourselves. Let’s be different tonight. Let’s be Rebs. Go get ’em. [clapping] Let’s go. Have a little fun today, man. Why not?
Why not? Great day to have a great day. I love you.
Love you. Lot of fun today. A lot of fun today. We good to go? Okay, Grae, here we go. Let’s play! [smooth funk music] Every musician knows it’s important to get your
fans on their feet early. Servideo out at second, gets his
lead, and this one’s a jam
shot into right field. That’s gonna get down for a base
hit. Yes, that’s down. Servideo’s around third, he’ll come in to score. On his way to third is Keenan. It’s an RBI single for Ryan
Olenek. Senior designated hitter, Chase
Cockrell. 0-2 pitch is hit hard into left
field. That’s gonna get down for a base
hit. Cockrell around first,
taking the big turn, he will try for two. Here comes the throw and
he is in with the double. He is running. And the throw down. He’s gonna get a rundown now as the pitch was called a
strike. Here comes the runner to the
plate. He’s going to score. Cockrell scores as Johnson
is retired in the rundown. Although The Rebels
raced out to a rocket start, The Wave wanted to prove that
that they were the hottest act in The Crescent City. Now the 1-0 to Hoese. Ground ball, deep, short. That’ll sneak into left
field for a base hit and Tulane has cut the lead in
half, 2-1. 0-2 pitch from Phillips is
hit on the ground to third. That’s a fair ball, inside
the line and into the corner. Around second is Hoese
on his way to third. They’re gonna hold him there as it’ll be a double for Jensen. Phillips looks in for
the sign from Johnson. He’s got it. This one is popped up in the
air, shallow center field. Olenek coming in, he makes the
catch. Attacking from third
and coming to the plate and the throw will not be in
time as Hoese scores and Jensen
moves to third on the throw. [exciting rock music] This one is a little deeper. That’s gonna get over
Adams and it’s gonna drop into center field for an RBI
single. Wasn’t hit hard but he
put it in the right spot. [fans cheering] With the lead at their back, Tulane’s front man was able to
stifle all the notes Ole Miss swung his
way. 1-1 pitch to Kessinger,
hit in the air left field. It’s deep, going back onto the
track and up against the wall. Making the catch is Ty Johnson. Why is it not carrying that way? Think of the wind, bro, it’s
going across. I thought I hit that thing. You did but you hit it like
that and then it carried. Was that on a curve ball? Yeah.
Oops. [laughing] Oops. On that fly out to left right
now. Am I the only one that thought I
got that? First big swing, hits this one deep center
field, going back, back. It’s gone! A two-run home run for Cole
Zabowski as he takes it out just to
the left of the 400 sign and straightaway center. Cole Zabowski got that ball,
wind still blowing out. Not sure how much the
wind had to help that one. That was a rocket just
to the opposite field. Good, be the exact same, let’s
do it. Eyes up for the wind,
that right foot on the rubber, there’s the left leg kick, now the quick pitch driven to
deep left. Wow. At the wall, it’s gone. [crowd cheering] Let’s go ole goat, let’s do it! Let’s do it! Come on! Let’s go! Let’s go! C’mon, let’s go! [team cheering] Let’s go! C’mon! So Roper tried the quick pitch and Kessinger who just
missed a homer last time up did not miss that one. Kessinger’s first home run of
the year. We knew he had that in his
arsenal, he would try to do that,
and just had to be ready for it. And when he tried to do
it, just recognized it, and get ready to hit like
you would another pitch. Yeah, he left it over
the middle, left it up, and I was on time for
it and knew he had that and knew I was able to
get it up in the air. [upbeat funk music] Mike Bianco can trust Parker
Caracci, that’s for sure. As he goes to his Junior
righthander, Parker’s first outing of the
year. Folks, he is just one
of the best there is. He is flame thrower. 5-2 record, 10 saves, 225 burn run average in 48
innings pitched and making his 2019 debut. You know, a lot of people will probably point toward his
stuff but the biggest thing is the
mentality. I think you gotta have a special
mentality to pitch there at the end of the
game. You’ve gotta want the
ball in the ninth inning when baseball circles have
always said those are the toughest three
outs to get, the last three of the game. So it takes a special mentality
to do that and Parker certainly has it. Caracci with another 0-2
delivery. Swing and a miss, strike three. Second strike out of
the inning for Caracci. Hey Zebo, he doesn’t
matter, it’s that one. Nothing through the infield. Nothing down the line.
Nothing through the infield. TK. TK. Tyler! He doesn’t matter, it’s him. So talk, let ’em know where to
throw it. 1-2 delivery from Caracci, here
