The Try Guys Wear Corsets For 72 Hours

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God! Ahhhh! Ah-hah! Okay, okay, okay, I don’t like this. I don’t like this. This is such a mistake. Today we’re gonna learn about corset history. We’re gonna get fitted with our own corsets and we’re gonna spend the weekend in those corsets [Music] Is it gonna be fun? of /corset/ is [Loud Laugh off-camera] What are corsets? You go [inhales sharply] Is it history? [Eugene] When I think of corsets I think of the Victorian era [Keith] French ladies and really tall wigs. Is it fashion? I think of burlesque Moulin Rouge Is it body image? I think of pinups walls, Lingerie I just want to be a fancy French lady today No, I would really rather not be doing this video. Zach is in New York. He’s visiting his family. He’s not waist training He doesn’t have much of a waist to train. Eugene I think is going to… Like this style, but it’s not gonna do much for him. Ned the same. He’s got a little dough on top, but he’s strong I provide no resistance. I’m a pillow man Not like the play. Very different. We’re gonna have a corset expert show us the ropes Literally… because they’re… Ropes. Pretty good, right? Yeah. I’m not Keith guys. I don’t come up with this as fast as he does. [Keith laughing off-camera] My name is Katie and I own the lingerie company “What Katie Did.” Corsets have always been… cyclical in fashion about every 25 years. I mean there were big in the 50s and over the last 10 years They’ve gotten really big which I think is due to the internet. So people wear corsets even today I don’t know how they exist now really other than nightclub dancers. You really don’t know who’s gonna walk through the door We cover vintage people we cover fetish people We do a lot of film and studio work celebrities drag queens. It really covers everyone So now we’re gonna fit the guys individually and find out which style is perfect for them I know this is not a competition, but I think I’m gonna win this one because I’m the most malleable. So I hear you’re wanting to get fitted for a corset? [Keith] Yes, I am the squishiest one I have to say it is more difficult for guys because get the best result you need- you need squish Yeah, you need body fat and then you squish in this is all gonna go away It’s gonna be gone if I tuck it into my pants… [Huffing Frustration] [Laughing off camera] Im gonna look like this! Im going to look hot as f*ck! [Eugene] I want the sexiest corset you have. [Corset Lady] First what we are gonna do is look at your measurements Okay, so we have a 33 inch natural waist [Katie] When people first get into corsets they think it’s all about the waist. But you also have to take into account your ribcage and your hip [Corset Lady] You have a pretty straight body. [Keith] I’m like a tree. [Ned] I’m officially a dad now. So I feel like I’ve put on a couple dad pounds. Since you want to be sexy, we’re gonna put you under Morticia This is a corset that you all make and all the corsets are named after horror and goth actresses and characters. That’s awesome [Corset Lady] We’re actually going to put you in a 22-inch corset A corset can cover several types of garment But for today we’re talking about the traditional steel boned corsets, which are really designed to cinch your waist [Ned] I’m already regretting this [Eugene] I already feel like I’m corseted and you haven’t even pulled the laces [Overlapping] I haven’t even done anything yet. Do me a favor and turn to the mirror. Stand shoulder width apart for me. Oh, I’m sweating right now. And whatever you do. Do not grab that bar above you. Woah, what! Ohhhh Oh-oh Woah, look at me! So even though I got some [Uncomfortable noise] Oh god. Oh, god Oh should this feel vaguely sexual it feels great I feel nothing Ohh-oh Okay, okay, okay Oh my god I changed my mind. I feel something I felt food just moved inside of me Okay, we’re good, we’re good, we’re good No, No, I can’t I can’t go farther I never thought- I can’t breathe Its making me cry a little bit. Am I crying? Am I crying or sweating? Every time I laugh it just hurts me more. I’ll just keep my dad-bod if it’s alright with you You’ve got a nice waist going I feel Beautiful as soon as you put it on your confidence raises with everything. Yeah! I feel like a different person maybe because I’m getting a little lightheaded and my balance is off What are we at? measure measure measure. you’ve dropped about two and a half inches? I wish that I was you know 14 inches Oh, there’s so many myths about corsets when people used to write about corsets in Victorian times It was always about the teeny-tiny waist But in reality most women wore corsets for support not for actually getting the tiny waist I could see like if it wasn’t so tight how this actually would feel good for your back. Oh, yeah moving is totally affected [Bad Impression of Victorian Lady] Ex-cuse me, I need to get this off the ground Wow! I’m pretty elegant [Ned Groaning Loudly over Corset Fitter] That’s