The Stump Jump – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits Video

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back to Fairgrounds TV. I’m your host Peter Moeller of Fairgrounds wine and Spirits in
lovely Danbury, Connecticut. And it is raining outside. It is a miserable Tuesday night.
The wind is blowing, I’ve got a plastic bag over the camera, I’ve got all my microphones
rigged up so they won’t get wet so, uh, let’s do this. Tonight we have one of my favorite
kind of wines t have laying around the house. It’d from D’Arnberg, it’s from southern Australia.
It’s called the the Stump Jump, it’s a GSM. GSM stands for grenache, syrah and mouvadre
– those are the types of grapes. It’s a 2007, uh, sorry, a 2009 vintage and it’s a screw
cap which is fantastic because you don’t need a wine opener. It’s a nice wine to have laying
around the house if you want to have it with food, some lasagna, things like that. Let’s
give it a check. Um, I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but I think it’s my glass, my glass
kind of smells like the dishwasher a little bit, but I am getting some cherries, dark
berries, maybe slight plum. Let’s give it a taste. This is why I love this wine. You
get these nice fruits from the grenache and the syrah and the mouvadre kinda like smooths
it out a little bit. Great mouthfeel, very very low tannins. It’s a great wine, but it’s
a nice wine to have just laying around the house like when you’re gonna have company
over and you want to start with something. It’s got a little bit of sweetness to it.
and I just love the way it sits on the tongue and it coats my tongue. It’s 14% alcohol by
volume and it kinda makes my tongue sweat a little bit if it sits in my mouth for a
little but this is a great wine. As usual, check it out in the store. It’s 10.99 and
10.99 on and check in on us on friday. I’m gonna have a winter beer
that we only get once a year, we get a ton of cases of it but they’re all gone by january
first so I’ll keep it as a surprise. It’s one of my favorite Belgians of all time. Until
then, stay dry.}

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