it is. Ground ball, fair ball. Zabowski has it, he’ll take it
himself and The Rebels get the win in
Game One here in New Orleans. They hand the Green Wave their
first loss of the season. When you haven’t pitched
in a week and a half and you’re the number one
closer in the country, you gotta win so nice job. [team cheering] Hey, listen to me. Pitchers, take not of that. Rather than thinking you’re
one pitch from losing, rather than thinking that one
pitch from getting messed up, I always think he’s one pitch
from striking them all out. He’s one pitch from rolling up. And I think you believe that
too, right? Because you’ve seen him
do it too many times. That’s why we’re here. We’re here for this kind of
game. We’re here to see how tough we
are. Will we handle it on the mound, will we make the plays, and will we get the timely hit? Tonight, we did. Nice job. Great win, a lot of fun. Gutsy win. It took everybody a part of the
team and that’s what makes it fun and that’s why you play college
baseball. Great job by us. I like Friday nights, a lot of
energy. I love it.
Today was a great day. We got it done in the
toughest of conditions. The offense showed up, did
their job timely hitting, moving runs around, getting ’em
in, Zebo with that home run,
bringing that momentum back, and Thomas with that great RBI. I mean, it just doesn’t
get better than that. It’s great baseball. Shout out to the pitchers,
defense, everything was there. It was a good win. That was awesome. Phillips gave us a great start
to the game and then timely hits by my
roommates, Cole Zabowski and Grae
Kessinger. Doug shoved and Parker Caracci
does what Parker Caracci does
and strikes out everybody. [dramatic orchestral music] Here y’all go. See y’all boys. [children chattering] Thomas Dillard has proven he’s one of the hottest
hitters in the SEC. Saturday, he displayed
why he’s one of the best in the country. Come on, Thomas, stay hot. Two outs and he first picks
swinging. It’s going into deep center
field. Owen going back. It’s over his head, off the
wall. Zabowski on his way to third. He’ll be waved home. Dillard will pull up at second. Here comes the throw to the
plate. It’s not in time, it’s cut off. Let’s go, baby. It’s an RBI double here in the first, for Dillard. 1-0 pitch by Gillies is hit in the air to right. Get legs, ball. Get legs, ball! Let’s go baby! [crowd cheering] They probably should’ve walked
him because Thomas Dillard makes ’em
pay. It’s a three-run home run for
Dillard. And reality is Thomas completely fooled
and one-handed that ball. Now two for two on today with a double, a home run,
and four runs batted in. Boom! [team cheering] Honestly, I’m expecting a home
run every at bat outta him. It’s amazing. He can do it at both sides of
the plate and he’s got just such
raw power from both sides. It’s incredible. Pellerin’s pitch, swung on and it is
gonna go way outta here. Thomas Dillard, his
second home run of the day and The Rebels have the lead. [crowd cheering] It’s an eight RBI day for Thomas
Dillard. 12-11, Rebels. [team cheering] It’s just fun to see him go up
there with as much confidence as he
has. It’s just oozing out of him
right now. He’s feeling good. Everyone goes through it and
it’s fun to watch that guy when he’s in that spot. I’ve been playing with Thomas
for a while and obviously that was an
incredible game, not to take anything from that, but I’ve seen him in high school hit three home runs in a game. While that was an awesome,
awesome thing for Thomas, I wouldn’t have doubted him if somebody told me he was
gonna have eight RBIs today. I’ve had a few two home
run games in my life but I don’t know if I’ve
ever had any with eight RBIs. So to do that on a big stage in such a big game like
that was pretty cool. And we came out just a little
bit short, but overall, I think it was a really
cool day to be a part of. But what happens when you
don’t have success, right? When you hit two home
runs and hit eight RBIs and don’t have success,
then all of a sudden, you start not worrying
about the little things because you think you
need bigger bigger things. You need more home runs. Today, the goal is to be
present, much like yesterday. But today, probably a little
more difficult to be present because of the way we lost. And so you’ve gotta test
yourself. Today, during batting practice,
challenge one another. Hold each other accountable. Bounce around, smile. Yes, yesterday sucked, alright? It did. That’s why today will feel so
good walking out of the game. Only if you go after it. Only if you bring energy today. Let’s be present today, let’s go
get ’em. Let’s do it boys. The arrival of the sun marked the start of a new day. Although, the host fireman
was holding onto his magic from the day before. Well David Bedgood will never forget yesterday,
February 23rd, 2019, a two-run walk off homer. And here’s the delivery by