now pushed you down to 30 [Ned continues groaning and laughing in response] So, you went down an inch and a half. [Ned] Oh Thank you, thank you. is this how its supposed to fit? It is this is so easy for Keith Maybe he’s a stronger man? [sarcastic] oh yeah, maybe, okay maybe hes a stronger man, okay? What are you trying to say, bruh!? I’ve never felt faint in a corset and you really just have to use common sense if it begins to pinch if you do Feel woozy then you just loosen it. In the Victorian times fainting thing that is for all the drama Yes I’m feeling faint please could you get me some water. I did not know what pain was until I came into this shop You’re actually pretty good for a 22 inch corset Wow Do you know how many women would love to fit in this corset Do I look corseted? Wow Damn! Look at that you’re smaller than I am. I wasn’t a very long torso, does that help? Long torsos are a little easier. 27 inches? you can’t say whether it’s dangerous or not because you don’t know unless you- you do it and it’s so difficult now because no doctor has really done any research into corsets instead we’re looking at the reports from 150 years ago and medicines moved on a lot and we know a lot more about the human body It is weird how quickly I got used to it Hello there and welcome to your imagination, I’m your hotness. I honestly think some guys like fantastic in corsets I feel like I should be wearing heels. You haven’t tried to sitting yet. fuck Sitting is different. It’s not as comfortable as standing as you notice as you sit down Your posture is perfectly straight. Your shoulders need to be more relaxed. Yeah, I can’t breathe Easy! easy! easy! easy! easy! easy!! Like a lady. Thank you all so much for letting us try on your high quality corsets, we are gonna spend the weekend in these fashion corsets we bought online. one of the things we say is you never put on a corset and wear it all day, first time. because your body needs to get used to it. Do we look like the Schuyler sisters? But we’re the Try-ler – the Try-ler Brothers let’s go Angelica Eliza and Peggy I wonder how good they’re gonna do [No dialogue, music] So we rolled into the bar looking fierce. how do you guys think we look? Hey. Heyyyy. Thats what we mean, yup! Suckin’ it in Thank you! Thank you so much How was your weekend guys? started great and then it was less great I don’t really like vlogging about myself pooping but I will say that pooping was a crazy experience wiping gets harder. I bet it does It was affected. I have to do some shoots this weekend. We’re gonna drive around it’s gonna be great I gotta get this equipment in my car. What’s the hardest thing to do in a corset? up-and-down movements are probably the hardest Yeah, It is definitely harder to lean over and pick stuff up I realize immediately that doing hard work makes you want to take in more oxygen can’t take in any more right now You get winded so fast. This isn’t even like near the tightness of yesterday. To start driving I have noticed that my posture is incredible I have terrible posture. This is exciting for me. Let’s go have some confusing conversations to explain this to my friends. What am I wearing? A Corset, yes! This looks ridiculous, I think I’m gonna put it under my clothes make sure you subscribe so you see cool stuff like this I’ve hidden it under here and I think especially with a button-down Can’t really tell I’m wearing a corset, right? [Off camera] No, you can’t I tend to my corsets underneath but then a lot of people do wear them over a dress or a pencil skirt Really? It’s down to personal choice. I just look trim [Off camera] yeah you look great [Distorted Echo Effect] It’s gonna be great! I’m so tired. I’m so tired from this corset and this work. Oh, that’s a fun angle! Hey. I’m so hot in this corset. My stomach is just sweating like crazy in here. Oh, it’s just agony I really really want to take it off just to take a break also I had two pieces of chicken and I do feel full and normally I could eat a half a chicken or more I’m driving home Becky brought me fried chicken for dinner, but she doesn’t even know about the corset yet. Did I tell you that? I’m wearing a corset this weekend. Are you wearing it now? Ew! Ew, I didn’t like the way that felt! I thought you weren’t going to have it on! It’s like I’m getting married your spanx for the wedding which is like a modern-day corset It’s hurting me when I sit down. just because you’re squishy doesn’t mean you can be squished all the time [More Distorted ] It’s going to be great! It makes me have weird lumpy boobs. this thing that girls complain about all the time It is hiding something I’m insecure about but then elevating something else I’m insecure about today I Hate driving wearing this corset. I don’t know Maybe it’s because you truly do need to pace out training your body to wear this thing, but god, It’s awful take it slowly don’t believe anyone who says it is a quick fix. It is a lifestyle choice I’ve been wearing a