The Turn Behind The Turn – Baseball Rebellion

So one of the drills I think is really
really important for us to, like be aware of, okay there’s a lot of kids they they
get, if you’re close to this wall right you want to drive that knob or you end
up hitting your hands this way, hit your elbow because you’re really pulling
across. So, one of the things I think that I’ve showed some kids and have really
helped on pro guys and some softball players and have them understand
turning in a tight window is you if you can get here just open your foot just a
little bit so you’re not you know cranking your leg against the wall, right.
But, when you’re talking about your upper body you should go to
get the tip of your back, okay, to the wall even with your front arm, like this,
without hitting your elbow or your knob on the wall, right. So, you’re talking
about you don’t want to push, right, well if you keep your hands back here like
behind your back shoulder the whole time and you turn the turn. So, I’m turning the
barrel turn or sometimes I say this is the turn that happens behind the turn
,does that make sense? So, if you can turn your back behind your turn then
you’re going to create the space and use the space and have no problem getting
wherever you want to go regardless of pitch location you’re going to create
that space instead of losing the space and pushing out of it.

8 thoughts on “The Turn Behind The Turn – Baseball Rebellion

  1. So basically the bathead should arrive at the mat before the hands and arms? I think that the turn of the barrel should happen behind the turn and not in front of it is a good tip

  2. Chas, how does and this video relate? (both great vids!- just trying to understand )

  3. Basically, you keep your back elbow tucked to your side as you're rotating and don't let your hands get away from you

  4. The right arm is wrong the left arm is right. The right arm should not be flying up up and away to the noise bowed section 225 Z69

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