Hoglund and this one is hit hard
in the air towards right. Going back is Servideo looking
up and that ball is gone. And he hits one hard into left
field, Dillard going back and he’ll
watch it sail over his head, off the wall. He turns and fires. Wonder if their gonna try
and score here from first? Here comes the throw in plenty
of time and they will cut down
Jackson at the plate but another run does come
across. You gotta put a goose egg up in the next half to keep
momentum. Well, that’s a good
team in the other dugout but you get my drift. 2-2, grounded right side base
hit. They did it again. Line drive here by Olenek. That’s down into center
field for a base hit. There go the runners and the pitch is lined into left
field. That’s gonna be a base hit. Kessinger around third,
he’ll come in to score. Olenek will slide head first
into third. Another two-out RBI for the
Rebels as Tyler Keenan drives in Grae
Kessinger. With this offense that’s made
us so great with two outs is when there is two outs, the vibe and the feeling in the
dugout, it doesn’t really feel
like anything’s changed. Dillard with nine RBIs in the first two games of the
series hits this one hard and this
time, Gozzo has to go off his glove
as he tried to backhand it. And he can’t find it. Everybody’s gonna be
safe and Olenek scores the second run for Ole Miss. I think one of the things
is we are good offensively and the guys play the game
with a lot of confidence and they realize it’s
all about the timely hit and we talk about it all the
time. It’s not how many hits you
get but when you get ’em. With The Rebels back in the
game, the hosts look to deliver
another heavy handed punch. The one pitch to Owen is hit in the air, right-center
field. Olenek coming in, so is
Servideo. It’ll drop in front of
them for a base hit. Slow walk by Bianco as he
looks down to the bull pen and he will make a pitching
change here. Alright listen, 1-3, one out. Ground ball back to you, if
you can turn two, go there. If it kind of pulls you off and you don’t think you can get
two, just go home and let’s get that
out. Let’s go, get that ground
ball, get off the field. Anybody who tells you
they’re not nervous coming in is lying to you. There are nerves going
but it’s a confidence. You try and draw from those
nerves and you try and get adrenaline
going, and for me, I personally
like to think of it as I’m here to get my teammate
out of the situation. If you ask any single person on
this team who do you want to have the most
success I would think you would get
Connor Green for most of your answers. 1-3, one out. This one, in the air, shadow
left over towards the line and it’s going to be Kessinger
going out and he will make the play
just in fair territory so a big out right there as
Connor Green gets Johnson on a pop up. You control what you can
control. So you come in, you try and make
pitches, you try and throw strikes. You can’t control if they get
hit. You can’t control if the
umpire calls a strike. You can control if you make a
pitch and I’m just trying to win
pitches. And Green’s pitch,
hit on the ground to short. Kessinger charges. He will throw on the run. Nice stretch by Zabowski
and Hoese is retired. So that’s how you do it. That’s efficiency right
there by Connor Green. [team cheers] He’s one of those guys
who puts in the work and doesn’t say a lot about it. He just goes about his business and he’s such a good guy
that everybody looks up to. And for him to come out there
and get us out of a jam, that was just massive. Come on Siege. Come on Kip. Here’s the Green delivery. Swing and a miss, strike three. It shows what hard work can do. Belief and just waiting your
turn. Connor deserves this success and I think everybody’s happy
for him. As an unlikely star emerged on
the hill, another stepped up to the ditch. Servideo has struck out his post two times up
today, both times looking. Sunday was a new day for me and I just needed to go up there with a lot of confidence for
myself to be able to help my team
offensively and basically, I just
swing the bat, honestly. And I was taking way too many
pitches Friday, Saturday, and even
first two at bats on Sunday but swinging that bat at good
pitches, it really helped us out. 1-2 pitch here, hit on the
ground. That’s through for a base
hit into right field. Johnson charges, here
comes Hall to the plate, the throw is going to be cut off and Hall scores to tie it
up here 3-3 in the seventh. Let’s go! Servideo had the big RBI single his last time up and then
he came around to score. He tied it with his hit and
he scored the go ahead run. Campbell comes home with a 2-2
pitch. That’s a ground ball through
the right side for a base hit. Here comes a runner to the
plate. The throw is on its way. It’s off line. The Rebels lead by two. Now, Servideo on his way to