corset this whole time. Oh, wow. I noticed your shirt fit a little bit better But I figured you were dieting Mm-hmm. I’m lie-ting. We have to help our friend Hannah move a bed today How are you liking it? I thought I would love it And I like it less and less. The lady said that it was hard to burp because your stomach is compressed Drinking soda, Honestly, is pretty hard and I had some coca-cola and I’m wondering if I’ll burp as soon as this is off me. [Off camera] Look at how lacy that is! [Keith>] Woah! [Loud continuous burp] [Surprised laughter] There it was! wow! I like really wear it all the time and it kinda started driving me crazy. I think I’ve had it upside down There’s straps that to show you. But I thought the straps connected to the thong the straps are for a hanging on there No wonder is giving you boobs when I was wearing around the house. I’m like, what’s the point? It’s not very comfy. It’s not very functional Mostly, this is the best I’m feeling so far I’m headed home in my corset gonna see what Ariel thinks. What do you think of my corset? The only way that this is comfortable for me is if I think of it like a costume It’s not really sinking in that people do this today It’s going to be a long weekend. Thank you I used to wear corsets all the time for ballet – [Ned (Overlapping) All the time!] practice Why is it okay, you’re good, it’s me What’s the hardest thing? the sucking it in and and then having to maintain that and dance- you’re peeing right on the bone -or move at all. I can barely just walk. I hear the baby crying He doesn’t like the corset. Of course Tummy time with baby burping the baby I don’t feel like a beautiful french woman Does this count as the baby rejecting the corset? Zach’s at a Music Festival. He was like I’ll be unavailable. I’m like, I have a baby! You think I’m available! If you get fed up with it, you just loosen it it doesn’t have to be certain size I have a secret under my t-shirt We did it a little bit looser today. It looks like I’m wearing a barrel you guys give discounts to people with corsets. No corset discount? I’m sweating so bad. Just wearing a vice grip on my stomach When I had back surgery… so I used it for support. now that I’ve got this baby bjorn on the corset was built for the baby There’s no way I’m playing soccer in this Poking my groin no explosiveness. Everything’s just sucked in too much See I’m like trying to end but my entire chunk goes down. You look like a real idiot when you run in Oh my god, Ned, Ned, Ned, Ned, Ned, Ned! Ah! The power of the corset! Ned, that’s our table. I don’t care, I’ve been wearing this for two days But now I’m here, when I’m out, wearing it confidently [Keith] It’s a very bold fashion statement. [Ned] That’s true it’s easier do it as a group [Eugene] or being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of gay people helps [Keith] Yeah, I bet it does It’s the second day for corset wearing and it happens to also be L.A. pride this weekend Do you think you could wear it all day? Katie? You brought me a skirt, right? I think if I devised an outfit that looks fantastic with it. It might inspire me more to keep it on longer I think this long pencil skirt will look dope as fuck Shoes first, then corset Shoes first. First Marlene Dietrich. Yeah, thats what it is, There she is. I can’t tell you why I wear a corset other than I like the shape All dressed up in my corset. We’ll see how long I can last Happy pride. Let’s get to it [Music] I’ve been getting compliments. I feel good. You just kind of fight through it Well, it’s been over five hours and I’m starting to feel a little bit of tension I can’t take it off because it’s part of the outfit! It is hot, so I do want a lot of beer It is really hard drinking beer in a corset. I think if you drank that much beer, you probably just want the corset off Get a little drunk a little quicker. What do we learn today? Corsets hurt. Corsets do hurt Alcohol is poison Yeah, yeah, so Did great Thanks. Take it off. Take it off. Take it off Okay, you ready for the big takeoff? I think this weekend gave me a love-hate relationship with the corset Oh wow Look at my corset lines A lot of it interfered with my daily life rather than accentuated my sexuality. I do get the idea You should slowly build when you should wear it cuz it’s not an all time thing. Yeah I knew these were painful. I didn’t know how painful they were. Oh god my back So the fact that they shift your internal organs is horrifying. What are we saying here? Cuz like what looking skinny is looking good, which is kind of fucked up. There’s a culture and as a fashion, I think it’s really cool you look at and feel good doing something Go ahead and fucking do it. [Hallelujah plays] There’s always my favorite part Oh, Man I gotta sit down all of my body returned all at once that was like a prolonged back orgasm Wow Ow The fuck is this? Water just drink it! Angelica! Eliza! and Peggy! of corset it is

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