second. Now a throw down to third.
That throw gets away. That’s gonna get another run in. Servideo’s coming around third, he’s gonna try and score as
well. Here comes the throw. It is in time to cut him down. And it’s Doug Nikhazy,
the Freshman lefthander, 5’10”, 200 pounder from
Windermere, Florida, that takes over here in the
ninth. Yeah, he’s been good
every time out this season. Throws strikes, competes. He has certainly been a
very pleasant surprise out of this Ole Miss bull pen. Is Doug our closer? I’m here for that. That kid’s gross. He’s a stud. Off the field, on the field, there’s just a persona about him and the way he carries himself
that it’s just a confidence. You can tell when he’s
out there, he’s confident. He has no doubt that he’s
gonna get the job done. That ball just explodes out of
his hand. I mean, he is a power
arm in a little body. Sometimes that is a great
combination ’cause hitters go up there, no matter what the scouting
report says, the ball just explodes on ’em
and, One and one, rolled it to third. Easy play for Keenan,
throw across, two outs. And look, give credit to Ole
Miss because their pitchers have totally shut us down. [mumbles] I’ve never saved a game before. That was my first time ever getting a save in my entire
life. It’s totally different
experience. I mean, the thought
process is always the same, it’s just to go out and get
outs, but it was so much more
adrenaline pumping through and then just like all
the fans are all wow-ed and ready for it to happen. Here’s the 2-2 pitch. Strike three called. He paints the corner
with the third strike. [Cheering] Boy Douglas, yes sir! Doug is filthy! Is that Doug closing the
[Mumble]? Ah, ah, ah, ah. Ahhh, ah. That was awesome. I didn’t think I was
gonna be put in that spot, but I’m excited. That got me fired up.
I’m excited. I’m happy I could finish
out the weekend for us. That was just, that was awesome
dude. Scary being a freshman but I
love it, man. It’s awesome. ‘Aight congratulations and you
know, it’s big to win an environment. This is why we’re here,
and we played well today and like we talked about in the
pregame, we did the little things today. Hoglund hung in there. Alright, we talked about that. Just hanging in there, making
pitches, and got us to at least the
fifth. And then Miller comes in,
and then we’re in a jam there and we need to get off the
field. And we go to the bullpen, bring in Connor Green with one
out, first and third I believe. Two pitches, it gets
us back in the dugout. Where’s Mr. Green? [Cheering] Tough to think an out to be
honestly, and just trusted in my instincts
and just have fun with it. I was happy I could do something
for this team offensively, so big, big win on the road
for us today here in Tulane. It’s gonna be a fun bus
ride home, to say the least. Great job. Thank you Dad. Great job. I’m proud of you.
Thank you. Oh, it’s awesome. When you’re in the dugout, you’re in there, you’re an
energy-giver, and then you wait for your
opportunity to be called. You go out there and do your
job. It was awesome.
Awesome weekend, awesome win. Ready to get back to Oxford
and get one next weekend. [pump up music] [Funk music] This run does not get any
shorter. I’m really worried about Savell.
I mean look at Savell. He’s harmless, look at him. Yo, what’s up with these yellow
planes? I’m good. Lights really bright, that’s
awesome. Guy Johnson will come up to bat. Two for Johnson behind the
plate. This light is bright.
I’m tired. [Funk music] [Cheering] You can’t, you can’t
look at me like crazy. I’m seeing Chase hitting bomb. I’m fixing to run Louisiana. On the basketball court though,
he’ll blow out your ACL. He will 100 percent
undercut you when you go up for a rebound. [funk music]

40 thoughts on “The Season: Ole Miss Baseball – Unsung Heroes (2019)

  1. Thatโ€™s a cool bus driver. My highschool bus driver will threaten to stop the bus if we even ask for some music

  2. Is it me or is the score from 22:55 different from what it said during the game. Because it said that the rebs were winning 12-11 but the result was the opposite???

  3. Love the videos, please post more throughout the season. Tell Thomas Dillard that he his a stud for me too please. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Ryan Olenek is the nicest college kid ever he is so nice to his team and he is great at interviews Ryan shout-out to u if u see this keep hitting bombs

  5. I thought they were winning 12-11 not losing 12-11. Thatโ€™s what the announcer said and the scoreboard said.

  6. Coming from an Arkansas fan, I'd like to ask a question. Does this channel still upload "The Season: Ole Miss Baseball" videos when Ole Miss baseball loses, like they do in Football?

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